KEYWORDS: Happy Birthday to YOU

Pisces March 2017

Happy Birthday to you, and welcome to the beginning of your New Year. Traditionalists tend to think that the new year begins on January 1st. But as the sensitive visionaries of the Zodiac that you are, you understand that your real year begins when the Sun returns the same Zodiac sign as the one you were born under.

Accordingly, this year the Sun entered Pisces Feb 19th, with both Sun and Moon in simpatico Water signs. We could take this as a cosmic statement describing your year ahead. 2017 has a very emotional tone with and some of you will find yourself exploring the depths of relationship in ways you have never known before.

Not only that, but the Sun and Moon met up with the Nodal axis shortly, highlighting the karmic connections, meant-to-be moments and the possibility of past lives. This year is one of fated happenings, and will certainly appeal to your spooky side. 2017 can reward you with surprising encounters that prove to be especially significant, and the chance to reconnect with your past in ways that can be healing for all involved.

“Was it Fate or Destiny” is your question this year. Is at all meant to happen somehow, or do you carve out your own future with the choices you make now? To answer such spiritual conundrums you will need to experience much emotional development and meaningful growth. That generally requires input from other people. For some of you, this will mean bonding in ways you have previously only dreamt about. For others, this will mean achieving real progress by discovering dimensions of yourself you didn’t know you had. Expand your potential by listening to what your gut instincts are trying to tell you and most importantly – be yourself.

Neptune and Chiron continue to dance through your sign. Deep psychological change may feature for some you as you learn how to create greater awareness by listening to body, mind and soul. Rather than looking for someone else to define you, you should learn to trust your inner guide/s. A solar eclipse on Feb 26th brought potent messages for those of you with an ear for such things. This month, you may need to put some time aside to understand who and where you want to be. As ever, be prepared to go the road less travelled and don’t shirk challenge by choosing the easiest path. If you encounter delays on your path don’t panic and drop the ball. Just stop, look and reassess. Patience and a bit more effort may be all that is required.

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