KEYWORDS: Money Matters

 Sagittarius November 2017

A practical tone gets this month underway for you.Tedious though it may be, finance and longterm security should be your main concern at this point of the year. In the weeks/months ahead, you will the chance to demonstrate your money-managing skills by demonstrating your ability to plan ahead. Even if you frittered cash away on trivial undertakings in the past, you can make amends by setting new limits and goals for yourself. You know enough about planning and strategy to see where your great ideas can be best applied. Spend some time reflecting on long-term outcomes by projecting forward to where you will be should you take certain actions now

November is a great month for you to demonstrate a realistic relationship with the fiscal side of life. Consider the connection between what you feel you are worth and what you spend your money on. Do you try to escape from responsibility by throwing dollars away on useless things? Or do you stop yourself enjoying cash for fear of what could be? Conversely, do you spend money on what others think you should, rather than what you know you ought? As always, following your inspiration is your best way to benefit now. Don’t lose sight, however, of what really matters. Material needs are important, but should not consume your life.

Worth noting is that Mercury is about to spend almost 3 months in your sign. This is great to help you work on communication, should your general style be a little blunt. In the weeks leading up to your birthday you may get the chance to put extra effort in when it comes getting your point across. Try not to be too cavalier with those less mentally agile than yourself. Give them the time they need to absorb your brilliance, and consider the idea that maybe you could improve your sentence structure somehow?? Hubris comes before a fall, so take the time to explain yourself and you will find you get far more done.

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