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Gemini January 2017

It’s time for focus in Gemini-World. After last month’s climax of relationship musings, now is the time for you to focus on matters more mundane. Practical details demand attention. A sense of comfort comes from establishing a clear sense of routine. Last month was a big one, triggering key aspects of your life. This month lets you settle down to apply the lessons that were learned. Most important is putting some kind of reform into place, be that on a health, organisational or professional level. Consider carefully the day-to-day routines in your life. What aspects need tweaking (even weeding) for you to achieve optimal results?

Because this month is all about routine and detail, it is also about the daily rigours of good health. This is a very good time of year for you to have a realistic look at your vitality and ask yourself “In what ways do my actions affect my capacity to be healthy, wealthy and wise”? If you really need a reboot then January will help you work out how. Despite the fact that many of you will still be in holiday mode, the best way for you to do this is by taking a pragmatic approach. Consider the small, achievable steps that can help you take much better care of yourself. Write a list and make a commitment. More than any other sign, the start of the year is the best time for Gemini to make resolutions which will stick.

A major source of assistance is available to many of you courtesy of Saturn in Sagittarius. As Saturn represents structure and foundations, this influence will help you plan and implement. Those of you born in the second half of Gemini are most in line to feel the full effects. You may find yourself forced to slow down somehow, with extra responsibilities you must endure or major tasks to finish off. Any delays you are encountering now should not be disregarded. Slow down and assess your options instead of attempting to race on through. The next 12 months are imperative for you to focus and deal with whatever is at hand. Don’t be afraid of hardship – under such skies challenge can be your very best new friend.

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