KEYWORDS: Learning From Life

Sagittarius April 2014

Nothing should feel better to a Sagittarian than the sense of spreading your wings. Whether you get that sense from hoping on board a jumbo jet, skydiving on a bungy rope or testing your intellectual mettle against someone else unproven idea, you love the chance to flex your mettle and see how far you can go.

Born as you are with Jupiter ruling your sign, you are innately hard-wired to attract positive events. The trick here is recognizing the nut of something potentially fruitful in what might otherwise seem to be adversity. You are gifted with the broadness of sprit to recognize where there is a lesson to be learned or fun to be had in a way that keeps excitement and adventure coursing through your life. The Aries New and Full Moons bring together challenging forces in difficult signs. There is a lot to be gleaned from the circumstances brewing all around. Use your capacity for positive outcomes by helping other feel inspired or find the light.

Jupiter connects with Uranus, Pluto and Mars around Easter time, which means some very unexpected situations are bound to crop up and demand immediate attention. The success with which you deal with whatever these challenges are will depend on your ability to extract meaning from circumstance - to find the guiding philosophy that relates appearances to your approach to life. Be generous in your assessment of others and remember to live then let live. April is certain to be a difficult time for some. By finding the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, you remind yourself and others just how wonderful you are.

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