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December begins with an air of intrigue and new beginnings, following the Sagittarian New Moon. This bodes well for self-expression, or finding new ways to follow your dreams. Sudden inspiration sparks fresh adventure. The Sun will soon align with Saturn, beginning a new cycle of progress through application or work. Start the month with a vision then commit to reaching your goals somehow.

Major astro influences this month include another Mercury retrograde phase (Dec 17- Jan 8) and a hard T-square involving Sun, Moon, Neptune and Nodal axis at the start of the month. Dreams that suddenly come to an end, or the realisation that hope is lost may appear for some. This difficult combination is historically known to be fateful and deceptive. Keep your wits about you and avoid anything or one less than honourable. At the end of December, Uranus goes direct at 20 Aries. Anyone with important planets/points at this degree of Cardinal signs should notice the influence. Have the courage to express your individuality.

Best wishes for the festive season from Stars Like You

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Damian Rocks talks to Chris Turner from BDTD about how he became an astrologer

Monthly Forecast

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter enters Libra September 9th 2016 for a 12 month stint in the sign of The Scales.

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Trump’s dominance of the 2016 Presidential campaign and subsequent victory can be seen in the chart for his campaign launch. Interestingly, this chart also implies a major turn around in public opinion that could drastically curb his ambitions…. What seems certain here is that despite Trump’s initial domination, the tables will turn. Challenging aspects to his own chart kick on from January 2017, and he will face a very turbulent 12 months.

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