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Your Libra April Forecast


Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the New Moon and major planetary to influences to give you your horoscope. For an in-depth personal forecast you can choose a private consultation to help you make the most of each month’s planetary influences


Every year, around this time, Librans go through an annual Partnership Review. Connection matters – and with it comes the need to examine the ways you relate to those you do business with as well as those you adore. This influence flows through to all the people in your life, not just the pretty, sexy, cute ones – but to everyone that counts.

Spending lots of time at home of course puts everyone to the test. The cosmos has conspired to make 2020 an affair to remember. You are forced to examine the relationships you do or don’t have in your life and what you want to action in return.

As you work out what you want, you should be prepared for feedback. Other people should be more inclined right now to tell you exactly how they feel. Bear in mind this critique may not be based so much on what you are actually doing, as it is based on what they project. A Libra Full Moon April 8th really sets the tone. 

This is an optimal month to get real about what’s happening in your relationship sphere. Are you happily engaged in win-win situations? Free to give and know the joy of non-attached giving? Alternately, are you being appreciated? Or are your special qualities being overlooked? Your path involves learning how to experience the joy of collaborating without becoming locked in a constant tug of war.

So what else is there for you to do but realistically face facts? Take heed from what others tell you, even if you don’t agree. A grain of truth will sit in there somewhere. Perhaps the truth is you should stop paying so much attention to what other people think??  Disagreement isn’t criticism. It’s just a point of view.


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