Do You Know Your Unique Zodiac Strengths?


If you’re not exactly sure where your strengths lie, how can you go about leveraging them?

Do you need to pinpoint your core talents?

Then this training will help you discover the unique strengths that drive you and how to use them to achieve more in your life and work.

Together we will explore the unique strengths of every Zodiac sign and strategies to enhance them


The Zodiac Strengths Training Video

Discover the strengths of your zodiac sign


Most people are inclined to focus on then try to improve their weaknesses


In my 20 years as a coach and author, the mistake I see people make time and again is failing to recognize their talents.

If you ask anyone about their weaknesses, you will get a long list without a second thought.

But if you ask people to share their strengths, you will get some very confused and incomplete answers.

It’s because most of us don’t really know what we are capable of, what we are good at, and that we have a tendency to focus on the negative first

But when you know what your unique strengths are you will become more confident, healthier and happier. This is why I created this training video: to help you discover your natural talents, what you are good at, and eventually find the happiness you know you deserve. 

You are definitely holding yourself back from reaching your full potential if you don’t take the time to learn more about yourself.

What You Will Learn 


  • You will discover some of the talents and strengths of every Zodiac sign
  • Explore ways to use these strengths to further your career
  • How your strengths can help you find a sense of purpose
  • Some of the pitfalls you should avoid as you develop these strengths
  • How to identify strengths in other people

This Training Will Help You

  • If you’re feeling lost
  • If you’re trying to understand your direction
  • If you’re trying to figure out what you’re good at
  • If you’re thinking about changing careers
  • If you’ve met someone and you’d like to know more about them
  • If you are committed to help your friends and loved ones
  • If you want to understand other people better (and why they react the way they do)
  • If you want to learn more about astrology
  • If you want to understand your current role in life
  • If you want to understand how to apply your unique strengths regardless of your circumstances

Meet Your Teacher 


Damian Rocks

….is one of Australia’s leading astrologers. 

He holds a Masters in Cultural Astronomy/Astrology from Bath Spa University England and an FAA Dip in Astrology. He was awarded the FAA Gold medal for Excellence for his work in this field

Damian has been teaching students for many years, presenting workshops and seminars all over the world. He has trained with some of the world’s best astrologers and has years of client experience. His gift is the ability to explain complex ideas in a clear and simple format, bringing all the different elements of astrology together into an easy to understand format

The Stars Like You Astrology School has evolved to become one of the easiest and most reliable ways to study astrology online.

Join us today and and open the door to a galaxy full of amazing insights.


What Other Students Are Saying


I’m loving how Damian’s style of teaching resonates with how I intuitively approach and interpret charts. I find a deeper knowledge each class. Thank you!


Damian Rocks is a very clear speaker and I really enjoyed his videos. He breaks up what is a very complicated topic into easy bites size pieces. He makes a lot of sense when he speaks, and is passionate about each an every part of Astrology. I hope he creates many more courses, as all I want to do now is learn more!


The subjects were handled on a basic and simple level while presenting some introductory tools to start reading charts. This gives a good start for newbies and a great review for anyone more familiar with the topics. The reading materials are thought-provoking.


I really enjoyed my reading with Damian. He was great at mirroring what is going on in my life, helping me make sense of it all, pulling my ear a bit where needed, and helping me realize I’m on the right path and my intuition was right…but I wasn’t listening to it!!!

After the reading, I felt an immense relief, as if through Damian, the Universe was giving me permission to live – reminding me it was I who wasn’t giving myself permission.