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Do you like the idea of floating in a crystal-clear pool of warm mineral water, surrounded by eucalypts and staring up at the stars?

Could you picture yourself doing just that before heading down the road for a blissful night’s rest at a romantic local hideaway?

If that sounds like your kind of heaven, then we have the destination for you.

Can I Paint You A Picture?

Located an easy 90 min drive from downtown Melbourne, The Peninsula Hot Springs is Australia’s number one tourist attraction, and an incredibly civilised way to find a few hours for total relaxation and a spot of naturally-induced self care.

On arrival, slip into a fluffy white robe and be transported to a uniquely Australian Other-World. Soak in a series of rock pools filled with hot spring water ranging from 86ºF to 118ºF (36-42C). Let the cool night breeze uplift you as you effortlessly tend to body, mind and soul.

This place is magic. Water flows from deep underground, and is kept sparklingly clean by a cleverly designed series of natural buffers merging seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.


Waiting for the sun to set is easy – Peninsula Hot Springs


Each of the pools / experiences is linked by well-paved paths winding through native gardens, which allows you to meander through a deceptively large property connecting indoor and outdoor Spa-Moments, whilst the day just slips away.

If you’re in the mood, you can also include a private bathing experience or spa treatment to your “wellness regime”. There are many, many to choose from. The Spa Dreaming Centre has a number of treatment rooms, as well as bathing and lounge areas.

During the afternoon or on a weekend, you’ll be sharing many of the pools, but there is so much on offer — including saunas, cold plunge pools, a Turkish hammam, hydrojet pool, and a reflexology walk— that you can still feel as if you’ve left the madding crowds behind.

The best time for star-gazers of course is midweek, once the sun has gone down. Arrive after dark to avoid the crowds, but also to make the most of the cool night time vibe. At the top, there’s a pool with an amazing view of the Mornington Peninsula. It is, by far, the most popular tub here. You may need to share with other star-spotters… alas…. but with a bit of luck someone will point out for you the famous Southern Cross, adding some extra local flavour to your already delicious day.


But Wait, There’s More:

After your soaking is done, head a few miles down the road to the romantic little seaside village of Blairgowrie. This gives you the perfect excuse to spend a night or two at this fabulous little getaway we found through Air Bnb  (or Retro-Weekender as they like to call it).

If you’re lucky enough to meet the owners you will find them an absolute joy – consummate hosts with an eye for detail and sense of hospitality you won’t get from a hotel room. They added a few thoughtful touches to make the stay unforgettable, including “locals only” tips on what to do in the area. You can let them know if there is anything specific you need.    

The beds are so, so comfortable and the linen professionally laundered (YES PLEASE!!!), which means you wake up fresh to greet the new day and ready to take in the beaches, wineries and incredible restaurants for which the Mornington Peninsula is internationally renowned.


The Retro Weekender – Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

The Stars Like You Tip: Plan to get to the Hot Springs either early (before 9 a.m.) to get the early-bird price (AUS $25, or $18 USD) or after dark, and this way you’ll be one step ahead of the crowds.

Make sure you book your accomodation early too. The Retro Weekender gets booked out well in advance, especially on weekends.

Star-Travel Rating – A Total 10 out of 10

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