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Libra Rising & Sun in Libra

A slightly spiritual tone starts the year for you. With sweeping philosophical insights virtually falling from your lips, you can be a fountain of wisdom now. Whilst other astro influences will of course be affecting you at a micro level, you nonetheless have the capacity to take an eagle-eye’s view on it all, and rise above the fray. Unless Saturn or Pluto are strongly influencing your chart right now, you may find yourself happily soaring above it all. If you are born in the first week of October you may find obstacles keep pulling back.

The year kicks off with Mars in Aries, which means action mode. This suits you somehow. For most of 2019, Jupiter in Sagittarius can help uplift your life. The last quarter of this year is well suited to exploring new ground. If you have a big goal in mind, you might time your lift off for later in the year? In the lead up, you can gain from time spent exploring your spiritual or creative life. Great ideas start in the fertile field of imagination, so tend yours for future results. Similarly, Saturn puts you on a learning curve. Some of you would be well advised to commit to a new course of learning. Its all about preparation, and sometimes that means prepping for the long haul.   

Your theme this year involves getting regular exercise, for body, mind or soul.

Your 2019 Forecast

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