KEYWORDS: Self & Other

Taurus November 2017

Every year, around this time, you lot go through your annual Romance Review. Once again, love matters and with it comes examining the way you form relationship with all the people in your life – not just the pretty, sexy, cute ones, but everyone who counts. Therefore prepare yourself for feedback – not based so much on what you are doing – but based more on what the people around you have to say.

This is an optimum month to get real about what’s happening in your relationship zone. Are you happily engaged in win-win situations? Free to give and know the joy of non-attached giving? Or are you forever digging your heels in, stubbornly refusing to change? Alternately, are you being appreciated? Or are your special qualities overlooked? Your path involves learning how to be stable whilst embracing change. Doing everything the safe way gets very monotonous after a while. Can you be your self and steady, whilst inviting fresh perspectives through other people somehow?

Take heed from the bumps and scratches that come to you courtesy of the connections in your life. And relish those people who share themselves freely with you, whilst asking nothing back in return. Your best side comes out when you feel comfortable. So look for value in the people you surround yourself with. If you have bridges to build then build them. If there are have hugs to give, hand them out.


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