Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Your Sun Sign describes the centre of your personality, what motivates and drives you, and who you are learning to become

Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature. Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon describes who you already are

Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful.

Your Ascendant is Taurus

Taurus rising ascendantThe Meaning of Taurus Rising

Your Taurus Ascendant (or Rising Sign) reveals the ways in which you present yourself to others, as well as the ways in which you immediately respond to the world around you.

It also describes the kinds of experiences you need to have to make your life meaningful. Taurus Rising is essentially pragmatic and comfort-oriented.

The combination of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant describe what you want (Sun), what you need (Moon), and how you will go about getting it (Ascendant).

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Born With Taurus Rising

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Born with Taurus on your Ascendant (or Taurus Rising) you are likely to prefer the slow and steady approach to life. Taurus is a practical and conservative sign. Wherever possible, you will feel better if moving forward in a methodical, systematic way.

Unless there are other more impulsive qualities in your chart, you are likely to be pragmatic and cautious.

Taurus rising is not known for a love of change and so, you may tend to avoid trying anything new until you absolutely must. You will seek comfort over risk. Therefore life is best approached as a series of steps to be taken one by one, with plenty of rest stops along the way.

Your Taurus Ascendant describes the ways in which you present yourself to others. It also symbolizes how others see you.

The sign and house position of the Sun in your chart will much greater detail. By combining the qualities of your Sun Sign and Taurus Rising, you can identify the areas of life in which a sense of purpose and deeper meaning can be found.

For a well-rounded picture, the qualities of your Sun Sign and House should be considered with the qualities of your Moon sign. Just remember, focussing on only one aspect of your birth chart means you will miss out on other equally important qualities within your overall astrological makeup. 

It is essential that you do not try to interpret each part in your chart on its own, but instead consider the chart as a whole. To think like an astrologer consider how the different components blend, react or flow.

Taurus Ascendant – Constant and Stable

You are likely to be fairly consistent in your views, and may be considered fixed in values – either around material needs (possessions), or emotional concerns (the things you hold dear). You may have set ideas for the future and what you feel you need to do to get there. On the one hand, this can make you reliable and focussed. On the other, it can mean you stubbornly resist anything that does not meet preconceived ideas.

With Taurus Rising your determination can be your strength and also your challenge. You have to be aware of a tendency to avoid anything that might make your uncomfortable.

Resistance can be an issue. The famed Taurus rising stubbornness means you are unlikely to budge. You can hold on to a situation, state of mind, or object for far too long, just to prove a point. In this case, learning when to be constant and hold on to something versus when to let go is paramount. You need comfort and security but you also need to ensure you do not to become too rigid, with a one-track view of how life will unfold. 


Peace, Love and Taurus Rising


Taurus Rising often gives a kind, graceful and gentle disposition. You are likely to be peace-loving, easygoing and therefore well-liked. Gardening, cooking, beauty, art, dance or music may appeal to you. Taurus is a very aesthetic sign. You are likely to be drawn to comfort, security and harmony wherever possible. 

You may have a strong sense of aesthetic appreciation and will try to keep the peace with the people in your life. You know more than most that you can catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar  – so to speak.


Sensuality of Taurus Ascendant


You are also likely to be sensually-oriented and respond strongly to bodily impulses. This quality should be cultivated and refined. Enjoying your senses without becoming gluttonous is key. You may have a tendency to enjoy food, wine and relaxation, as well as sexual activity, whenever possible.

Yet too much of a good thing is worse than none at all. Your ability to enjoy the good things in life will decrease if taken to excess. Ill health can ensue as a direct consequence of over indulgence. With Taurus rising you should be careful. not to let your appetites get the better of you.  

As a lover, you may need lots of stimulation and activity, yet may not be good at instigating variety. Accordingly, it is important to have a partner who can match your sexual appetite. 

Open sexual expression is a key to emotional balance, and very important with Taurus rising. Honouring your body is very healthy and essential for a balanced sense of self-worth.


Taurus Rising Can Hold On


There may also be tendencies toward jealousy and possessiveness within relationships that need to be curbed. Understanding the destructive side of your Taurus rising emotional nature is needed. Problems in relationship are often signs that your life has become too rigid, and that it is time to free yourself from a rut.

The irony here is that you are probably drawn to people who seem intense and catalytic, and they may bring many disruptions into your life. This serves the purpose of forcing you into emotional upheavals, which stimulates the need for growth. Your normal state is likely to be placid, but you may become surprisingly enraged when provoked too far.

In addition, there may be a tendency toward laziness or indolence. Usually, Taurus rising prefers an easy, and at times plodding, approach to life. This can be problematic when your preferred pace does not really match the situation at hand, or when those you share your life with need you to react with more urgency.


Letting Go with a Taurus Ascendant

Comfort, stability and security may have been important early childhood experiences. The need to create wealth, secure your financial interests and acquire goods may have been strongly ingrained by your family. This can lead to an overly materialistic focus, and subsequent fear of loss. You may be require to undergo lessons around letting go, to learn that true stability is a quality you build within. Your overall task is to maintain security, whilst moving with the times.


The Gift of Taurus Rising

All in all, a Taurus Ascendant often lends a graceful and stable element to the personality. You are likely to be pragmatic and grounded in your approach to new experiences. 

Others will probably find you attractive in a variety of ways, and generally easy to be around. Your gift is the ability to enjoy the pleasures of life, whilst approaching each step of your journey in a realistic way. Taurus rising makes your constant and reliable. Just remember not to let your preference for stability get in the way of allowing change.


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