Zodiac Strengths: Your Cancer Personality

the meaning and characteristics of your Cancer personality

Cancer Personality and Strengths

Explore the meaning and characteristics of your Cancer personality. The strengths and talents of Cancer Sun / Star sign.

If you were born with the Sun in Cancer, then strength comes from providing support or sustenance to others. Your journey involves finding ways to care for those you feel a responsibility for, at the same time as taking care of yourself.

Because the Sun symbolizes core motives, you are likely to be driven by a need to nourish, support and protect. Your path is about understanding your true responsibilities so that you can learn where your need to be needed is best applied. 

Your Cancer personality is shaped by an emotional depth which allows you to sustain and nurture others. Familial instincts are usually powerful and you probably feel a strong urge to ensure your family unit is maintained.

Your journey is likely to be shaped by the ways you become involved in others’ lives.  You are likely to be very sensitive, and will have a marked capacity for sensing how others feel.

As a Cardinal sign, you will want to act upon your sense of responsibility. As a Water sign, you can be especially empathic. With a Cancer Sun or Star sign, you grow through nurturing others, providing understanding, support and care.

Your journey will involve recognizing what you do and don’t need to take on board. You must find the line between where your responsibilities start and end. As you proceed, you will discover when it is time to get on with your own life, and when it is time to give others the space they need to do the same.

Ultimately, your journey is about providing support, whilst maintaining appropriate boundaries. Objectivity is required. This is not always easy, and is designed to test your ability to be both caring and detached.


Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses


The influence of the Water element features predominantly in the Cancer personality. Water is life-giving, but can destroy whatever is in its path. You need to come to terms with the force of your emotions, and how quickly these can change. Your strength is your sensitivity but it can also be your curse.

To begin, you must learn to differentiate between feeling and emotion. Feelings provide insight into the circumstances around you. Usually, these are extremely important and form the basis for intuition. Emotions are transitory, but bring colour and depth to life. Together these work in unison to help navigate your surroundings and are a vital cognitive tool.

By listening to your feelings you develop emotional intelligence. Recognising the changeable nature of emotion also allows you to let go. Therefore, you need to learn the difference between an emotional response to a momentary situation, and an intuitive reaction/feeling that gives you the information you need. 

To achieve this, you need objectivity. Your journey will challenge you to transcend emotional turmoil and see things for what they really are. Your success will be measured in terms of how well you utilise emotional intelligence to understand what is happening around you, then your ability to take practical steps in meeting whatever need is at hand.

You can learn much about the practical assessment of facts from your opposite sign Capricorn. People born with the Sun in Capricorn (or Capricorn Star sign) are learning to achieve very similar things to you. Cancer and Capricorn represent the polarity of Family and Profession. Both signs are on a journey to find strength through responsibility, on emotional and material levels. In fact, when you integrate more Capricorn characteristics into your Cancer personality, great progress can occur.

Your sign has a reputation for being moody. You therefore need to find ways of subduing the emotional storms that might otherwise plague your life. Achieving this lets you understand when and where your help is required. Whether you recognise it or not, your tendency to react based on feeling is high. Strength comes from developing inner equilibrium, so that you select the most appropriate response to whatever is happening at the time.

Accordingly, you are learning to recognize the difference between your own moods or feelings and those of everyone else (subjectivity vs objectivity). This allows you to respond to emotional stimuli in appropriate ways. You must learn to differentiate between Self and Other, between what you alone are feeling and what you have intuited about someone else.

Family life is usually very important to you. This could be through your family of origin, or could come from your family of choice (friends/networks). Shared experiences become the glue that binds you.  You enjoy maintaining emotional ties, and how your family feels about you is likely to weigh heavily on your mind. Through family you learn vital lessons around responsibility, and ideally grow up in an environment that teaches you how to support those you love.

You also recognize the value of a peaceful home. You will invest time and effort into making yours comfortable. Home is your castle, and your place of strength. Ideally, it should be as calm and serene as possible – a place for you to retreat into, but also a place where others can feel welcome in return.

With the Cancer Sun or Star Sign, you perhaps like nothing more than entertaining in your home. By providing a meal, you bring comfort to to others and joy to yourself. This is the sign of hospitality, and you are likely to be an accomplished host. The Cancer personality is well suited to any occupation that manages the comfort of others. You could use your empathetic skills in such diverse fields as home improvement, hospitality, building or real estate.

You may especially value anything vintage, pre-loved or antique. You can easily  sense the emotional resonance that becomes imbued in anything hand-made. You could have a fascination for history, genealogy or ancestry. Recalling the past can give a heightened appreciation for the now. By respecting what has gone before you amplify the present.

The Cancer personality often involves an appreciation for heritage, tradition and age. You could collect mementos or reminders . You might be a hoarder, and hold onto objects that connect you to where you have been – old bus tickets, theatre passes or letters from friends long gone. It is not that these things are needed. Instead, they trigger memories that provide a sense of connection to shared experiences and a feeling of emotional continuity

Having said that, whilst your respect for heritage can be useful in terms of continuity, it can also be highly counterproductive if it holds you back. Some of you may tend to live in the past, which can prevent the present from unfolding naturally. Rather than reacting to situations as they occur, you recall how you once felt then bring this awareness to the current moment.

You may unconsciously look back, not forward, when making decisions – reacting to what has been, rather than to what is. This can be like driving through life with your eyes permanently fixed to the rear-view mirror. Your journey requires you to recognize what is important in the here and now, not rehash how you once felt. Sometimes remembering the past is important, and sometimes it is important to know when it is time to let go and move on.


The Cancer Personality


Born with a Cancer Sun or Star sign, empathy and support are the gifts that you bestow. Your willingness to nurture others will in turn affect the quality of life that you lead.

Your love of responsibility is your greatest asset. By having the capacity to act in ways that bring comfort to those around you, you show you are someone who can be relied upon. But you must learn to differentiate between your own responsibilities and responsibilities best left to others. Your need to be needed can otherwise enmesh you in some very tangled paths.

The challenge you face is learning to differentiate between feelings and emotions, whilst recognising that just because you can feel something doesn’t make it about you. You are learning how to be more objective about your subjective experiences. 

You bring a sensitivity and practical knowhow that can help you succeed in giving others with that they need. But you must also give yourself the same level of care. Through sharing responsibility, you can feel supported in return.

As your journey unfolds, you learn to differentiate between what is and isn’t yours on an emotional or energetic level. Authenticity comes from sensing what others need, then knowing how or when to provide it. Yet developing this level of awareness is only half your task. Your greatest challenge comes from trusting your intuitions enough to go out and make something of yourself in the world. To do this, you must develop pragmatism, objectivity and common sense.

At the end of the day, you’re learning to harness the insight that your feelings bring so that you can create the kind of home and family life you need. The Cancer personality requires you to take on responsibility. This in turn becomes a test of your intuitive knowing, and a way to prove yourself.

Journey to the Centre of Nurturing

the meaning and characteristics of your Cancer personality


With the Sun in Cancer you are gifted with extraordinary emotional and intuitive insight. This can be turned to your advantage by taking action to support and foster those you hold dear, or to develop projects that you wish to get off the ground.

To Nourish:

1: To provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition

2: To encourage somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful

3: To keep a feeling in the mind for a long time, allowing it to grow or deepen

Sun in Cancer people are motivated by the need to:

  • Nurture others
  • Offer protection
  • Assume responsibility
  • Establish a comfortable home
  • Care for family
  • Remember the past

Cancer is a Cardinal sign, which means it is motivated to act. Cancer’s element is Water which brings a focus to the emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of life

Go here for a detailed description of the characteristics and traits of Cancer Star Sign


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