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Welcome To The Stars Like You Astrology School

An astrology course that anybody can afford

Are you ready to explore the world of astrology and uncover your unique gifts and talents? Have you been looking for a good astrology course that fits in with your schedule and gives you the information you need?

You’ve come to the right place! Our online course has been specifically designed by a professional teacher and astrologer to help you unlock the secrets of your birth chart.



What Makes This Astrology Course So Good?

We’ve created a brand new learning experience that will really help you unlock the mysteries of astrology and the power of your own birth chart.

Perhaps the biggest challenge students face when trying to learn astrology is OVERWHELM.

There are so many new words – and sometimes contradictory ideas – that its feels hard to bring it all together

We know how challenging this can be, so we designed a clear, step-by-step approach to help you absorb the information, one piece at a time.

You can find out all there is to know about your own birth chart, as well as the charts of those you love.

Learn in your own time and your own pace. Even if you are just at the beginning, we give you the tools needed to become an expert. Open the door to greater understanding (or even a new career) using astrology as a tool to navigate life.


It’s Easy To Start Your Journey Now


Our astrology course is online and ready to go. This means you can start learning anywhere, anytime

Each level is divided into nine classes, with easy-to-follow lessons delivered step by step. Each video class also includes extra reading to further your understanding, class forums, quizzes and useful links. There are six levels to complete taking all the way from the signs of the Zodiac to houses, aspects and chart interpretation.

You can also join our Inner Circle, for even more astrology, live webinars and interaction

We’ve also added a simple payment system to make it affordable for you and much easier for you to balance with the rest of your life.   


Enrol Now! Three months for only $40 (USD)


Would You Like To Meet Your Teacher?

Your astrology course is awesome! I’m currently at around 50% in… Started on a full moon too. As I always say, when I manifest all of my best decisions!!! :))))

Easy to navigate, idiot proof, interesting. Love the extra info, docs & vids. I have watched all of those too. I am surprised I have actually learnt an extraordinary amount today & has pulled together so many little bits I already ‘sort of’ knew to make so much sense. It has kept me entertained for a few hours today which is very unusual for me! So glad I had no plans…. (only having a break because my headphones are hurting my head lol).
Unlike most online things, it feels like you are actually teaching in person??? I have also realised you have a gift to speak very slowly & surely without sounding patronising, (which is very reassuring)

Jo-Anne B

Loving the course! And because I have studied it before it all makes sense to me so far which is great. You’ve made it so compatible and I love how creative your website is too! 

Emma T

It’s The Easiest Way To Learn Astrology – Promise!

Sign up now and start your journey

You will gain access to 6 levels with lots of additional learning materials

Stay with us for as long as you like, or complete the whole course at your own pace

Once enrolled you will find everything you need to get started

Dive into the details of your chart and find out why astrology is so amazing.

For anybody ready to go beyond basic Sun Signs! 


Any questions, just ask. We will get back to you shortly


5 + 13 =

Thank you for introducing me to the world of Astrology.  Your teaching method is excellent and your ability to share your knowledge inspires. You have certainly opened my eyes and soul to a wonderful world of ongoing learning.

Sydney, NSW

About your Teacher

Damian Rocks is one of Australia’s leading astrologers. He holds a Masters in Cultural Astronomy/Astrology from Bath Spa University England and an FAA Dip in Astrology. He has been teaching students for many years, presenting workshops and seminars all over the world. Damian has trained with the world’s best and has years of client experience. To learn more about Damian go here