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Pisces January 2017

Things look sweet in Pisces-land now that 2017 has begun. Despite some minor hiccups in the Force Field which may have come your way toward the end of 2016, you are now ready to hit action stations again. For most of the month, Mars and Venus will be in your sign, bringing courage, vitality and charisma to present plans. This once-every-2-year influence should bring the oomph and influence required to go for what you want, plus the ambition to get out and do it. Don’t waste the activating impulses flowing your way this month. As Mars makes his way through Pisces, the noblest qualities of your inner Warrior are brought to light. Prepare yourself to feel the enviable ability to set off boldly on a course of action, together with the wisdom to properly pull it off. You are in a prime moment for making and achieving audacious plans. Be bold, be quick and most importantly  – get on with it.

A New Moon in Capricorn around December 22nd activated your research and analysis zone, helping you gather the information needed to help you get what you want. Look around for sources of intelligence which can deliver just the right amount of cold, hard fact. Mars will help you join the dots, so if there is something big you are thinking of getting started then now is the time to get on with it. Even if you are determinedly swimming through the holiday zone, take a break and gather information which can set you up for future moves.

Connecting with others is part of all this. In order to flourish, you need friends you can rely upon. No point suddenly resolving to start something and having no one to share your ideas with. So use this month to network and team-build. Gather information and make others aware of your brilliant ideas. Because the timing is right, you should thrive. January helps you improve your knowledge base and connect with others who can do the same. It’s a good month for getting things done – especially if you do so through collaboration. Let the knowledge you need flow to you whilst keeping your sense of fun. Enjoy the holiday festivities, but get your group mojo on.

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