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Scorpio July 2017

Lucky you – its Scorpio time! With ruler Mars pushing steadily through Cancer – a fellow Water sign – July emphasises sexiness, imagination and fun. Because Cancer is simpatico, July improves your social skills. Saying yes to chance outings can ignite your “Pleasure-Zone” – delivering brilliant ways for you to sparkle and have fun. Wondering how to occupy yourself in coming weeks? Get out and get amongst it. You are oozing charisma right now

Added to all this, you are also poised for your annual flirtation fest. Thus you have celestial permission to emanate good looks and charm. For most of July you stand a very good chance of becoming the apple of someone else’s eye. Enjoying some well-intentioned appreciation is a smart way to soothe your sometimes tempestuous soul. The everyday ordinariness of life is much easier to navigate with a bit of appreciation. Let Cupid do the groundwork, and when someone dazzling crosses your radar just remember to smile.

Because July is all about pleasure, its a good time to ask yourself if you are doing what you love? This is an ideal point for you to take a realistic look at where your true passions lie. Ask yourself what you could be doing to get more satisfaction from life? If you need a lift, then July should help you work out how. Somehow in the last 20 years we lost respect for the healing power of fun. Just because its not work-related doesn’t mean its not worthwhile. A very practical thing for you to do now is whatever makes you smile. Pursue recreation seriously and then watch everything else pan out.

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