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Capricorn Rising & Sun in Capricorn

It’s hard to stand idle when you are essentially an action-oriented type. You lot have an incredible capacity for hard work and endurance. At the same time, you also have a stunning ability to be hard on yourself. When faced with periods of inactivity, you can get both restless and self-sabotaging as you push hard to make things happen that sometimes don’t really need to occur. 2019 is about finding the balance between maximum output and time to rest. You need to discover ways of being kinder to yourself as you forge ahead with getting what you want.

Some of you will notice that this year feels like a stepping stone. January and July feature eclipses that will strongly impact your sign. This year will springboard you into the future with clear pathways being laid down. Others may be deep in the process of saying goodbye to the old. 2019 can be about leaving behind old habits, friends and perspectives as you clear the path for something new. Once you’ve released yourself from certain redundant situations, you will be in a better position to proceed. Jupiter is in good form to help you dream, so don’t be afraid to set your eye on impossibly far-off goals. You are free to be yourself this year, so let your ambitions roam

Your theme this year is practising gratitude – making sure you take time out to be thankful for the things you already have, and what you have so far achieved.

Your 2019 Forecast

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