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Gemini May 2017

May gets underway with a firm focus on all things financial. This month its all about the numbers and accordingly you should prioritize time to sit down, get focussed and pull your calculator out. Music to fiscally-minded Geminis, now is all about your finances and making sure you have sufficient funds in the bank.

In the weeks and months ahead, you can capitalise by taking extra time to plan. While you may tell yourself you are not concerned with material things, getting sorted on a practical level is a smart thing to do. It’s a month to make amends for past excesses by setting limits on spending while you experience the thrill of clear financial goals. Invest effort in identifying the long-term outcomes you can achieve if you make certain decisions now.

For the first half of the month, Mercury is in Aries – which favours your ability to get what you need. Your power time is NOW, so get influential. This favours all forms of entrepreneurship, and self-employed Geminis can push forward all May. A mutual reception between ruler Mercury and Mars gives you unusually potent money-vibes. You have brilliant aspects for making cash by doing what comes easily to you. Imagine the prospect that you can be vivacious, complex and interesting whilst still keeping a roof over your head. Perhaps the smartest financial decision you could make right now is to quit scattering your energies to start sowing seeds of financial security in the right fertile fields?


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