KEYWORDS: Relationship Matters

Leo February 2017

Your official “who are they and what are they to me?” time of year is upon you. The Aquarius New Moon (or start of the Chinese New Year) heralds your “Who is in My Domain?” time of the year, making you look closely at the ties that bind your life.

The New Moon in Aquarius suggested that you reflect upon the quality of your relationships. How satisfied are you with the sparkle (or lack thereof) they bring to you? Fundamentally, are you getting what you need? You have hit the perfect period to consider the connections you have with others and whether they give you the exchange required to help you feel happy, hearty and whole? If you feel someone important is falling short, let them know. No need to roar, or indulge in a dramatic display of regal displeasure. Just give them the clear hint and let them know you are hoping for more. Then see what they do with it.

This affects all relationships in your life, from business associates to those intimately near. For those of you satisfied with your lot, its a great month to enjoy the fruits of love and laughter that your connections to others bring. Celebrate your friendship, and all the good things that it brings. Some of you will stumble on a fascinating “other” this month. Romance is the Leo life-line, bringing greater vigour as well as joy to your life. So enjoy the fun that comes with it, and don’t be too concerned if its just an ephemeral thing. Sometimes people come along to bring the best parts of us out. Enjoy yourself but keep your standards high.

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