The Meaning of Your Libra Moon

the meaning of your libra moon

Discover the meaning of your Moon Sign. Learn how understanding your Libra Moon will help you know what you need.

Born under a Libra Moon, you have a need to be fair. Socially aware from an early age, you are likely to have developed a marked ability for reason as well as capacity to understand other people’s point of view. 

At best, Libra is an objective, sociably-oriented sign. You have a profound need to be just in your dealings with others. To reach your full potential therefore, you should make justice paramount in all your dealings.

Your sense of balance and social ease means you can easily relate to others. You instinctively know how to find see things from another person’s perspective and can find the middle-ground. You need people around you to share your ideas with.

You have a great capacity for cooperation and will find that you do best in partnership or collaboration.  You need others in your life, and may even feel as if nothing works out for you when you do it on your own.

Your ability to get on with others can make you popular. You are likely to be quite social as well as respected for your reasonable, fair-minded approach to life.

The need for balance also extends to the aesthetic or artistic side of things. You will have a natural sense of beauty, symmetry and proportion. You need to surround yourself with beautiful things and and will thrive when in a harmonious environment.

Libra is symbolized by The Scales. Balance on every level is important. The need for harmony extends from your home to your social and working life, as well as to the relationships you maintain.

You are likely to be a natural peace-maker, with innate diplomatic and negotiating skills. You are probably great at seeing other perspectives, and can be counted on to listen when needed, and offer advice if required.

Because you are a born negotiator, you will always be good with anything that requires finding common ground. You need to exercise your capacity for reason. Demonstrating objectivity helps your find inner balance as well.

In terms of career, you can do well as well as a host, counsellor, promoter, mentor or sales person – anything which requires you to balance conflicting agendas. This is also the sign of design. You may be naturally talented at anything that requires artistic know-how.

Your mother is likely to have taught you what it means to compromise. Either she was very fair-minded and objective herself, or she made a lot of compromises when you were young. You are likely to have grown up for better or for worse knowing the value of keeping the peace.

Libra is also an action-oriented sign, and so you will need to stay occupied. You may prefer to make decisions after taking time to consider your options, but decide you must. You need to find the strength to be assertive, even if this means doing something you know others may not like.

Principles will also be important to you. You need to listen to your conscience. Your strong sense of justice means will feel disturbed by any situation that you perceive as unfair. You need to take action to defend your principles when required.

Your peace-making qualities might mean you become involved in situations where equality is required. Conflict may surround you, but when you speak up for what is fair, you can show others how to achieve compromise.


God is sitting here, looking into my very soul to see if I think right thoughts. Yet I am not afraid, for I try to be right and good; and He knows every one of my struggles.- Emily Dickinson, Moon in Libra


Because this is a relationship-oriented sign, you need to collaborate with others. This is likely to be a relationship lifetime for you. You might go from one long-term relationship to the next.  This is good for you. You need partners. In fact, everything will work better for you when you do it with others rather than on your own.

This need for relationship can be a challenge for you as well. If you put too much emphasis on relationships you might feel like there is something wrong with you if you do not have a partner.

Or you might act in ways that are not for your best interest just to keep a relationship going. Then you may find yourself involved in situations that are full of conflict, instead of reflecting your true needs.

You may tend to put your need to please and appease other people over your willingness to have your own needs met. This could result in situations where you always bend your will to other people, because you are too afraid to say what you really want.

There can also be all sorts of problems in your life if you attempt to influence others without being honest about your true agenda. Your fear of being disliked or confrontational may be so strong that you fail to be open about what you want, so that you go along with situations that are not good for you, rather than “go it alone”.


Those that go searching for love only make manifest their own lovelessness, and the loveless never find love, only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it – DH Lawrence, Moon in Libra


The problem is your fear of being disliked undermines your ability to make good choices. You can be so skilled in the art of people-pleasing that you get the result you are after, without the joy of real collaboration that comes in the end.

To avoid misunderstanding, you need to be open and assertive in all your dealings with others.

You may seem indecisive when you try and do things based on what you think others expect. But if you remember to focus on what is correct and fair,  then you can commit to taking action in ways that are equitable for everyone involved, including yourself.

Usually, the bottom line here is that you are trying to be fair to all parties concerned. This means you may find it difficult to decide the best course of action to take.

Because of your need for balance, you are likely to find that chaos does not suit well you. You will do better  in environments that are calm, considered or even Zen. Your working space should be clear and clutter-free. Your home should reflect a simple elegance and natural understanding of style.

When surrounded by erratic energies, your emotions are easily frayed. You need to put yourself into circumstances that are well-designed, peaceful and civilized.

When you respond your need for balance by seeking an harmonious life, you are able to stay grounded and become a point of equilibrium for everyone else around. Some of you will have a way of dressing that compliments your proportion and tone. Others will have a strong sense of coordination, and be good at making things work together to bring their best elements together.

However you express your sense of beauty and good taste, you need to value your ability to create balance in all things.

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