Zodiac Strengths: Your Aries Personality

Sun in Aries Qualities and Characteristics. Aries Star Sign or Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Personality and Strengths

Explore the meaning and characteristics of your Aries personality. The strengths and talents of Aries Sun / Star sign.

If you were born with the Sun in Aries, then strength comes from having the courage to act. Because the Sun sign symbolizes your core motives, you are likely to be driven by a need to do things that allow you to express your independence.

Your journey is about being a dynamic and pioneering individual. You specialize in knowing how to get things started and off the ground.

Aries represents the spark of creative energy that instigates new life. It is like a burst of pure energy from which manifestation begins. Accordingly, you will find your life experiences reflect the need to initiate, then assert your independence. Circumstances arise to trigger this impulse. Through balanced risk and right timing you create the best opportunities to move ahead.

Along the way, you need to learn the difference between courage and pointless action. You must demonstrate an ability to combine reason with passion as you surge ahead. While you may like to act quickly, you also need to show follow through. Your Aries journey is about recognising the importance of finishing what you start, which means choosing your projects well from the start.

Ultimately, your life path is one of inclusion and cooperation, finding ways to express your independence whilst working with others toward mutually rewarding ends. This is not always easy, and is designed to test your resolve.



Aries Strengths and Weaknesses


Born with the Sun in Aries, you are learning what it means to marshal your energies, then tackle life in your own unique way. Purpose comes from expressing your independence, and you find meaning from bringing new ideas into form

Your sign embodies autonomy, and you may find you feel most free when left to manage your own affairs. You probably prefer to be in charge, and do not like being told what to do. Accordingly you may find you do best either working for yourself, or in roles that give you a degree of self-determination.

You are likely to enjoy situations that challenge you to push your limits, compete or meet tight deadlines. Because of your independence, you may have trouble accepting other’s command. You are likely to have your own ideas about how things should be done.

Whether right or wrong, your sense of assertiveness and tendency toward honesty can rise to the surface when you are put in positions that allow you to make decisions on your own.

In many ways, the Aries personality is like the infant of the Zodiac. You tend to be motivated by an innocent – and at times naive – need to experience and explore the world around you.

One of your greatest challenges is learning patience. When an opportunity presents, you feel an urgency to get moving and put plans in place. As you think about the road ahead, you tend to focus on the short term. You may feel that if something is going to happen, it has to happen NOW! But if you rush into things without thinking, you may create problems worse than those you are trying to solve. 

Patience is not your forte. When you see something you want, you are inclined to move straight towards it. Instead of waiting for things to naturally unfold, or thinking something through, you like to get started – trusting that everything will fall into place of its own accord.

Because of this you sometimes jump too quickly, naively pushing ahead without realistically assessing your options or potential difficulties. You are blessed with enthusiasm and an optimistic trust in life. But you need to learn patience for your greatest success. 

Your gift  is an almost childlike sense of hope when you pursue something new. You thrive on challenges, and usually find it easy to summon the energy required to overcome any obstacle. Bravery, vision and idealism come easily to you. Real strength is built on matching your hope for the future with a realistic assessment of facts.

As you make your way through life, you are learning what it means to be assertive, and have the courage to follow through when inspiration rises. Your need to act when you see an opportunity helps you seize the moment where others might hesitate. But it may also mean you put yourself in situations where “angels would fear to tread”. You just need to slow down long enough to properly assess the risk.

Whilst your courage can be a blessing, it can also be a curse. Because you specialize in getting things started, you might base decisions on simply the idea of how things could be. Then you jump into start-up mode.

But you may lack all the information, or necessary committment, to see it through. When you get excited by a new direction, you need to really ask yourself if you have completely understood the road that lies ahead. You are learning how to channel all your abundant enthusiasm into worthwhile projects that will lead to actual results.

