How Can Astrology Help?

Astrology Birth chart

A Tool For Transformation 

Wondering how can astrology help?

Much more than just a way to understand your personality, it is a power tool you can use to transform your life.

A lot of us have asked the question “How can astrology help me?”. It’s interesting of course to know about your Sun Sign or the planets in your chart, and you can tell a lot about other people if you know their Sun, Moon or Rising Signs. But astrology is much more than just a way to understand the dynamics of personality. It is also a power tool we can use to transform our lives.

Often, the places within ourselves where we feel the deepest dread, or conceal our biggest fears, can become the gateways to our greatest strengths and achievements.

There is a great irony here, in that the areas where we experience the greatest difficulty and pain can also become the doorways to unlock our greatest gifts and talents. Anyone who has faced and conquered a big fear will tell you that learning to overcome that issue became one of the best things they have ever done. The strength that is imbued in facing the challenge, and choosing to love and accept yourself, regardless of what others may think, generates an inner power that can never be diminished.

Once we accept the responsibility to undergo our life lessons in the spirit of learning, and accept who we are without judgement or fear, we embark upon an incredible journey. 

We begin a fascinating voyage of self-discovery that benefits not only ourselves, but everyone else in our lives. As Marianne Williamson has said “As we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Basically, the planets show us our primary urges, our primary needs. They reveal a lot about what motivates us, and why.

The relationships that exist between each planet in your birth chart shows how easily, or with what degree of difficulty, you will go about expressing these urges.

The areas of your chart in which the planets are found (called the Houses) describe the arenas of life experience that you are likely to express these ‘planetary desires’ through.

When an astrologer is reading the map of your birth chart, they are taking lots and lots of different pieces of information, that may on the surface appear somewhat contradictory, and synthesising all of this information down into a specific story that is particular and unique to you. That is why the exact time and place of birth are so important, because they provide the astrologer with the information needed to really see how the myriad of potential outcomes possible for you are likely to be playing themselves out in your chart and your life story.

Transformation can seem like a huge undertaking, and sometimes the circumstances that surround you appear to only hold you back. But with the passage of time, and increased self-awareness, you will see that the subtle changes you make inside yourself become mirrored back to you in the quality of your experiences. 

Want to know how can astrology help you? Start learning more about it

If you think you could use a guide or helping hand to understand your specific challenges and how to overcome them schedule a one-on-one consultation to learn what your birth chart can reveal about you. 

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