Sagittarius 2018 Forecast

Finally free, 2018 is your year to come to terms with all that has unfolded through the past 2.5 years. 2015-2017 was a major time in the world of Sag, with many of you reaching new heights of self-expression, or encountering road blocks like you have never met before. You have just graduated from the finishing school called Life, hopefully with a much clearer sense of who you are, what’s important and where you need to be. Now, with a wisdom beyond your years, it’s time to make fresh plans for your future with a stronger vision of what creates for you a sense of meaning.

February March gets you off to a flying start with dynamic Mars transiting through your sign. From late January until the end of March you are in “all-systems-go” mode. Get as much done as you can. The Pisces New Moon on Feb 17th can help bring illumination to your path. Take a moment then to focus and recalibrate. Are you going where you want to go? The trick may be deciding whether you have a clear enough vision of your intended path?

Some of you still have some challenges to attend to. Saggis born through the first second week of December might be more unsure of themselves than normal. Perhaps you feel like you are floating along in a fog? Neptune squares your Sun from Pisces, which can dissolve your sense of self. If this is you, get input from others you trust as guides. Your view of reality is morphing into something else – just what that looks like is a bit too early to tell.

The other boon for you this year is the long awaited arrival of Jupiter in your sign. Come November you can expect to feel an upswing of confidence, charisma, enthusiasm and hope. From the end of the year and through most of the next you experience a major increase in terms of how far you can go. Prepare for this by getting rid of anything you have in your life now that might eventually hold you back. Where possible remove debt, let go of negative thinking and clear the obstacles form your path. A great way to use the next 12 month period is to ask yourself what would you do with all the freedom in the world and what do you need to make happen to get it?

Your theme this year is daring to dream big again, then having the means to achieve it

Your 2018 Forecast

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