KEYWORDS: Status & Recognition

Scorpio February 2017

The word for you this month is culmination. With a New Moon in Aquarius kicking off the Chinese New Year, the moment is NOW to manifest your intent, bringing to completion in some formal way what you are busy hoping to achieve. The word formal is important here. Try to get a deal locked down, a contract signed off or a position recognized by the end of this month. A lunar eclipse in Pisces is looming, making lack of clarity the norm for a while. Where possible sort your chosen path out before Feb 26. Look to your professional life, your work, your reputation. Who do you aspire to be and how close are you to attaining that? It is important that you imagine yourself in your most capable version of yourself right now, and then make any adjustments required.

Therefore, this is an important month for you to choose your own your road. Have a good think about what you are ready to commit to (as if you haven’t already) then make a concerted effort to make that concrete somehow. Ruler Mars is powering his way through Aries, a simpatico sign. Forward momentum is easy to gain. But as the consummate planner you hopefully are, you have integrated past lessons, and so are prepared to set off on the road ahead.

Last month, you are likely to have experienced a burst of energy or release that set the tone for 2017. While there may have been a few emotional peaks to navigate, all that intensity has become fuel to propel you forward. If you have harnessed your desires in appropriate ways then you can hit the release button at just the right moment for maximum effect. This is what February means for you.

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