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Pisces February 2017

The best thing about this time of year for you, dear Piscean, is that it means getting practical about the financial side of your life. Buffeted as you sometimes are by the constant flux that is life, it can be hard to know which is way is up when things constantly shift and evolve. Best laid plans must be fluid enough to transform if they are to remain constant in your life. Yet just when you think you know where the bottom line is, things change.

But each year, a month or so before your birthday, you gain the scope and perspective to look at the foundations which underpin your life. The Aquarius New Moon (and beginning of the Chinese New Year) is the perfect time to set your intention for the year ahead, and how you want to organize your financial affairs. Spend some time planning and let yourself dream big. Nothing happens in the “real” world that doesn’t appear in the imagination first so dream up your perfect version of reality to see it come true.

Jupiter – a helpful ally for any Piscean wishing to expand – assists your visionary ability. Saturn, so useful in bringing ideas down to concrete form – guides you with a stern hand from Sagittarius. And importantly, a solar eclipse at the end of February activates many of you, especially those born Feb 27/28. A deeply spiritual and creative tone floods February and early March, helping you expand into your full potential. Open your vibrational antennae to opportunities close at hand and don’t be afraid to dig deep or do a little homework (if required) to get things done.

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