KEYWORDS: Money Matters

Leo July 2017

Pressing matters open July, with finances at the top of your concerns. Dull though it may be, money and longterm security should take priority for you now. In the weeks ahead, you will capitalise by taking extra time to plan. This month is all about numbers, and you should prioritize time to sit down, get focussed and pull your calculator out.

While you may tell yourself you are not concerned with material things, getting money-wise is necessary thing to do. July is the right time for you to demonstrate a two-way relationship with the financial side of life. Consider the idea that how you feel about yourself is reflected in what you spend your money on. There is a “secret mutual connivance” between your material reality and your sense of self-worth. As much as this thought may pain you, there is a lot to be gained from assessing who you think you are based on what you do or don’t spend on.   

From July 22nd Mars is in your sign – which favours your ability to take big steps toward getting what you need. Yours is an innately expressive and creative sign. You have brilliant capacities for making money when you do what you love and let yourself shine. So have the courage to follow your dreams. Around July 25th, the Sun meets Mars to change the dynamic tone. Think of the weeks leading up to this as time for you to finish projects you have been procrastinating about. If you have to get some financial focus sorted out, do this now. From late July there are new vibes in town and you do not want to miss out on future opportunities because you do not have the cash you need. Plan, save and organize. The smartest decision you could make now is to martial your financial forces and plant seeds of opportunity by employing the talents you have at hand.

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