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Libra February 2017

Did you find time last month to get someone else’s opinion? Were you able to find the distance and perspective to see your circumstances more clearly, and so, come up with a plan on how you want to proceed?

February creates the opportunity to spark off your learning curve. With celestial forces supporting you, and helping elucidate the information you need, you can think of yourself as a solar student, gathering information from various sources to add to your knowledge base. Don’t settle for anything less than information that broadens your world. At this time of year, you should feel inspired by potential, and enriched by discovery. For some of you travel plans may loom large this month. Consider going somewhere you haven’t been before. Horizons magically open because fortune favours the brave.

Venus will travel through Aries this month which can be difficult for your sign. On the one hand this may help you connect with loveable others, but you may find yourself lacking the full quota of energy you would otherwise need. You may have had a funny start to the year, all things considered, and could be wondering where your mojo has gone. Generally the start of the year is a quiet time for most, but you have so much going on in your world, there is scarcely time to rest. Just remember that with Jupiter in your sign plans roll forward with relative ease, helping you gain momentum and get to where you want to be.

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