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Taurus May 2017

Happy Birthday to you, and welcome to the beginning of your New Year. Now that the Sun has arrived in Taurus, the celestial focus is on you. Your true year begins now, and with it comes a very good excuse to think only about you.

This year, the Sun entered Taurus conjoining a retrograde Mercury. You can take this as a cosmic statement about the year you have ahead. It’s time to turn your attention to plans and their execution. Have you got a clear idea of who and where you want to be? Remember reality follows intention, and you can’t expect to build greater security if you don’t have a clear picture in mind of what that looks like. Use your imagination to get very clear about what you want from life and what that really says about your inner beliefs.

Clarification is your theme this year. The Sun’s first aspect after arriving in your sign and connecting with Mercury is from a supportive Piscean Moon. This suggests winding down something that you no longer want to do in the most gracious possible way. Where in your life are circumstances stagnant? Is there anything that really is just getting old? May brings an excellent time for you to review current circumstances, weeding out what you no longer actually want.

Mars sat at the last degree of your sign as the Sun walked in. This augurs well for all you wish to achieve. Mars is the energy which gives you the oomph to overcome. Think about events of the past 4-6 weeks and how you may have been prodded (??) forward. Your best bet is to get really proactive now as Mars moves into Gemini where he is better placed to help you see outcomes. Late 2017 sees Jupiter once more oppose your sign, bringing a welcome sense of expansion to our world. So give yourself a few months to make what you want happen, but don’t delay. Right now you need a very clear plan that outlines a path to adopt – unless circumstances change.


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