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Aries January 2017

An important month arrives in the Life of Aries. Contrary to what others would have you believe, January is not the start of the year. It is in fact, the time when we should all stop to assess our progress based on what was set in motion during March and April of the year just gone. As the sign most associated with new beginnings, you are aware that the natural year actually begins when the Sun enters Aries around March 21st. And so, even though others are in holiday mode, you lot should be on high-alert. This is the best time for you to assess your progress, and then make concerted efforts to redirect yourself in areas of life that are currently not working out.

From another tack, a productive way for you to tune in now is to ask yourself where your energies can be more effectively applied. The natural rhythms of life suggest you focus on both what you have achieved so far and how this impacts on domestic-related stuff. To go forward now, start with matters closest to home. What is the most foundational and realistic thing you could be doing? Have you neglected something close to you in pursuit of something far? January will help you plan for outcomes that may actually take some time to unfold. If moving “X” will be better in the long run, do that. If finishing “Y” will give a sense of completion, go there first. January is great for giving yourself an early performance check. Tweak accordingly, knowing the cosmos is on your side.

While you may wish you were frying bigger fish, best progress is made by turning your attention to what is happening at home. Try to fix or consolidate whatever needs your attention, then the rest will come. From solid foundations, amazing structures are built. As you know, nothing happens without taking a risk. So prepare to be bold, then extrapolate on the pros and cons. One of the strengths of your sign is your capacity to move forward when others would wait. So look around your home/family life, decide where you can see room for improvement, then implement. Your year starts with a look at your foundations. Sort this out first and the rest of the year should flow.

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