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Have you been thinking about your life, your purpose and how to better understand your journey? 

Then it’s time to enrol in a Stars Like You course

Our Diploma course lets you develop all the skills you need to become an astrologer. Learn astrology in a traditional apprenticeship style. Be guided by a master astrologer as you develop the ability to read your own chart, study life cycles, or make accurate predictions

Diploma in Predictive & Therapeutic Astrology 

Starts August 2019. Classes Monday Nights

Year 1 will give you all the tools you need to understand and interpret your own birth chart. Unlock the secrets contained in your natal chart and discover why this ancient science continues to be so relevant today

Year 2 unlock the world of predictive astrology. You will learn how to answer specific questions with a high degree of accuracy and detail through a traditional study of planets, signs and houses.

By the end of both years you will be able to understand yourself and others through astrology, as well as give good, clear guidance based on practical and time-tested techniques.

Complete both years and receive a Diploma in Predictive & Therapeutic Astrology

What’s involved:

  • Over 60 hours of LIVE classes (Zoom), recorded and ready to watch at your own pace
  • Class notes, extra reading and handouts giving you detailed instructions every step of the way
  • Email access to your tutor 24/7.  If you have any questions along the way we are here to help

Class sizes are limited to only 10 students at a time to ensure you get the best from your learning experience

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The More Students We Have The Less You Pay*

$2800AUD upfront per year
(or 6-10 students $2500, or 10 students $2200 upfront only)*
Or $1000 per semester (3 x $1000)               Or $300 per month (11x$300)

*Classes limited to 20 students only. Enrolment fees non-refundable 

Our Diploma in Predictive and Therapeutic Astrology is the first of its kind. Combining traditional horary methods with modern natal techniques, this unique syllabus will help you blend predictive techniques with in-depth psychological insights to achieve incredible results.

You will discover how to make accurate predictions using traditional techniques such as horary astrology, then learn client-centered communication and therapeutic skills to help you become the best astrologer you can be.

Blending both horary and natal astrology, this course will give you the practical tools needed to be a really good astrologer.

Join us in Year One to learn the secrets of the birth chart or enrol in Year Two to learn how both horary and natal astrology can blend.Classes are taught LIVE online and are available as recorded sessions shortly after.

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Thank you for introducing me to the world of Astrology.  Your teaching method is excellent and your ability to share your knowledge inspires. You have certainly opened my eyes and soul to a wonderful world of ongoing learning. Chris

Sydney, NSW

About your Teacher

Damian RocksDamian Rocks is one of Australia’s leading astrologers. He holds a Masters in Cultural Astronomy/Astrology from Bath Spa University England and an FAA Dip in Astrology. He has been teaching students for many years, presenting workshops and seminars all over the world. Damian has trained with the world’s best and has years of client experience. To learn more about Damian go here

Thanks Damian , so enjoying your class, you make it easy to understand. I am totally keeping up, always read up on everything every week, and grasping the concept of horary easily. It has a lot more depth than I ever imagined.

It works for me to learn astrology this, with horary first then a contemporary predictive focus. I do need more knowledge on the chart itself, and am looking forward to learning more Dina

Adelaide, SA