Sagittarius Rising & Sun in Sagittarius

Opportunity knocks. With so much on your plate right now you could be forgiven for feeling overstimulated. Things have been on the up since late 2018, and 2019 could be the year you’ve been waiting for. You have been going through a major growth spurt in the past few years, and now its time to capitalise by charting a new course for the future. At the same time you may have had to cope with exciting potentials that don’t seem to really go anywhere…. How to handle the flux? Just keep believing, your eye upon the prize and your heart full of passion.

The year starts on an upward swing with Mars in Aries, fellow Fire sign, and you really should spend time thinking about the next twelves months and how you intend to proceed. This is not time to “wing it”. You really do need a plan. So think carefully about the life you want to live and what you need to bring that all about. Some of you may have some difficult financial matters to contend with. Try not to get sucked in to the quicksand of debt. Make a strategy then start executing. You can always alter course as the year proceeds. April and late June require special attention. Do not rush in where angels fear to tread. Take your time with big decisions and look to the last quarter of 2019 for major moves if you want professional recognition. 

Your theme this year is knowing your boundaries, then finding tactful ways to make sure these are maintained.

Your 2019 Forecast

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