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Taurus July 2017

July is time to kick back a bit, bringing a focus to your hopes and dreams. The month ahead is ideal for you to review your wish list, and where you would like to be. Ruler Venus is Queen of the Morning Sky right now, which naturally makes you shine. Dazzle others through your willingness to get up early and shine. Also, to bring goals closer, consider the role that networks and friends can play. Linking with others is a sensible approach. July brings a focus to your group activities, and is cosmically attuned to help you develop stronger collective ties.

Consider this. Are you being proactive when it comes to spending time with people who can add value to your life? Or does a tendency to take it easy mean you roll over the surface of others lives? Are you so busy with your head down that you are pulling all the weight on your own? Or are you enriching your life with relationships that bring perspective and make it all work somehow? It’s time to be discerning and honest with yourself. Look around at who you do or don’t spend time with. Somewhere in the middle there should be an amicable trade-off between choosing friends, being with others and letting life happen on its own.

From an another point of view, Venus is currently gracing your sign. Since the Cancer New Moon on June 24th, she has positioned herself to have maximum influence and power. Think what has happened for you since the end of last month. Has something golden arrived at your door? Until July 7 you have the perfect conditions to put something wonderful in place. Tie this in with your long-term hopes and dreams, then marvel as fabulous things get done.

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