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Libra November 2017

A moment of cosmic quiet descends upon you after a busy birthday month. Whilst there are still some surprises in store, November is an ideal time to rest, relax and reflect. 2017 has been another big year, with constant change afoot. At this point, its ok to give yourself space if feeling introspective or subdued. Allow yourself time to breathe out and let things settle a bit. November is an optimal month to take take your foot off the accelerator and coast along a bit.

From a symbolic perspective, most of November is best spent in contemplation mode. You may have made some big changes in your life since March of this year and need perspective to integrate all that has been achieved. Ruler Venus rides through Scorpio, a place she likes to travel ‘underground’. Take a leaf out of your Ladyship’s book and be content going incognito for a while. There is nothing wrong with gliding in the background, letting others push for a while. Its a great place to observe where people are coming from and who you want to have sharing your life. 

Mars is now in Libra, bringing energy to your sign. You may feel the push to get lots done. It can also signal conflict, bringing unspoken friction to the fore. This is a very good period for deep thinking, as well as creating physical renewal in your life. Reviewing your past, your progress and the role you have played in it all is important now. So take time out for meditation and retreat, whilst finding a stable centre right in the middle of your being. Yoga, meditation or martial arts may be calling, as well as anything that helps focus your busy mind. November brings greater awareness of your inner world, even while Mars pushes you out. Don’t be fooled by bluffs and false starters. Your power place is IN.

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