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Scorpio November 2017

Happy Birthday to You Scorpios. Your solar year begins November 18th under the auspicious influence of a Scorpio New Moon. This represents a new cycle in terms of Scorpionic self-realization. With a birthday either coming up or just behind you, November is optimal for setting intentions about the year ahead. Birthdays are great for reviewing your life and getting clear around what you want. Take some time for some self-reflection, and don’t miss the chance to celebrate. After all, there’s no one else on this planet quite like you.

Your annual New Moon makes a tricky connection to both Uranus and Saturn. This suggests a year of change for many of you, especially for Scorpios born Nov 17-19. 2018 could be a turning point for you – a year in which you firmly leave the past behind. As a catalyst yourself, processes of transformation are not new to you. Whilst others may not see the profound shifts taking place, you know your inner being is reconfiguring in major ways. Allow yourself to do whatever is required to bring the desired shifts about. And remember when in doubt, the cosmos supports you changing.

With Venus makes her her presence felt this month, so that relationships and social dynamics smooth out. More than anything, Venus represents the principle of attraction, or the capacity to what we need through mutual admiration and simpatico vibes. Her presence in your sign suggests a harmonious flow of energy helping you to rebalance and reenergise your life. Perhaps this is a good time to look at your social self and consider where you might improve? Is there something you could do to become more connected with others?

Famously, Venus also rules love and desire. A great way to benefit from the sensual forces potentially steaming up your life is to get in touch with your Inner Casanova. Think about ways you can express more love in your life. Where in the world could you better focus your desires? Its time to let go of prickliness, and forgive all those concerned. This month, you can achieve more through charm and grace than you will by plotting takeovers and planning your revenge.

The trick here is to accept that the key to experiencing a better future is understanding the journey you are on. When you open the door to greater self-acceptance, you discover resources that might otherwise have been denied. As always, perspective matters. The happiest people are those who focus on the doughnut and not the hole. If wise, you will count your many blessings this birthday month. And if not thoroughly fulfilled with current circumstances, then trust yourself enough to realize you have the capacity to change. Your journey involves – amongst many things- experiencing the thrill of empowering others lives. 2018 can help you see this, and the rewards transformation can bring.

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