Libra New Moon September 28-29th

The Libra New Moon at the end of September is a little ho-hum for you. At a deep barely conscious level it is asking you to pause and reflect re: matters to do with siblings, neighbours and the sundry relatives you might share your life with. The last weekend of September is a nice little moment to reflect upon what you are doing to nurture relationships here, as opposed to letting things slide..!!

Are you pulling your social weight when it comes to these important – and yet at times distant – relationships? Are you sharing your truth with adequate care, so to speak, or shooting your arrows of inspiration willy-nilly into the air? This month gives you the perfect moment to reflect on your social cache, and how welcoming (or repelling) your truth bombs actually are.

New Moons are a great opportunity to set fresh intentions for the month ahead. For you this means looking at your communication techniques, everyday conversation starters and general means of creating an impression in the world. Words can hurt and words can heal so which side of the coin are you most often on?

Uranus is again tied into this month’s lunar influences, continuing a trend that has been peaking since August. In the mood to shake up your usual repertoire? In need of fresh conversation topics that keep you ahead of the crowd? September is optimal for ramping up the things you typically talk about, giving you the chance to update your “go-to” ideas and grow your bag of tricks. Learn something new this month to stay fresh, interesting AND informed.

The New Moon Review – Your Monthly Forecast

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Find Your Solar House – The Houses in Astrology

Astrology and Solar Houses

Your Solar House – Where Do You Shine? 

Your Solar House shows where your Sun Sign energies are likely to be at their most potent, and best expressed. Work with these qualities to realize your full potential.

Your astrological chart is a unique map of your inner terrain which shows your talents and disposition. Following this map can help you reach your full potential. Understanding your Solar House is essential.

Even if you know very little about astrology, you can still work with the map in ways that will make a big difference to your life journey. Knowing your Sun Sign will reveal a lot about you. Your Sun Sign describes in great detail what is likely to motivate and drive you. When you know that someone else is a Leo, Gemini or Cancerian, then you can appreciate a lot more about what makes them tick. You understand their basic drives. You have a better sense of how they think, and are likely to react. READ MORE >>

Your Sun Sign

Your Sun Sign represents what motivates and drives you. It describes the centre of the personality around which all experiences will unfold.

Your Sun Sign (and house) describes what is likely to motivate you, and why. It also describes the themes or issues that are likely to come up for you as you make your journey through life. Rather than describing who you are, your Sun Sign points to what you are learning to develop and become. As you express the full qualities of this sign, you can experience greater fulfilment and confidence.


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