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Leo May 2017

An important month has arrived in Leo-land. As the first half of 2017 will soon be coming to a close, May brings your focus close to home and asks you to check the ground you are standing on. Whilst the year is of course still in development, this is the time to check your progress, and if necessary make a concerted effort to redirect yourself in any area that may not be working out. The cosmos calls your attention to the foundations of your life, with current astro forces suggesting you spend time at home uncovering hidden resources that might at first seem just mundane. Consider your options, and in so doing, test the ground. 

A productive way for you to make the most of May is to ask yourself where your energies can be more effectively applied. The natural rhythms of life suggest you focus on domestic-related stuff. To go forward, start with matters closest to home. What is the most realistic thing you could be doing that will affect your home or family life? Have you neglected something close to you in pursuit of something far? May is good for addressing outcomes that can take some time to unfold. Tweak long-term projects accordingly. The cosmos is on your side.

While you may wish you were frying bigger fish, best progress is made by turning your attention to what is happening at home. Try to fix or consolidate whatever needs your attention, and then the rest will come. One of the strengths of your sign is your ability to shine when you decide to lend a hand. So look around those nearest and dearest to discover who – if anyone – could with your help. Once you have identified where room for improvement lies, trust yourself enough to know you can implement whatever is required. Sort your home life out, and the rest of your year will unfold.

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