KEYWORDS: A True Pioneer

Aries Rising or Sun in Aries

2019 gives you the energy needed to succeed. The year opens with an excellent opportunity to forge ahead. Mars in your sign from January 1 is a celestial statement affirming that you are in charge. Imagine how far you could go? However, the success of your journey greatly depends on preparation. Of course you are eager to hit the road, but did you remember to bring the map?

Tackling things on your own is always part of the mix. You have faith in your ability to do it all by yourself, but do stop to consider – what assistance do you need? With Saturn helping you recognize how to improve in pragmatic terms and Jupiter encouraging you to tackle growth head-on, its all about the strategy. The first 9 months of the year are optimal for getting work done. Until December, Jupiter helps you extend yourself. Any resistance you encounter is just an opportunity to learn. Delays offer re-routing opportunities if you stay open to new information, or a more educated point of view.

Your theme for the year is to monitor background thinking. Is a tendency to boredom, anger, impatience or impulsiveness hindering your actual real world progress at all

Your 2019 Forecast


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