Sun in The Third House

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The Meaning of The Third House

Arena of Communication and Information.

With the Sun in the Third House you are likely to be motivated by a desire to interact with others and communicate with the environment around you.

You may enjoy gathering data, ideas, information and facts, which you then disseminate freely. You will enjoy work that involves variety, stimulation, communication and change.

You may also have skills relating to commerce and trade. Your challenge is to learn to focus yourself on what is in front of you in order to develop your understanding.

In time, you can give back to others by sharing information, ideas and your ability to embrace change.

The Third House is primarily concerned with the immediate environment, and how we interact with the world. Like its similar sign – Gemini – this house relates to mental and physical exchange. Communication is key, for it is in the translation of information that growth occurs.

If you are born with the Sun in the Third House, then the need to connect is paramount. You specialise in logic, finding associations between apparently disparate pieces of information. Communication and the exchange of ideas is your birthright. A sense of self is built through comparison and contrast with the world around you.

Accordingly you may feel a continual need to exchange information, to find out what is happening and ‘know’. By making connections, and then sharing this information with others, you develop a stronger sense of who you are. Through analysis and comparison, you find your place in the world.


The essence of this house is versatility and change. You may find your journey necessitates constant shifts or change. Any opportunity to be “on the move” will have an almost magical appeal. By experiencing constant movement,  you can expand on the range and detail of who and what know you know.

This should align with your Sun Sign, and you should seek concrete ways of demonstrating your abilities to the world around you. Do you need a great business and wellness coach to help you get there?  Then click here 


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What Happens If You Have the Sun In the Third House?



The maneing od the sun in the third house in astrology #thirdhouse, #astrologyhouses

Born with the Sun in the Third House, your mission is to gather information, and express our own ideas. You benefit from exposing yourself to a broad range of information or experiences, then relaying these to others.

As you develop the capacity for insight and analysis, you hone your communication skills. Your gift is the ability to distill multiple perspectives or facts into a cohesive whole. At the same time you recognize the constancy of change, and so maintain vitality by seeking fresh connections.

Communication is your birthright and your legacy. You can give back to others by helping them access the knowledge that they need.

Your life journey involves learning to share what you know so that you can help others to do the same.



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What does the Sun Sign mean? 

The Sun is the most important part of your astrology chart. Understanding its’ influence can help you find direction and a sense of purpose.

Your Sun Sign shows what motivates and drives you. Then its’ house position reveals where your skills are best applied.

Here we will talk about the influence of the twelve Zodiac signs, but if you want to know more about the astrological houses, then you can find out more about Your Solar House here.

In essence, The Sun describes what motivates you through life, driving the engine of your personality. It also describes the qualities you are learning to develop in yourself, rather than simply what you are.

Much more than basic personality traits, it is better to think of your Sun Sign as describing the journey you are on as you grow, and the talents you should develop.

The sign that The Sun was in when you were born is of major significance. As The Sun is the centre of the solar system, so it is also the central or lead actor in the drama that is you!

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