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Libra May 2017

After a recent period of reviewing the options, you are probably much clearer about who you do and don’t want in your life. Last month was a great time to get a little more objective on the topic of relationship. You were given a chance to sit back, take stock and outline what it is and isn’t right for you now in your life.

As May opens, this review process moves forward. The power to say what you prefer is in your hands. Until the end of the month, speak with those that you need, and get whatever you must off your mind. You have spent long enough thinking about it. Now its time to act.

From a different tack entirely, this month is also ideal for a health review. Life-giving planetary forces cluster around and support your need to feel healthier and more in tune. Instigate an exercise programme or seek professional advice on anything that draws your concern. This is great moment generally to embark on a wellness trip. The Sun is now in Taurus, symbolizing self-maintenance of every kind. Take care of your good self now and enjoy the benefit for many years to come.

Because this month is also about detail, its a good time to examine the daily rigours of life. This is an ideal point for you to have a realistic look at your vitality and ask yourself “In what ways do my actions affect my capacity to be healthy, wealthy and wise”? If you really need a reboot then May should help you work out how. The best way to do this is through a pragmatic approach. Consider the small, achievable steps that will help you take much better care of yourself. Right now is the best time for you to make resolutions, get your routine right and set a schedule that you will actually maintain. Write a list, then stick to it. At this time of year, routine is your other best friend.

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