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Aries April 2017

Happy Birthday to you, and welcome to the beginning of your New Year. As the true Child of the Zodiac, you know that nobody does fresh starts quite like you. Ariens are the pioneers of the astrology world, and love nothing more than to get another exciting day done. As the Sun is now in Aries, your Zodiacal year begins and so too does your impetus to get up and begin.

This year, the Sun entered Aries just before a third quarter Moon. You might take this as a cosmic statement about the year you have ahead. Whilst the potential for broad expansion is around you, it wont happen without considerable work. As the Moon met the Sun from Capricorn it brought the message that its time to focus and get singular somehow. 2016 was great for thinking outside the box. Consequently, you are bristling with new ideas, fresh potential and unrealised opportunity. 2017 suggests capitalising on previous experience. To get from A to B requires focus and perseverance. Be prepared for hard work if you want to consolidate.

Compromise is your theme this year. The Sun’s first aspect after arriving in your sign was to a weak and difficult Venus. Negotiation and anger management can reap major rewards. To harness this influence, think collaboration in everything you do. The more you outsource projects, the more productive you can be. It’s a year for harnessing your energies and aiming them toward a specific end. For some, this will mean learning the hard way that patience is required. For others, this will mean achieving what you want in a time frame that may not be as you would choose, but still works anyhow.The best thing you can do is bide your time and put those raging horns down. Battering your way to the finish line is a perfectly valid way to gets things done. Happy Rams are those who endure.

Because ruler Mars is trudging through Taurus, this suggests endurance with all you wish to achieve. Mars is the energy which gives you guys your much envied get up and go. His influence brings an independent spirit to everything you say and do. Autonomy for you is the end game, and not a matter for compromise. 2017 will help you forge ahead, but only if you show the patience needed to let things happen as they need to. Toward the end of April, Mercury will turn retrograde and return to your sign. Mars leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. This helps you plan and reconnect. Now you know you have to collaborate, you can get creative as well. From the end of this month you can be busily striding ahead. Just stay focussed on the finish line lest you run out steam. The Aries who shoots too quickly never gets the prize.

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