KEYWORDS: Close to Home

Taurus February 2017

Just in time for the Aquarian New Moon, you are in the mood to move again. After a protracted period of lounging, lying about, taking it easy and generally being Taurean, February kicks off with you in “can-do” mode again. Or maybe “must-do” is a better analogy, if you have let things slide too much?

From the start of February you should notice a considerable upswing around your sense of self. A feeling of momentum that pushes you on to your next big thing. This month, matters close to home take precedence as you work out how you are going to organized and manage your way from A to B. Look to the domestic sphere for necessary adjustments and lead with your best foot forward, and a sense of place firmly rooted into the ground.

Family life is also in focus with a strong push toward renewing family ties. Care and consideration go a long way when saying what must be said. Don’t be afraid of an uncomfortable conversation, but do so in your typically gracious style. There is something long-term and fruitful about current skies, even if you do not see immediate results. Take the time to look for the seeds of opportunity in things that might take a little while to appear


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