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Libra 2018 Forecast

Just like your Cardinal wonder-twin Aries, you lot are finally in for a reprieve. The past 7 years have been all about proving your worth, dealing with the curve balls others toss your way. Now that you are practically perfect at handling the unexpected, you can expect to get your high achiever “pass”. Uranus winds up its 7 year journey through Aries and so, you finally get a break from dealing with surprise

Saturn in Capricorn is likely to be helpful as this energy is particularly simpatico with your sign. Delivering results through hard work and perseverance could bring unusually good results. Key times are late March through til mid May as Mars amplifies the dynamic edge. You like balance, peace and getting things done. The Libra Full Moon on March 31st is especially energetic and may mark a peak moment of intense action that generates long term results.

October through until early November brings a Venus retrograde point. With ruler Venus slightly stressed at this time you may do well to withdraw your energies somehow. Despite the fact that this is peak birthday season you might want to consolidate your energy by withdrawing for a while? A lull in the air late October sets the stage for renewal of purpose late in the year. Take any opportunity for down time that may present itself then. That way you can end your year with a bang.

Your theme this year is all about keeping cool, even when your last chips are down.

Your 2018 Forecast

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