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Jupiter Neptune Conjunction Pisces 2022

Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces

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This year, Jupiter has returned to its own sign of Pisces and is about to make a conjunction with Neptune around April 9th. This is a major astrological event which happens very rarely.

Pisces is the sign of transcendence, empathy and spiritual wisdom. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of this sign, expressing its “feminine” or nurturing qualities when found in Pisces. This can and has manifest as huge rain events (see the flooding in Eastern Australia), the need for global compassion (the war in Ukraine is a shocking situation which confronts our collective humanity) and the urgent need for solutions which address escalating climate change.


Jupiter – The Feminine Ruler of Pisces


The positive side of Jupiter helps us to look at things from an elevated point of view. To find meaning in the apparently unending stream of chaos and to reconnect with the divine aspects of who we are. 

As humans, it is easy to forget that we are spiritual beings experiencing a material reality. Now with Jupiter in its own sign we are being asked to remember our origins as Soul – to value once more the place of ritual, enchantment and spiritual wisdom as we muddle our way through this cosmic dance called Life.

Neptune too represents the patterns underlying consciousness that allow us to transcend the purely material and mundane. Whilst Neptune is also strongly associated with the sign of Pisces it does not rule it. Neptune just has a very strong affinity with Piscean energy. So this April, we enter a new cycle of spiritual awareness that can bring both illumination and pain. 

To let go of the mundane we must come to be aware of our higher purpose. We are spiritual beings living in a material world

The best we can do for each other and ourselves is to remember that we are all subject to the laws of spiritual evolution. Where possible, be generous and compassionate with those in need. And when we meet (or see) someone acting from their lower selves – like politicians who wreak havoc on the world – remember they act from a place of fear and ignorance. As Jesus Christ once said – Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do. 

This influence extends for many years. It’s the start of a new cycle of spiritual awakening. Despite the troubles we might be facing there is always hope and light to be found when we take the journey within. Perhaps now is the right time to embark on a course of meditations, to invite the miraculous into our lives, to be open to the Flow of love that truly is the milk of human kindness. 

Those of us who recognise the rhythm of the planets above can do well by using this time of year to enhance our spiritual practice. 

In whichever way you choose to connect with your own innate divinity this is an excellent time energetically to bring more blessings into manifestation by working on selves, by opening our hearts, by being prepared to offer care and empathy to those in need. 

The planets support the true spiritual seeker, and help you to become more aware of your own soul. A simple prayer can help you along, and bring more joy and generosity into your life


A Prayer For Our Times


Take the time to imagine the beneficial rays of the Sun. Imagine the Sun’s energy pouring into your heart centre then streaming out into the world again. As you do so, repeat the following:

You, Who are the source of all Power, whose rays illuminate the whole world, illuminate also my heart so that it too may do Your work. 

This is a powerful and life-affirming prayer. 

April and May 2022 bring some major astrological alignments. Saturn is in Aquarius and will conjoin Mars in the first week of April as well. This combination is likely to amplify current conflicts but will also strengthen the resolve of those who value freedom, liberty and the right to choose. A turning point in the Russia/Ukraine conflict will likely occur.

In early May, conjunctions between first Venus then Mars with Jupiter reinforce the spiritual vibrations laid down in April. This is an excellent time to bring more fortune into your own life by remembering – while you may not be able to change external circumstances you can always choose how you will respond. This part of 2022 carries a promise that together we can find the global solutions we need. 

No-one imagines that change will happen overnight, and as the silly humans that we are we will continue to create pain and suffering for ourselves. But with so much conflict comes the urge to improve. We can no longer be complacent and must think more about the other people we share this planet with. Despite the challenges, 2022 sets a new path for a better future on this planet. In many ways, there is a lot to be hopeful about. 

In case you missed our earlier article on the astrology of 2022 here’s a summary of the key astrological events for 2022

With Saturn transiting through Aquarius we are ready for the next instalment of the Aquarian Age. 

This is a new era of science and technology where everything we know and do will depend on how well we use the knowledge and resources we have. 

Just like the web is an intricate expression of the complexity of the human mind, so too our relationship with the planet’s climate reminds us to recognise and value that we are an intimate part of the Earth’s biological systems. Human beings are not an accident or a chance outcome from evolutionary remodelling. We are custodians of a beautiful planet that wants us to wake up.

Saturn continues through Aquarius  for all of 2022, and completes its final square to Uranus in September/October. All year we are living under the impact of these two game changers in challenging aspect with each other. The huge event in Europe, China, The Us and almost everywhere in the world are symbolic expressions of this. The biggest challenges and opportunities often present when Uranus and Saturn make contact. 

As our problems become more complex, the solutions we require to fix them must become more elegant and outcome-oriented. The age of self-interest is in decline. Companies of the future will harness technology to find better ways of living in harmony with the planet, and we as consumers can support those businesses that bring about progress and beneficial change.


Finding Your Purpose


On a personal level, you should continue to improve on what you already know. Ask yourself – 

“What am I good at”?

“What do I do easily”?

And importantly, “What do I enjoy sharing with others”?

Then do more of this more often. That is THE SECRET to success.

This is also the new era of astrology. If you’re on this website then you are already ahead of the curve.

The basic idea that astrology puts forward is that there is a connected pattern between the structure of the cosmos and the structures of the human mind. No one knows how or why it works, but if we observe the patterns in the sky we can also understand our personality traits and predispositions more easily.

Over the next 28 or so years, expect another evolution in terms of astrological understanding. Someone may even discover a way to prove how it works!

Between March and May there are several planetary conjunction of note:

First, Mars and Venus meet at 0 degrees Aquarius around March 6th. This is a major conjunction because it activates the first degrees of Aquarius triggered late 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn both met here. This Grand Conjunction will continue to influence us for the next twenty or so years.

With Mars and Venus both lining up on this point expect March 2022 to present some big issues around collective harmony, gender identities, the need for global diplomacy, changes in the status quo and for some of us – big relationship events. 

Mars and Venus conjoined on Feb 24 in Capricorn, just as Russia invaded Ukraine. Then over the next two weeks travelled together through the Zodiac. This shows us how intense and transformational such aspects can be.

The possibilities are endless, but March/April should be a pivotal time.

Between late April and the end of May, Venus conjoins Jupiter in Pisces (very auspicious) first then Mars conjoins Jupiter in Aries at the end of the month (a massive energy boost). This could be a really important time for the planet and for personal growth.

Pay attention to what’s happening in your life at that time and open your eyes to the possibility of fulfilling your potential – whatever that means… 

Remember: “What am I good at”? “What do I do easily”? “What do I enjoy sharing with others”?

The biggest astrological events occur early in the year. Expect to see signs of improvement and growth as well as major upheaval and change. As long as we continue to uphold democratic values, take care of those we love and make living in harmony our number one priority we cannot fail to grow

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