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Pisces May 2017

May is time for imagining, with the month ahead ideal for you to review your wish list, and where you would like to be. To bring yourself closer to your goals, consider the benefits which networks and friends can bring. Linking with others is a great idea, and will move your month along. May is cosmically suited for socialising as you work on fostering stronger collective ties.

Ask yourself this. Are you being proactive when it comes to spending time with people who can add value to your life? Or does a tendency to drift in and out mean you skip over the surface of others lives? Are you so busy being sensitive that you are travelling on your own? Or are you enriching your life with relationships that bring perspective and make it all work somehow? It’s time to be discerning and honest with yourself. Look around at who you do or don’t spend time with. Somewhere in the middle there should be an amicable trade-off between choosing friends, being with others and letting them find you.

From an another point of view, Mercury is once again moving forward, which is helpful for your sign. Opportunities which may have stalled over the past 3 weeks are swinging into action again. Look out for fresh revisions of what you wanted to do in March, and how your plan has been improved. If you have an important presentation to deliver, your best work can be done after the middle of the month. Meanwhile Neptune continues to have some of you in a spin. If you feel yourself whirling you may need to take some mental time-out.

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