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Hello Leo.

Over the past few weeks, the entrance of the Sun into Taurus has brought a focus to your public and professional life. Despite massive uncertainty still ricocheting around the planet, your task now is to stay focussed with your working life front and centre this month.

Every year about now you receive a cosmic prompting to consider the reputation you have built for yourself. This is music to Leo ears. Is there anything you like more than thinking about what others think about you? 😉

May can help you organise the longterm path that you are on. Bold steps beckon for some of you, and may push you out into the unknown. Others just need to stay patient with Saturn opposing your Sun. Pay attention if you are delayed mid month – Saturn will turn retrograde which means for some reason you need to slow down.

Keep an open mind on whatever happens. Even a delay can be turned to good use. From the middle the month Jupiter will arrive in Pisces so the best laid plans you have been working on may need to change a bit. Just keep your dignity and remember – when you respond with grace, your level of respect and reputation grows.



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