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Taurus March 2017

March 2017 is your communication month. After a busy fact-finding period at the end of February, you are now in a position to drill down into detail and extract the relevant facts. The next few weeks are optimal for you to connect with others and learn all that you need. Be alert for news that comes to you from close to home. You may not need to go very far to get the knowledge you need.

A New Moon in Pisces on February 26th activated your research and analysis zone. What happened then and how did it give you the necessary information to proceed? Think about  sources of intelligence which deliver the correct amount of clinical fact. Mars enters Taurus this month and will soon give you a boost. So if there is something big you are thinking of doing then March is ideal to get on with it. Plan, calculate and get the facts. Even though you like to move slowly, this month might see you shooting out of the starting blocks.

Connecting with others is part of all this. In order to flourish, you need friends you can rely upon. No point suddenly resolving to start something and having no one to share your ideas with. So use this month to network and team-build. March helps you improve your knowledge base by connecting with others who can do the same. It’s a good time for identify helpful resources close to home. Between now and late April when the Sun enters your sign things can be quite dynamic. Make yourself busy now.


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