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The Sun entered Taurus this year conjoining a retrograde Mercury. It’s time to rethink your relationship with the material side of life. In what ways does your attachment to the physical keep you trapped? Alternately how could you improve your relationship with the financial side of life? New age philosophers tell us we create the reality that we believe in. So think seriously about what your real inner programming is and how thought triggers your reality. A new awareness of what is possible comes from letting go of old beliefs.

Meet Your Astrologer

Damian Rocks talks to Chris Turner from BDTD about how he became an astrologer

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Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter enters Libra September 9th 2016 for a 12 month stint in the sign of The Scales.

Known as a sanguine planet, Jupiter works well when placed here . Libra is considered hot and moist in quality, meaning that the general flavour of this sign is congenial, humane and socially-oriented.

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