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Capricorn 2018 Forecast

You know better than anyone that lasting satisfaction usually comes from the pleasure of what we have earned. Whilst momentary thrills may put a smile on your dial, true appreciation comes from the fruit of hard work. After years spent forging a path of your own, 2018 brings the chance to profit from all you have done. Saturn’s  entrance into your sign is a once-in-29-year chance to make the most of it. A sense of accomplishment crowns your efforts thus far. Put simply, you are in a cycle of reward and recognition based on what you have previously set up for yourself. So enjoy what comes and know you earned it. Alternately, if your year ahead brings very little, then you want to take a sober look at the choices you have made up until now.

Saturn hints at the final achievement of goals that have taken many years to unfold. If you are old enough, consider what you were doing around 14 years ago. You may find the roots of present accomplishments buried deep within your past. Even if you have not taken enough turns around the Sun yet you are still likely to find that 2018-2020 represents a culmination of your efforts somehow. Appreciate the opportunities you are presented with. These are your just reward.

Cosmic assistance peaks between late March and mid May when Mars joins Saturn in your sign. This period is very dynamic for you, especially the first week of April. Saturn will retrograde in the middle the month so you may have pause for review. Persevere with what feels right to do. It may just require extra patience to bring it into form.

Early August could be a good time to help you clarify. If you have a business mind, then 2018 is excellent for you to broaden your scope. A Saturn/Uranus trine late August is most auspicious. Consider investors who may benefit from your work. In other news, Pluto continues the journey of transformation for those of you born around January 10th. Your life is evolving, from caterpillar to butterfly. Just think of how beautiful you will be once all is said and done.

Your theme this year is coming to terms with all you have created for yourself, the good as well as the bad.

Your 2018 Forecast

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