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July begins on a tense note with Mars and Pluto in opposition. Every two years, these planets combine to up the ante on intensity, drama and potential for conflict. In fact, the period from July 3rd to 18th has a potentially fractious quality to it. You do well to avoid conflicts where possible, and if collisions can’t be avoided then do your very best to instigate peace.

The Cancer New Moon late June brought Mercury and Mars into the mix, so consider talking therapy as way to cure whatever ills. In other news, Venus shines bright as Morning Star through Taurus until July 6, so early morning is an excellent time to set intentions for what you want to achieve. Remember thought follows feeling, so if you want to manifest something, you must feel it first.

Meet Your Astrologer

Damian Rocks talks to Chris Turner from BDTD about how he became an astrologer

Monthly Forecast

Your 2017 Astrology Forecast

After a very turbulent 2016, things will hopefully settle down. The major astrological alignments which have formed over the past few years have laid their foundations, and we are learning to live in a rapidly changing world. 2017 features no major planetary alignments which is interesting of itself.

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Why Trump Won – And What’s Next?

Trump’s dominance of the 2016 Presidential campaign and subsequent victory can be seen in the chart for his campaign launch. Interestingly, this chart also implies a major turn around in public opinion that could drastically curb his ambitions…. What seems certain here is that despite Trump’s initial domination, the tables will turn. Challenging aspects to his own chart kick on from January 2017, and he will face a very turbulent 12 months.

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