KEYWORDS: Time to Execute

Cancer December 2017

Ominous portents gather. Momentum fills the air. Though this might be unpleasant, it is time for you to change. Once again, you have reached a point of climax that could be transformational somehow. December marks the time in your year when clear-cut decisions should be made. It is likely that in the weeks ahead, you will find yourself with important choices to make. One of your strengths is your ability to sense the undercurrents in any big decision you need to make. Use this skill wisely and you will come to recognize what it is that needs to go.

The word “execute” can be interpreted in a number of ways. For some, that will mean putting an end to certain relationships or modes of being. For others, that will mean leaving behind habits and innate tendencies such as holding on to the past. Your cosmic job this month is to experience the creative power of the unknown. In whatever way the word “execute” resonates, December suggests you be active and direct. There is no point sidestepping certain issues any more. What has been making you uncomfortable recently has been pushing your toward new turf. Trust your instincts and get on with it.

Think of this month as a time to clear the deadwood from your life. Planetary forces support your desire to wipe the slate clean. You are taking a definitive stance about what the next 12 months will involve. So don’t waste time on what will not work. Pain is gain at this time of year. Leave behind the “non-regenerative” while keeping your eye on the prize. That way you can enjoy 2018 after you release certain ties. In other news, Christmas brings the family together – which is for you at times a blessing and a curse. Embrace the festive spirit and don’t fret if feeling moody from time to time.

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