KEYWORDS: Status & Recognition

Leo November 2017

The Scorpio New Moon November 18th brings your professional and public status to light. Now is the time to consolidate the reputation you have built for yourself. November is custom built for you to organise the longterm path that you are on. Whatever it is you are doing, it’s a good time to reflect on how successfully it is getting done. Think of this as a kind of career spotlight month, with cosmic forces asking you to put your best foot forward at all times. Be aware of what others think, but be true to who you really are. Nothing garners respect like authenticity, so simply be yourself.

Remember, the stars incline but do not compel. And so, it is up to you in terms of how you respond. Yours is a constant sign. You can stay focussed on something when you really want it, and are less likely than others to be buffered by the tides of change. But just because you are serious about your direction doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice fun or spending time with the people in your life. Consider a measured approach. Just because you’re good at keeping focus on what you really want, there’s no need to overcommit and run the risk of straining yourself. Practice the art of effortless accomplishment whilst you stand proud at the apex of the many commitments you have in life.

Bold steps beckon for some of you, and may push you out into the unknown. From the middle of December,Mars fires its way through Scorpio, giving a boost to your plans. Dec and January 2018 are well suited to major steps in Leo-land.

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