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Leo September 2017

A moment of cosmic quiet descends after a busy birthday month. August may have been hectic, so September is a good time for you to pause, rest and reflect. Planetary forces suggest you take a breather before embarking once more on another hectic few months. All Leos need down-time if they are to stay on track. So for now, take time out when you can. Things will soon move quickly, so give yourself a moment to gather your strength.

The best way for you to act is lightly. You still have a long way to go. Do whatever you need to, but also let yourself relax. At this point, its ok to give yourself space, especially if feeling pushed to breaking point. September suits internalization, and is ideally designed to help you settle back. This moment demands detail in bringing what you want into form. Even though there may be lots to attend to, try to be “seen but not seen” as Life gets done. There is nothing wrong with coasting in the background while someone else cares the crowd for a while.

This is also a very good month for rejuvenation in any form. Assessing your past, your progress and the role you have played in it all is important now. So take time out for meditation and retreat, whilst finding a stable centre in the middle of it all. Yoga, meditation or martial arts may be calling, as well as anything that helps focus and quieten your mind. August will help you get in touch with your inner world. Don’t forget this, even if circumstance appear to push you out. Remember Leo to take the slow road now and move forward one nap at a time.

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