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Sagittarius February 2017

After a month of planning and introspection, you are one more ready to produce. Quicker than counting 1 through 10, you have hopefully come up with a sensational scheme which will get 2017 rolling along. Now all you have to do implement your next big idea, making sure you face the facts of life so that it happens in way that resembles how you really want it to be

February is hopes and wishes month for you – a time when you get to imagine how wonderful Life could be. Let your Self have full reign when it comes to dreaming up big adventures, endless possibilities and far-ranging experiences abroad. Even if you only get half of what you think is possible, a very happy Sagittarian you will be. Now that you have kept your ideas to yourself long enough, it is time to activate your networks and see where helping hands exist. This is a great time to push forward with your ideas, but you are not meant to do it solo. Enlist buddies who are happy to contribute to your dreams.

At the end of Feb, a solar eclipse in Pisces and conjunct Neptune brings chaos and inconsistency to some of you. We reach a point of the year where confusion may reign supreme. Don’t get caught up in the illusion and take extra time to do whatever you are doing with extra attention and care. Avoid big commitments if you can, and with anything you are working on, make sure you double check before signing off. Crazy ideas seem especially appealing around this time. Entertain them with care.


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