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Cancer July 2017

Happy Birthday to you, and welcome to the beginning of your New Year. With the Sun in Cancer, the celestial focus is on you. Your astrological year begins at this point, and with it comes a great excuse to make it all about you.

This year, the Sun and Mercury entered Cancer during a dark Moon, and in semi-square aspect to Venus. You could think of this as a cosmic statement describing the year you have ahead. The Moon’s placement in Gemini suggests lots happening in the background. Much can be achieved if you tune in to the most subtle frequencies at the periphery of your awareness. At the same time, this suggests closures. Some of you have a year of endings ahead. With Mercury involved, your logical side is greatly improved enhanced. A period of soul searching could bring out your best analytical skills. Venus smooths troubled waters, putting honey on your lips. Charm your way to happiness as you let the tides of change take you where they may.

June 23/24 brought your annual New Moon, which was the best time for aligning yourself with where you would like to be. What was happening a weaker so ago? Did anything substantial come your way? The New Moon linked a tricky connection between Jupiter and Mars – for some of you progress will happen quickly, but you will need to keep a handle on the growth spurts, lest over-enthusiasm or self-interest take over and get in the way.

Mars continues to stride through your sign until July 21. As your birthday month unfolds, challenge yourself to push further than you normally might go. The next twelve months can be quite productive, if you are not averse to a bit of hard work. The planetary themes influencing you this month and apply them for the year ahead. Show your capacity to take challenges in your stride by demonstrating courage when the unexpected comes. Then make good on promises whilst offering comfort where required. Long term achievements begin with brave statements about who you intend to be. To quote the Spanish, its time to grow some cojones.

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