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2022 astrology forecast

Your 2022 Astrology Forecast


Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the New Moon and major planetary to influences to give you your monthly horoscope.

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We all know by now that 2020 was supposed to be the start of a global reset, and in 2021 we hoped things would get better.

But after another turbulent year racked by upheaval, lockdowns and misinformation some of us have started to lose hope. While Omicron does seem ominous it may in fact be a sign of much better things to come 

So fear not, Star People. Things have definitely started to turn around. 

If you took our celestial advice last year then you embarked upon a new course of learning or have been busy up-skilling somehow. 

Now as 2022 dawns there is a much stronger sense of clarity and momentum returning. Many of the challenging astrological influences we have been experiencing have now run their course, creating space for a period of celestial calm. 


Chiron and the Search for A Cure


This year, Jupiter returns to its own sign of Pisces while Saturn remains in Aquarius. In early May, conjunctions between first Venus then Mars with Jupiter suggest fortuitous conditions. In many ways there is a lot to be hopeful about. 

Of major significance is the impact of Chiron at the 8th degree of Aries. If you have been following this site for a while you would know we have been highlighting the 8-9th degree of Cardinal signs as critical for our understating of the astrology behind this pandemic.

In 2020 we proposed that there would not be a viable vaccine until Chiron had made its way across this degree, and last year we mentioned how the  Aquarius New Moon chart for Wuhan in 2020 could help us to understand the progress of the COVID pandemic, eventually leading us to new frontiers of technological innovation as we searched for a cure.

In a moment of synchronous, cosmic beauty, Chiron completes its passage over this 8th degree as the 2022 New Year dawns. This is a huge astrological statement about the importance of current vaccine research.

Take a look at this. It’s so incredible delicate, precise and awe-inspiring.



This is the chart for London, England at 12am New Years Day, 2022. We use London as the measure because Greenwich is the centre for global time zones.

As the clock chimes midnight, Chiron appears as the dominant astrological influence. It sits in prime position at 8 degrees of Aries on the Western horizon (or on the cusp of the 7th house) over London skies.

For two years we have been highlighting this 8th degree as critical for understanding the astrology of our times. You can read more about it and how this links back to the Wuhan chart cast in January 2020 when the virus first energy in a major global way. 

With poetic synchronicity, Chiron was also at this degree (8 Aries) earlier in 2021 at the Aries Ingress (which is also the start of the astrological New Year). In March 2021 we highlighted this and suggested that this was a very reliable indicator that viable vaccines would be found and used to great effect in the year ahead.

Regular readers of the Stars Like You newsletter have been hearing about this all year.

No one could have predicted that Omicron would emerge at the very end of 2021, just as Chiron returned again for the last time to this 8th degree. (Side note – because of a phenomena known as retrograde motion planets “appear” to move backwards through the sky so can pass across a given point several times) 

Yet it has, and the timing could not be more significant

At first, we all held our collective breath as we discovered that this form of coronavirus has mutated to evade most vaccines. Yet it is far milder than previous versions of the virus and may even supersede its more dangerous earlier incarnations to become far less of a public health issue.

What is most exciting is that we have learned at an amazing pace how to decode, track and understand the virus – to the point where we may have now developed a new class of vaccine that is variant proof.  

What an amazing achievement!

To quote scientist Deborah Burnett, working out of the Garvan Institute near Sydney

“We are using some pretty cutting-edge technology… If the COVID-19 pandemic had happened even five years ago we would not have been able to do the kind of work we are doing now.”

In fact “Universal vaccines are the next great goal in efforts to control COVID-19, and Burnett and the Garvan Institute are not the only ones focused on their promise.Vaccine researchers in the US and Norway, for example, are also progressing with variant-proof vaccine candidates.”

Source: ABC News Australia


Written In the Stars


The Aries Ingress/New Year chart also featured a huge sign of promise in the skies over the UK. Jupiter on the MC was telling us that we would be fine. Now as move into 2022 it’s time to leave the fear, conspiracies and mayhem behind. While sadly some still fall ill, overall there is a sense that we may now be able to leave the pandemic behind thanks to the incredible pace of biotechnology.  

Of course there will still be pain, loss and sadness. But there are also incredible opportunities to change the way we live so that in the end we may experience a world of much greater prosperity and joy.

Climate change and vaccine resistance forces us to reexamine how we relate to our world. Now in this era of greater global cooperation we see what can be achieved when we let knowledge not ignorance guide us.

So let’s do that, instead of consuming our way into annihilation.   


Key Astrological Events for 2022


With Saturn transiting through Aquarius we are ready for the next instalment of the Aquarian Age. 

Welcome to a new era of science and technology where everything we know and do will depend on how well we master these resources. The future will be defined by our relationship to Earth as a biological system of which we are an integral part. 

Saturn continues its journey through Aquarius in 2022, and completes its final square to Uranus in September/October. The biggest challenges and opportunities should present around then. 

As our problems become more complex, the solutions we require to fix them must become more elegant and outcome-oriented. The age of self-interest is in decline. Companies of the future will harness technology to find better ways of living in harmony with the planet.

On a personal level, you should continue to improve on what you already know. Ask yourself – 

“What am I good at”? 

“What do I do easily”? 

And importantly, “What do I enjoy sharing with others”?

Then do more of this more often. That is THE SECRET to success.

This is also the new era of astrology. If you’re on this website then you are already ahead of the curve.

The basic idea that astrology puts forward is that there is a connected pattern between the structure of the cosmos and the structures of the human mind. No one knows how or why it works, but if we observe the patterns in the sky we can also understand our personality traits and predispositions more easily.

Over the next 28 or so years, expect another evolution in terms of astrological understanding. Someone may even discover a way to prove how it works!


The Astrology of 2022


Between March and May there are several planetary conjunction of note:

First, Mars and Venus meet at 0 degrees Aquarius around March 6th. This is a major conjunction because it activates the first degrees of Aquarius triggered late 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn both met here. This Grand Conjunction will continue to influence us for the next twenty or so years.

With Mars and Venus both lining up on this point expect March 2022 to present some big ideas around collective harmony, gender identities, the need for global diplomacy, changes in the status quo and for some of us- big relationship events. 

The possibilities are endless, but March should be a pivotal time.

Then between late April and the end of May, Venus conjoins Jupiter in Pisces (very auspicious) first then Mars conjoins Jupiter in Aries at the end of the month (a massive energy boost). This could be a really important time for the planet and for personal growth.

Pay attention to what’s happening in your life at that time and open your eyes to the possibility of fulfilling your potential – whatever that means… 

Remember: “What am I good at”? “What do I do easily”? “What do I enjoy sharing with others”?

The biggest astrological events occur early in the year and give us all time to breath. This year, expect to see signs of improvement and growth – as long as we continue to uphold democratic values, take care of those we love and make living in harmony with the planet our number one priority.




If you want to understand what your real talents are and even how to make a difference in the world then one of the most powerful tools available to you is contained within your birth chart. 

If you want to know its secrets and strengths then schedule a personal astrology consultation 

By combining the qualities of your Sun sign and the house the Sun is in you will have a blueprint that can help you design a pathway toward realizing your full potential

In 2022, each Zodiac sign will respond to the astrological influences in different ways. No one can predict what’s going to happen to you based on just your Sun sign, but you can still think in broad times about where your focus should lie

Keep reading to find out how you can harness the qualities of your Sun or Star sign and make the most of your year ahead

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