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Let The Waters Soothe You

They say sometimes all you need to do is take the plunge. Jumping on a ferry from the nearby island of Kos, we decided to make a trip to Nisyros to find out more about its iconic volcano and famed therapeutic effects.

Nisyros is a stunning island. Formed completely through volcanic activity, it combines dramatic landscapes with crystal-clear seas and a charming way of life that’s quite seductive. 

The island is small and blessedly devoid of beach clubs. This is an essential point of difference, as it attracts a laid back (possibly more sophisticated?) crowd.

The busiest time of day is between 10.30am and 430pm when tour boats arrive from nearby islands with day-trippers visiting the volcano. They depart as quickly as they appear. After that, its bliss.

The locals say people don’t get sick here. The atmosphere itself seems to protect them. The aura of the volcano supposedly emits some biomagnetic force that keeps all who live here happy and well….

Stin iyia mas! – To our health

A main reason to visit Nisyros is to bathe in its volcanic waters and experience the reputed benefits to be had from the geothermic springs bubbling up from beneath the sea floor and the caldera

The therapeutic qualities of Nisyros’ water have been documented since Hippocratic times, and its mineral content analysed. There’s no doubt it is unique

One of the best ways to experience its’ healing effects is to visit to the old Municipal Baths, Loutra, actually an old Italian spa hotel built in the late 19th century with a rich history.

Whilst we can’t vouch for any arthritic improvements, we can say the experience was quite special, magical even.

Nisyros astrology wellbeingA Magical Experience

Whether it’s the lull of the crumbling old hotel gathering patina with each tick of the clock, or the genuine effects of its curative waters the baths lull you into an almost soporific state, somehow.

On arrival you pay five euros to the spa attendant – if you can find one. Then you are ushered into a private bathing cabin with your own freshly poured volcanic pool. Buoyed by the salinity and the slightest hint of suplhur, the twenty minutes allocated was enough to achieve a state of inner peace.

The best part is drifting into the past. Amidst its crumbling exterior, dark mirrors and echoing halls get lost in another world whilst the minerals work their magic on tired muscles and weary bones.

Combining the mystique of an old world hotel well past its prime and the simple practicality of a great natural curative, a brief visit to the thermal baths of Loutra is definitely a wellness boost. Step back into a bygone era that never really went away.

Practical Tips: Unless staying at the hotel you can only visit between 7 and 11am or 5 and 7pm

The bath lasts only 20 minutes and costs 5 Euros. You must bring a towel

You can easily walk from the village of Mandraki (about 25 mins) or use the free public bus (infrequent as it is) The baths are not so easy to see from the road but you can work it out. It’s the big building on the sea front that looks like it’s about to fall down !

Get a sense of the facilities here, although the highlight filter has definitely been turned UP on the footage. The lighting inside is much more diffuse.

Star-Travel Rating: 10/10

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