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Aries Rising or Sun in Aries

The annual Leo New Moon on August 1st gets you dreaming of so much more. It’s a once-in-12-month moment to super-charge your already substantial capacity to get excited, burst with impulse, see the future before anyone see does and generally ‘bring it’ every time.

New Moons are all about taking a moment to set a fresh intention for the year ahead. This means being awesomely inspired, ruggedly brave and heart-stoppingly courageous about what else you would like to achieve. Make a wish or ignite a dream on August 1st and/or 7th (when the Sun links up with Jupiter) to get the best from this month’s celestial synergies

Uranus and Venus feature heavily this month, implying a change from the status quo. In the mood to plan your next adventure, take the world by storm or generally rule the zeitgeist somehow?August is optimal for achieving all that and more. Bust out of any “cant-do” moments that could otherwise bring you down. To do this embrace the new.

Mercury also turns direct (thanks the gods!) freeing all of us from tedious tech challenges, communication ‘isssues’ and a general feeling of WTF??!!? The endless back and forth that seemed to feature heavily through July is now officially over. You can get back to being your dazzlingly innovative Best Self.

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