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 Sagittarius September 2017

A pivotal month has arrived for you with ruler Jupiter about to change signs. What is more, Mars soon enters Virgo which can up the “Just get it done!” urge. From Sept 7 through to most of October, the “Daily Activator” helps gets things moving in your life. A Virgo New Moon on September 20 will push things along, kicking some of you into turbo speed. September is a great jump start month, bringing energy to otherwise dormant areas of your life.

A productive way to tune into this moment is to ask yourself where your exuberance could be best applied? Concern yourself less with what you cant change and consider only this -What is the most upbeat thing you could be doing right now? September is all about creating outcomes. Don’t take your eye from the prize. Now is the time for certainty in action. After all, you’ve thought abut your options long enough.

In other matters, you may be drawn to family and domestic concerns. September is optimal for working out the home-based stuff. Ideally, sparks and friction are quickly resolved. Assertiveness and optimism work wonders now. While you may prefer to be frying bigger fish, you can make better progress by turning your attention to what is happening at home. Try to fix what is happening here, then the rest will come. Remember that strong foundations are needed if amazing structures are to be built.

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