Zodiac Strengths: Your Sagittarius Personality

the strengths and characteristics of the Sagittarius sun or star sign. Sagittarius personality explainedExplore the meaning and characteristics of your Sagittarius personality. The strengths and talents of Sagittarius Sun/Star sign.

If you were born with the Sun in Sagittarius, then strength is found in your willingness to explore. Your path in life should involve discovering how far you can go. A sense of purpose comes from broadening your horizons, as you express the need to be free.

Your sign is noted for its expansive and optimistic qualities. The Sagittarius personality is generally confident and outgoing. Because the Sun symbolizes core motives, you are likely to be driven by an urge to seek freedom and question limits.

Ideally, you will view your life as an adventure – as a constant series of potential journeys for you to embark upon.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, which relates to ideas, creativity, passion and self-expression. Sagittarius is also Mutable in quality. This suggests you are likely to need change and variety. Your personality is based on an impulsive need to be both stimulated by your environment, and meaningfully engaged.

The urge to test limits or broaden horizons can manifest on physical as well as philosophical levels. Your is a sign associated with exploration. The Sagittarius personality stems from a desire to see the edge of what is possible.

On the one hand, your need for freedom could be expressed through a love of travel. Seeing the world leads to much greater personal growth. Travel may be a constant preoccupation for you, and underpin many of your important decisions.

Finding yourself somewhere new lights a spark that can make you feel alive. Contact with foreign people, places and cultures gives you the impetus to challenge yourself. With a Sagittarius personality, knowing there is more to discover helps you find your place in the world.

Without the lure of far-off vistas, you may end up feeling trapped by mundane routine and everyday responsibilities. If you factor travel into your weekly plan you give yourself the possibility for adventure, which actually serves to keeps you focussed in the here and now.

You can also test limits in a physical sense – and may enjoy pushing your body to see how far it can go. Many excellent athletes, adventurers and competitors are born with a Sagittarius Sun or Star sign. For some of you, regular sport or engaging in extreme physical activity is not only good for your health, but also generates a deeper sense of who you are.

Because your Sagittarius personality is driven by the need to see how far you can go, you might enjoy pushing the limits of endurance, or even risk, challenging apparent limitations. You can do this physically, mentally or philosophically. The idea that you are “limited” is anathema to the Sagittarius personality.

Never one to be told no, the urge for freedom is paramount. So if someone says you can’t do this or that, then you may find yourself immediately trying to prove you can! Your strength is found in your willingness to explore. Going beyond the familiar generates an incredible feeling of aliveness for you, at times creating a heightened sense of purpose.

Your journey can also involve expanding and broadening horizons intellectually. You may be driven by a thirst for knowledge. You are likely to enjoy comparing and contrasting different ideas, philosophies, belief systems and cultures. You love to see things from another perspective as you work out what is “True” for you.

You can learn more about the world around you by exploring different points of view. Therefore, you might find yourself constantly asking questions – seeking to understand “Why?” Sagittarius is connected to study, and a love of learning. Therefore some of you will be inspired to broaden intellectual or moral horizons, constantly challenging yourself to learn and grow.

For the Sagittarius personality, seeking “Truth” is a kind of noble quest which stirs the passion in your heart. Your journey will teach you to question the nature of Truth, as you discover what is true for you. As you do this, you may find yourself changing your beliefs many times. This is also a source of strength

You are likely to find yourself having experiences which force you to question and challenge what you think you know, so that eventually you come to find what resonates as true for you. Yours is a philosophical sign, associated with religion, law, ethics, culture and all forms of higher learning. As you explore different perspectives you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

If you are born with a Sagittarius personality, you should seek to continually broaden your horizons. To successfully make this journey, faith and optimism are required. You are blessed with an innate expectation that things will go your way. In having the courage to go beyond your comfort zone, you find the inspiration that comes from living a meaningful life.


Sagittarius Strengths and Weaknesses


The Sagittarius personality is future-oriented. The ability to look forward gives a visionary quality to your sign. Many of you are gifted with the ability to see potential in things. You have an eye for the future, and a knack for forecasting trends.

You may also have the passion and enthusiasm necessary to see an opportunity, and bring it into form. As a Fire sign, Sagittarius embodies creative self-expression. This makes you a futurist par-excellence.

You thrive in situations which require you to recognize an opportunity, then bring others along for the ride. You may have strengths in promotion, publicity, entrepreneurship or sales. Marketing and advertising may also appeal.

Because you combine faith in your own ability with an optimistic approach, you undertake new ventures with the feeling that you cannot fail. Your optimism and positive outlook gives you the confidence to take necessary risks, allowing you rise to the occasion whilst others stand waiting on the sidelines.

What is more, because you have an underlying faith either in yourself or Life’s benevolence, you attract opportunity. When you follow your intuitive hunches about the potential of someone or something, you can be unerringly accurate. This gives you the ability to see the future before others do, and somehow magically turn it into something concrete.

