KEYWORDS: Enjoy Yourself

Gemini February 2017

How did you go getting serious last month? Were you able to handle all the “alone time” that January asked of you? Did you discover anything useful in those brief periods spent ‘keeping to yourself’?  Last month I suggested you face facts about the things that could get in your way this year. Now that you have hopefully faced reality, you can get your bright and bubbly game face back on

Celestial conditions brighten considerably with the Aquarius New Moon. A combination of planets in fellow Air signs emphasizes intellectual and social rapport. You should find yourself enjoying the company of like-minded and/or stimulating others. All February, you are celestially requested to focus on having fun. What do you like to do best? Who are the people that bring joy into your life? Spending time on frivolity can seem like an indulgence, opportunity wasted when you could be doing better things. But in fact this is an essential aspect of life and one that requires your attention now. What would you enjoy doing in 2017?

Over the coming weeks think about new courses, hobbies and recreational activities that can put the pep back in your step. Don’t settle for “I’ll do that when….”. Just listen to what your hear says and take a celebratory leap toward doing something you’ve always wanted to do.  Man/Woman cannot live on bread alone. Therefore add some necessary spice to your life to get yourself on track for the year ahead. You have been given cosmic permission to choose fun.

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