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ayurveda-home1-compressorHappy New Year Star-People and best wishes for the year ahead. After a very turbulent 2016, things will hopefully settle down. The major astrological alignments which have formed over the past few years have laid their foundations, and we are learning to live in a rapidly changing world. 2017 features no major planetary alignments which is interesting of itself. In fact, a lack of “hard” aspects  after so much flux could be interpreted as a period for things to settle down.

Such a statement seems counter-intuitive, considering all that is currently going on. With so much violence, deception and unrest influencing our lives it’s hard to imagine a year where peace will prevail. But thinking like this is possibly the smartest thing anyone could do. A wise person once said the only thing you can really ever change is yourself. The truth of this is quite profound. When we feel despair at the bloodshed happening on our streets, or the gross manipulations of those in power we have two choices. Give a piece of ourselves away by trying to forget about it, or make a decision to be a better human being. The latter is the wisest choice, and the only one that can help.  A more peaceful world starts the moment we decide to treat ourselves and others with the kindness we intrinsically seek. READ MORE >>

Meet Your Astrologer

Damian Rocks talks to Chris Turner from BDTD about how he became an astrologer

Monthly Forecast

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter enters Libra September 9th 2016 for a 12 month stint in the sign of The Scales.

Known as a sanguine planet, Jupiter works well when placed here . Libra is considered hot and moist in quality, meaning that the general flavour of this sign is congenial, humane and socially-oriented.

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