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Your May 2020 Forecast

Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the New Moon and major planetary to influences to give you your horoscope. For an in-depth personal forecast you can choose a private consultation to help you make the most of each month’s planetary influences


May is here and the world is still upside down. With so much suffering happening all around it can be hard to stay upbeat.

Massive thanks go out to all of you working on the front-line at this time. Your courage and sacrifice is truly inspiring. We hope your community and government remembers you when a more stable world returns. 

The major astrological features this month involve Saturn, Jupiter and Venus all going retrograde mid May. The Venus retrograde in Gemini is most tricky as it occurs square to Neptune.

This means that those of you with important planets or points around 20-21 degrees of Mutable signs need to pay attention. All that glitters is not gold. Be kind to yourself and don’t take too much to heart. Loneliness could be a bigger issue for some.

The middle of the month might be a time when issues of self-worth come to the fore. Just because you can’t look or feel your best right now doesn’t mean you won’t feel gorgeous again. As we move through a tricky few weeks at the end of May remember to love yourself a little more and worry less what others think.

The Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon arrives May 8th and to reinforces themes around how we distribute resources. Stuck as we are at home, we are asked to cosmically reflect on what we really value and the need to share what we own. This Full Moon puts a highlight on Saturn, and calms the rate of policy change down. Hopefully we will see a slow-down on the 2020 rollercoaster ride

Finally – the all important 8th degree of Capricorn (mentioned here) is activated, this time by Chiron.

Last month we mentioned important news about a vaccine likely to emerging around April 17th. UK researchers began fast-tracking human trials.

Mid May is especially critical, as Chiron will arrive at 8 degrees Aries. Symbolically Chiron is associated with healing, and especially with antidotes to previously incurable ailments. Between mid May and early June a stunning new treatment or therapy could emerge that will change the game for all.

Countries like USA, UK and Turkey that have major points close to the 8th degree of Cancer/Capricorn and have been hardest hit. This critical degree is really important to how we understand the crisis for reasons mentioned here

When Chiron activates this point, a “healing crisis” should emerge. Pay close attention to what emerges at this time. A reliable vaccine or treatment is very likely, but the myth of Chiron is also a story of ostracization. Chiron was outcast from his tribe for the knowledge he possessed. The question must be asked – will this happen again?

From a more positive point of view, Chiron was trusted by gods and kings alike to teach their sons the arts of statecraft, healing and prophecy. Perhaps the world will see a return to human values and real caring based on curing the wound that until now could not be healed – our insatiable desire to consume and destroy everything around us?  


2020 is a time for change - massive social upheaval as seen through astrologyThe Test of Our Times

The world unites to find a solution for the COVID19 pandemic and technology pushes the way we live to either unprecedented levels of control or social reorganization.

Mars and Saturn have conjoined at 0 degrees Aquarius, and Jupiter met Pluto at 24 Capricorn. Both astrological patterns have much to reveal about the world we are now living in now.

On the one hand, the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction reiterates what we already know about 2020, picking up on themes that started to coalesce through January.

This story is the part of the massive line-up of planets in Capricorn which is underpinning systemic change. Astrologers have long known 2020 would be a watershed year.

Jupiter and Pluto point to major increases, both in terms of economic change and emotional intensity. They harbour massive debt and or massive social reform

Importantly, the 2008 GFC happened when both planets were in Capricorn 12 years ago. Now we have the chance to do it all again.

In the aftermath of the GFC, corrupt financial systems were revived and mass wealth was returned to a small elite at the expense of the majority. Now the consequences of such inequity will be laid bare.

The unprecedented levels of stimulus being poured into world economies now can only succeed if we learn from mistakes made back then, and return equanimity and opportunity to the majority.

World economies based on profit and increase do not work. We are destroying the planet and therefore ourselves. Jupiter and Pluto bring the chance to change the status quo with massive spending available to bring balance back. This time, we as individuals must demand more.

You can read more about the line-up of planets in Capricorn and 2020 forecast here

On the other hand, Saturn (and Mars) in Aquarius introduce us to the next chapter of the unfolding Aquarian Age. This is the age of science and technology. Technology will imprison us or set us free.

We only need to look back 29 years when Saturn was last in this sign to get a sense of how significant this is. 1991 saw the emergence of The Web onto the world stage. Everything changed because of this, and now it will change again.

2020 brings the potential for technological and scientific revolution to the fore. The way we work and the way we rebuild once this is over will be defined by how we utilise technology. Social isolation is a blessing, not a curse, and can help us remake our future and change how we work.

World events are intensely challenging now, but this also encourages us to find new ways to live in harmony with our planet.

The world is on pause and the potential is enormous.

Less movement and less consumption means less pollution and less resource wastage. We have the chance to press reset.

Cleaner air and more efficient work practices allows us to revolutionize our concept of the working week.

Huge disruption to the aviation and hotel industries will probably change travel as we know it, but also create the space we need to build more sustainable systems for the future.

You can read more about Saturn in Aquarius here


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