Jupiter in Libra

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Jupiter enters Libra September 9th 2016 for a 12 month stint in the sign of The Scales.

Known as a sanguine planet, Jupiter works well when placed here . Libra is considered hot and moist in quality, meaning that the general flavour of this sign is congenial, humane and  socially-oriented. With Jupiter in Libra, we can expect signs of growth to occur around issues of social justice, equality and right renumeration for all. Bringing back the balance is what the combination is all about. The next 12 months are an excellent time to work on issues where justice needs to be applied. Expect human rights to be upheld in courts of law, with justice being served to those who need it.

Jupiter is the planet of justice, and was traditionally associated with law, ethics and morality. Common words such as judiciary and judgement are derived from Jupiter. Accordingly, when Jupiter moves through Libra, as it does every 12 years, matters of equality, balance and liberty assume greater importance.

Top of the list as far as Libra is concerned are matters to do with partnership and marriage. The last time Jupiter was in Libra was a watershed time for relationship equality.

Way back in 2004 – 2005, when Jupiter was last in this sign, the Australian government amended the Marriage Act to prevent same-sex families enjoying the same rights as other members of society. Going against the cosmic flow is never a wise thing to do! Imagine where we could be today if we hadn’t wasted that chance last time! In the next 12 months Australian again have the chance to express the values of a humane culture, and institute relationship equality for all!

Around the same time across the US. the ban on same-sex marriage was found unlawful in a number of states. Massachusetts lead the way in 2004, and in 2005 same sex marriage was made legal in Spain.

On a more personal level, Jupiter brings the opportunity to expand horizons, especially for Cardinal signs. For everyone the idea is to think about how working with others can make you more healthy, wealthy and wise?? After all, Jupiter is the planet of abundance!


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