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Pisces November 2017

How open are you to the suggestion that the best thing to do right now is to have more fun? Do you let yourself play when the moment is right? Or are so busy getting caught up in other people’s lives you’ve totally forgotten how to put yourself first? A Scorpio New Moon Nov 18 marks a point of change. As Scorpio is a Water sign and shares your proclivity for  empathetic exchange, November activates your “Fun-Zone” – highlighting the social side of life. This is well timed for the festive season, with the month ahead ideal for re-discovering what laughter is all about. Say yes to human connection. So no to dreary old ruts.

Added to all this, you are also poised for your annual flirtation fest. You have celestial permission to ooze charisma and charm. For most of November you are meant to be the apple of someone else’s eye. Attention from others is the antidote to any persistent feelings of self-doubt. The bottom line here is that you should try to find ways to bring more pleasure and joy into your life. Its a great time for instigating a new set of recreational goals. The everyday ordinariness of mundane reality is much easier to navigate with a smile on your dial, so give yourself a permission slip to have a good time.

Another major influence for you this month involves Neptune travelling direct through your sign. Over the past few weeks, your ruling planet has been stuck on its stationing degree. This is technical “astro speak” for saying you should start to get much clearer soon around anything you’ve been uncertain about. Like all planetary archetypes, Neptune affects different people in different ways. For some, it engenders creativity and inspiration. For others, it generates feelings of mystical awe. And for others, it brings delusion and deceit. Whatever way it is working, your best path is about to  be revealed. The mists should clear from the end of this month, helping you to see the wood through the trees.


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