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Taurus January 2017

Lucky you at the right time of year. Just when you finally started to wind down after a hectic Christmas month comes yet another excuse to put your feet up and relax. A Capricorn New Moon at the end of December got 2017 started right for you. As Capricorn is an Earth sign and so shares your proclivity for “R and R”, January ignites your “Fun-Zone” – helping you focus on the pleasurable parts of life. A well-earned break is the smartest thing a Cow like you could do. Say yes to fun and frivolity. Now’s a good time to let your hair down.

Added to all this, you are also poised for your annual flirtation fest. You have celestial permission to ooze seduction and charm. For most of January you stand a very good chance of becoming the apple of someone else’s eye. Attention is the antidote to any lingering feelings of self-doubt. The bottom line here is that you should try to find ways to bring more pleasure and joy into your life. Enjoying some well-intended appreciation from somebody sparkling is a sensible way to soothe your soul. It’s also a great time for exploring a new set of recreational pursuits. The everyday ordinariness of life is much easier to navigate with a smile on your dial, so give yourself a permission slip and have a really good time.

Because you are born to tune into the physical side of life, your best bet is to trust your body and what it is telling you as each moment arises. If grounded feelings of happiness and contentment fill your soul, trust that what you are enjoying is a smart way to behave. But if too much enjoying brings a sense of heaviness and lethargy, then maybe you need to pull on the reins a bit and bring yourself back from the indolent edge? Over the coming weeks, explore body therapies such as massage, shiatsu, reflexology and comfortable shoes. Recognizing the intelligence available to you through the senses is part of what you are all about.


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