Ultimately, your journey is about finding an approach to life that is inspired – and therefore meaningful. More than any other sign, you need to feel emotionally as well as philosophically connected to whatever it is you do. Consequently, it can be very difficult for you to do something if there is no underlying sense of purpose.

Sagittarius embodies the search for meaning, and you have the kind of personality that needs to question and explore if you are to understand what is meaningful to you.  You could struggle with accepting certain responsibilities or enduring the mundane aspects of life if you find no valid reason to adhere to them.

Inspiration comes through exploring potentials. A heightened awareness springs from following the urge to do what you have not done before. In the process of discovery, you find your true character and strengths.

You need to let inspiration guide you, and help you find your sense of purpose. As the old adage says, it is the journey and not the destination that matters most of all.


The Sagittarius Personality


Inspiration is the Sagittarian keynote. When you feel inspired, your best qualities come to the fore. Your sense of optimism also gives you the ability to inspire others. Your personality is well suited to sharing knowledge or experience with others.

Sagittarius rules teaching and education. You love to learn, and then share what you have discovered. Therefore you are likely to have a natural aptitude for teaching, training or mentoring.

You may also be gifted with the ability help others feel good about themselves, to believe in something or find a purpose in life. Coaching or guiding may come naturally to you. You can also excel in any role that involves leading, exploring, suggesting or empowering.

With a Sagittarius Sun or Star Sign, you have a breadth of vision which means you easily see the potential or possibilities in things. You may have little time for detail and easily get bored when forced to do repetitive tasks. You can assume you “know” everything there is to know without actually stopping long enough to collect the facts.

Your personality gives you a brash and even blunt quality that means you usually say whatever is on your mind. But for your greatest happiness you must also learn to balance insight with tact. You are so sure of yourself and your own opinions that you assume everybody else sees the world as you do.

This means you sometimes don’t bother to check in to see if others agree, or even if you are indeed on the right track. Once you are filled with the feeling of being right you assume this is the same as truth. What you believe becomes gospel, which means of course that anyone who disagrees must be “wrong”.    

You tend to rely heavily on impulse and don’t question your right to do as you feel. This means you can come across as brash, overbearing and at times even a zealot. Up on your soap box, you can make the assumption that everyone else must see the world as you do too.

Unfortunately, this can create obstacles in your life and you may find yourself having problems with others due to your tactless approach. You need to recognize the importance of fact versus opinion when exploring an idea as well as the ever present potential for nuance in adequately assessing the world around you.

Believing things is only half of the story for you. Your greatest triumph comes from understanding that information is only worthwhile if it leads to greater knowledge. At the end of the day the true value of having insight is the ability to inspire others with what they don’t know.

You can learn much about subtlety and communication from your opposite sign Gemini. Those born with the Sun in Gemini (or Gemini Star sign) are learning to achieve very similar things to you. Gemini and Sagittarius represent the astrological polarity of Analysis and Synthesis. Both signs are on a journey to find meaning through education. When you integrate more Gemini characteristics into your personality, far greater progress can occur.

Facts offer the counter-balance to your passionate range of feelings. You love to feel that you know your topic, but the satisfaction of “knowing” can make you blind. By remembering to incorporate logic with perception, you gain insight. When you give others the same freedom to find the truth that you demand for yourself you allow them to grow and learn.

Because the success of your journey is measured by the meaning you have gleaned, and how well you can communicate what you have learnt, you need to maintain an expanded – and yet dispassionate – point of view.  If you only rely on gut feel, you lose sight. But when you link reason with intuition, then you can make lightning fast connections, sharing insight with incredible speed.

Born with a Sagittarius personality, your life journey is about becoming an example of hope. As you learn what it is that inspires you, you also learn what it means to inspire others. Then you find the meaning or purpose behind what you do, and grow in terms of authenticity

At the end of the day, fulfilment will be measured in terms of the wisdom drawn from your experiences, and your ability share this truth.

  Sagittarius: Journey to the Centre of Truth

strengths and characteristics of the Sagittarius sun or star sign.


Born with the Sun in Sagittarius, you are gifted with an abundance of warmth, energy and positivity. Your sign is noted for a willingness to transcend the everyday by pushing boundaries, demanding freedom and seeking to explore unchartered horizons whenever possible.

To Explore  :

1. Travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it

2. Inquire into or discuss (a subject or issue) in detail

3. Examine or evaluate (an option or possibility)

Sagittarians are motivated by the need to:

  • Broaden horizons
  • Question, seek and explore
  • Challenge limits
  • Learn through experience
  • Inspire others
  • Share ideas
  • Seek freedom

Sagittarius is a Mutable sign, which means it is motivated to experience variety and change. Sagittarius’ element is  Fire, which involves self-expression, passion, creativity and joy

Go here for a detailed description of the characteristics and traits of Sagittarius Star Sign


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