Sun in Libra or Libra Rising

The Leo New Moon on August 1st checks your grace and poise levels. It’s your once-a-year moment to give yourself a Style Check (as if you even need one!) and report back on where you could perhaps have let things slide..!!?… Are you social quips up to par? Your negotiating techniques well-considered in every way??? This month is all about  reflecting on your social cache and how well you deal it.

New Moons are optimal for taking a moment to set fresh intentions for the month ahead. This means looking at your communication techniques, everyday conversation starters and general means of gallivanting thought the world. Are you doing everything you can with appropriate charm and poise? Make a wish or ignite a dream on August 1st and/or 7th (when the Sun links up with Jupiter) to get the best from this month’s celestial synergies

Uranus and Venus feature heavily this month, implying a change from the status quo. In the mood to shake up your usual repertoire? In need of fresh conversation topics that keep you ahead of the crowd? This month is optimal for shaking up the things you typically talk about. Learn something new this month to stay fresh and interesting. You need to update your “go-to” ideas.

Mercury also turns direct (thanks the gods!) freeing all of us from tedious tech challenges, communication ‘isssues’ and a general feeling of WTF??!!? The endless back and forth that seemed to feature heavily through July is now officially over. You can back to being your supremely balanced Bestest Self.

The New Moon Review – Your Monthly Forecast

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