This is very different from setting off an adventure just because you are excited about what might be. Somewhere between potential and pitfall, the truth exists. At the end of the day, because of your Aries personality, a blend of patience and courage is required.

Aries Sun or Star sign people tend to value honesty, and make poor liars. You possess an innate code of honour that is very similar to the concept of chivalry. You might feel an urge to uphold noble ideals, and would euphemistically “die for a higher cause”.

Because of your sense of nobility, you like to be direct. You want to be forthright and sincere in your dealings with others. You probably prefer to handle situations openly, so that everyone knows exactly where you stand. This means you need to be treated with a similar degree of openness and truth in return.

Your Aries personality means you can be easily hurt by others words and actions. You do not react well to criticism and can be easily deflated when you sense disapproval.

Your Achilles heel is your sensitivity to what others think. This concern is not so much based on vanity as it is based on an urge to be seen to do the right thing. You are horrified by the notion that others would find fault with you or the choices you have made.

Ultimately, your Aries journey is likely to feature experiences that require you to initiate, pioneer or lead. These can be life-enhancing, and create growth. Like the trusted scout sent out before the battle, you feel at your best when setting off to explore the untested or new. 

A sense of purpose comes from recognizing opportunities to start, instigate and risk. As your path unfolds, you must learn patience, and the ability to persevere. The characteristics of your Aries personality means you will find a sense of authenticity from walking your own path

Yet doing things on yourself is only half of the story. Your greatest triumph will come from understanding that nothing worthwhile is accomplished if you have to do it all on your own. At the end of the day, the true value of being independent is having the ability to initiate outcomes that benefit others as well.

You can learn much about balance and compromise from your opposite sign Libra. Those born with the Sun in Libra (or Libra Star sign) are learning to achieve very similar things to you. Aries and Libra represent the polarity of Self and Other. Both signs are on a journey to find strength through independence and relationship. In fact, when you integrate more Libra characteristics into your Aries personality, great progress can occur.

In the end, the success of your journey will be measured in terms of your ability to display compromise, cooperation and tact, as you express your independent spirit. With the Aries personality, creating balanced relationships that enhance your independence is a sign of real strength.


The Aries Personality


Born with an Aries Sun or Star sign, enthusiasm and energy are the gifts that you bestow. Your willingness to be a dynamic and pioneering individual will influence the quality of life that you lead.

Your love of innovation is your greatest asset. By having the courage to leave behind what is old and outgrown, you find inspiration in the ‘Here and Now’. You can challenge yourself by constantly experiencing invigoration through new beginnings and activities. The ability to innovate and the willingness to pioneer is your strength.

The challenge you face is finding ways to do your own thing, whilst recognising that nothing worthwhile happens unless it can be shared. You bring a freshness of perspective and positive energy that can help others see potential in seed-form. In partnership, your sense of independence can shine.

Your journey is about learning to finish what you start, whilst building relationships that allow you to share what you have gained. Your Aries personality gives you the ability to stand on your own two feet. For your greatest happiness, you then need find out how you can best work with others.

Aries: A Journey to the Centre of Independence

Sun in Aries Qualities and Characteristics


If you were born with The Sun in Aries, enthusiasm and energy are your birthright. Your desire to experience yourself as a dynamic and pioneering individual should be evident in the life that you lead.

To Initiate:

Make something start: to cause something, especially an important event or process, to begin.

Teach somebody about something new: to introduce somebody to a new activity, interest, or area


Sun in Aries people are motivated by the need to:

  • Pioneer – walk a solo path or go it alone
  • Understand what it means to fight
  • Recognize competition
  • Find avenues for independence
  • Initiate and get things started
  • Assess circumstances with reason instead of passion  – so learn to look before leaping
  • Finish what has been started, or recognize what won’t get done.


Aries is a Cardinal sign, which means it is motivated to act. Aries element is Fire, which involves self-expression, passion, joy and creativity

Go here for a detailed description of the characteristics and traits of Aries Star Sign


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