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Aries 2018

Hello Aries. It’s finally 2018 and – amongst many other things – this means it’s time to deliver on the promises you have made to yourself. In this final year of Uranus’ transit through your sign, you are challenged to ask of yourself – “Have I made the most of the opportunities to innovate or pioneer that have presented over the past 7 years?” Uranus represents the spirit of change – a Promethean impulse to bring light where once only darkness prevailed. Have you forged new ground somewhere meaningful in your recent past? If yes, then your year is about consolidation. If no, then you best get on with it. A major theme for you in 2018 is making good on all you could actually be. Don’t be afraid to change.

With Saturn helping you recognize how to improve in pragmatic terms and Jupiter encouraging you to tackle transformation head-on, it’s all about final delivery. The first 5 months of the year are optimal for kicking goals. With Mars well placed to assist through bringing added oomph you can charge forward from the start of this year. Then from June, Mars will slow its pace through the Zodiac and so you may find the second half of the year is more laborious than the first. Smart rams get moving as soon as the starting gun goes off. For you, this comes with the Capricorn New Moon Jan 17/18th. 

What is more, Saturn squares Aries from its own sign – Capricorn. Any resistance you encounter will help you slow down long enough to recognise what you need to learn. April might be challenging for some of you as Saturn turns retrograde. Hang in there when the going gets tough. Set backs test your resilience and resolve. From June until late August, your ruler Mars will retrograde in Aquarius. Another delay point could emerge. Early August could also bring a big fork in the road. Rather than letting delays put you off course, simply slow down long enough to ask yourself “Is there something more that I could learn?” This window represents an optimal moment to step back and re-assess. Delays can simply be re-routing opportunities, especially when you stay open to new information, or a more educated point of view. 

Your theme for 2018 is consolidating all that you can be.

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