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Cancer September 2017

September is a good time for you to kick back and focus on your hopes and dreams. The month ahead is ideal for you to review your wish list, and where you would like to be. To bring goals closer, consider the role that networks and friends can play. How can you build emotional bonds that bring you closer to your goals? Linking with others is a smart approach. September brings a focus to group activity and so, is cosmically attuned to help you develop stronger group ties.

Consider this. Are you being proactive when it comes to spending time with people who can add value to your life? Or does a tendency toward self-protection mean you insulate yourself from others lives? Or are you enriching your life with relationships that ground you and make it all worthwhile? It’s time to be honest with yourself. Look around at who you do or don’t spend time with. Somewhere in the middle there should be an amicable trade-off between choosing friends, being with others and letting them find you.

From an another point of view, Jupiter is about to end its stay in Libra, which can be very helpful for your sign. Opportunities may soon appear from most pleasurable sources. You could see a chance to open doorways that previously seemed closed? If you have some audacious long term plans then this month can help move them along. Even if just in concept form, try to extend your current thinking whilst seeking constructive feedback. Telling the right people about your hopes and dreams could be just the strategy for something fabulous to be achieved.

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