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Scorpio September 2017

September is officially your Information Month. With a busy, fact-finding period upon you, you are likely to find yourself suddenly in touch with circumstances that give you the knowledge you need. The coming weeks are optimal for connecting with your social spheres, as you discover useful tidbits that can greatly assist your longterm progress. Be especially alert for news that comes to you from close to home. Perhaps you don’t need to look too far to find the information you seek?

The Sun’s entry into Virgo has activated your research and analysis zone. This will help you put your detective skills to good use. Joy oh joy – this is just what a Scorpio super-sleuth needs! Mars is about to join the Sun in Virgo, which will help you get to the bottom of what needs fixing. Jupiter is about to finish its journey through Libra and next month will enter your sign. Thus September is all about research – discovering the things that will help you get the outcomes you need. Plan, calculate and stay informed. With a creative approach to problem solving you will get the necessary support to proceed.

Adding oomph to all of this is the fact that Mercury is currently retrograde in its own sign This suggests that working on conversational skills is time well spent. Mercury represents the principle of research and analysis. If you feel there is something currently hidden from you the start of the month will help you uncover it.  From September 5/6 Mercury starts to go direct so pinpoint that week for most of your information depth-diving. For the rest of this month, Mercury spins through Virgo, helping you sort the wheat from the chaff.

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