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Hello Sea Goats 😉

In the midst of a world gone mad someone still has to balance the books. This month that honour falls to you. Your job in February is to implement a viable financial plan.

Unpredictable though the times may be, finances and longterm security should be a top priority now. Even if in the past you have not been able to achieve all your desires, you can make advances now by setting limits on spending and clarifying your goals.

February is an important time for you to demonstrate your degree of mastery over the financial side of life. Consider the idea that how you feel about yourself is reflected in what you spend your money on. As much as that truth may pain you, there is a lot to be gained from examining your level of self-worth based on what you spend money on.

With so many planets in Aquarius and Mercury retrograde it may seem counter-intuitive to be so materially focussed. But work you do this month will pay off in the end. So do yourself a favour and comer up with a workable plan.


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