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 Gemini September 2017

The entrance of the Sun into Virgo brings a focus to your professional and public life. Every year, around this time, you receive the cosmic prompting to consider the reputation you have built for yourself. Hopefully this is music to Geminian ears. September is custom built to help you organise the longterm path that you are on. Whatever it is you are doing, it’s worthwhile reflecting on how successfully it is getting done. Think of this as a kind of career spotlight month, with celestial forces asking you to put your best foot forward at all times. Be aware of what others think, but be true to who you really are. Nothing garners respect like authenticity, so be yourself and let the recognition simply fall into place.

Remember, the stars incline but do not compel. And so, it is up to you in terms of how you respond. Yours is a changeable sign. You might think about taking up an opportunity but before you do so, you move onto the next. So take a deep breath while aligning with where you want to be. Even though you are willing to be flexible, it doesn’t mean you should be averse to settling down. As always, consider a happy balance between less and more.

Saturn in Sagittarius continues to bring certain challenges, and might force some of you to slow down. Keep an open mind on whatever happens, and look for the silver lining somehow. Even an apparent downturn can be flipped to good use. At the same time, ruler Mercury finishes its retrograde in Virgo, which suggests getting the facts before you do anything serious in terms of professional life. If you are not happy, then this month is a good one to plan for change. But consider also ways to bring to change to what is already i front of you. Get creative. But stay dedicated to what you really need and remember, everybody is watching how you handle commitments now.

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