Find out more about Your Sun or Star Sign to understand your purpose. Discover the Sun signs and their meaning. Learn how to understand your astrology chart and the difference between your Sun sign and Moon sign. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces #astrology, #sunsigns, #starslikeyou #purposeIs It ​Sun, Star or Zodiac Sign?

You’ve probably landed here because you’re interested in astrology and you’re wondering what do Star Signs mean?

Like a lot of people, you might be confused by the different terms you’ve heard. Is it Zodiac sign, Star Sign and Sun Sign? And what does it mean?

Even if you know a bit about astrology, you might be wondering how it really works?

Another question you’re probably asking is what is my Star sign and is that the same as my Sun or Zodiac sign?

So let’s start with the basics. The answer is yes.

Your Star, Sun or Zodiac sign is the sign of the Zodiac the sun was passing through on the day that you were born. Each term means the same thing. The sun is a star after all!

The next question you may want to ask is how do I know my star sign? A lot of people already know theirs, but a lot don’t. To eradicate any doubt, we suggest you take a few minutes to create your own astrology chart online, then you will have all the information you could ever need!

Here’s a short video that explains to you exactly how the create your own birth chart so that you can learn all about the amazing world of astrology and what it can reveal about you

Or if you’re feeling a little lazy then you can find the approximate dates here

What Does Your Star or Sun Sign Mean?

Once you know your Sun/Star Sign – and lets face it pretty much everyone does anyway-  it’s time to go deeper and find out the meaning of your Sun or Star sign and what it can reveal about your personality and perhaps life story

So we have listed some really useful articles to help you dig deeper to find out what your Sun/Star sign says about you.

You might also want to know what kind of person is a Leo? Or a Taurus? Or a Scorpio? Or any of the other nine signs of the Zodiac? You can use our interactive astrology profile menu to look at all sorts of Sun, Moon and Rising sign combinations to find out what makes you (and other people) tick

You can also work out which signs you are likely to be compatible with by comparing the core motives and drives of each Zodiac sign with what’s important to you

And don’t forget to also explore  the “house” in which The Sun was placed when you were born ( your Solar House). This is an essential piece of information that will explain so much more about who you are and what makes you different from other people born with the same Sun, Star or Zodiac sign

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Your Sun Sign and purpose. Your Sun or Star Sign are the same thing

What Is A Sun Sign? Discover Your Purpose

What does the Sun Sign mean? The Sun is the most important part of your astrology chart. Understanding its’ influence can help you find direction and a sense of purpose. Your Sun Sign shows what motivates and drives you. Its’ house position reveals where your skills are best applied.


Your Sun or Star Sign and House

Find Your Sun’s House – The Houses in Astrology

Your Solar House shows where your Sun Sign energies are likely to be at their most potent, and best expressed. Work with these qualities to realize your full potential.

Understanding your Solar House is essential if you want to find your strengths



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Six Great Reasons to Understand Astrology

Six Great Reasons to Understand Astrology

Astrology isn’t called “The Queen of Sciences” for nothing. Not only is it one of the most ancient ways of understanding the personality, it’s also perhaps the most accurate way of recognising where your opportunities lie. Put simply, if you understand these six reasons to study astrology and learn about your birth chart you will get the inside scoop on what makes you uniquely you. Here, we have outlined six great reasons for you to study astrology. Think of this as your in-depth excuse for being astrology obsessed.

The Meaning of Your Midheaven

The Meaning of Your Midheaven

Direct yourself for success! Find out how your Midheaven can help you set a path for your future.
The Midheaven is not a planet but a mathematical point in the birth-chart. You will find your MC located toward the top of your chart – above the middle horizontal line (horizon).