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Libra September 2017

Money matters are first and foremost this September, with finances at the top of your to-do-list. Dull though this might be, available cash and your longterm security should take priority now. In the weeks ahead, you can capitalise if you take extra time to plan. Even if you have made past errors of judgement, now its time to make amends by setting limits on spending and forming clear fiscal goals. September is all about numbers. You should find the time to sit down, get focussed and pull your calculator out.

While you are no doubt busy with a trillion other things, being money-wise is important now. September is ideal for you to demonstrate a healthy relationship with the financial side of life. Consider the idea that how you feel about yourself is reflected in what you spend your money on. There is a connection between your material reality and your sense of self-worth. As much as this idea may be uncomfortable, there is a lot to be gained from facing up to who you think you are based on what you spend your money on.

Since Sept last year, Jupiter has been Libra. You are coming to the end of a 12-month window of opportunity. Reject on all the ways you have created greater space to choose. Ever 12 years Jupiter moves through your sign. Some say Jupiter brings luck, but in truth it brings freedom – the freedom to choose better outcomes for yourself. Now as this cycle comes close ask yourself – do you want to keep sitting on the fence? Or launch yourself into something spectacular? As ever, the decision is yours.

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