The Sun in the Sixth House

The Sixth Solar House

The Sixth House

The Sixth Solar House:

The 6th house is the arena of self-discipline and service.

With the Sun in the sixth house you are likely to be motivated to refine and improve the circumstances around you by seeking practical outlets for your skills, talents and abilities. You may be drawn to career outcomes with a practical edge, that allow you to support, serve, or assist others. You may also be drawn to nutrition, health and healing. Your challenge will involve accepting the rigour of discipline without succumbing to worry, or to obsessive routines. In time, you learn to teach others the art of refinement, self-improvement and organization

The Sixth House is primarily concerned with routine, structure and discipline. It governs those aspects of life in which order generates well-being. When the Sun is found here, you will find yourself focussed on processes, systems and details. At a general level, this house relates to discipline; the presence (or lack thereof) will either structure or undermine your life. The degree to which you manage routine can be a marker of success. Organization is your friend, and you are likely to learn that to get anything done, you must have a tangible plan. Your challenge is not to get stuck in the minutiae of possibility and planning. An insatiable need for detail can actually hold you back.

You are likely to be practical and task-oriented. You will look for the most economical and efficient way to get from A to B. You may be very good anything that requires attention to detail, able to spend hours learning how to refine and improve your craft. You may feel a powerful inner drive to make things perfect, but will need to relinquish what is essentially an unachievable expectation in favour of “making things better”. Discipline and perseverance may come easily to you. From regular habits and healthy routines, order and balance are created. You may find your life path involves finding ways to express your innate sense of practicality and organizational ability in a way that benefits you as well as others.

solar houseBorn with the Sun in the Sixth House, your mission is to find practical outlets for skills, talents and abilities. You benefit from adopting routine and discipline, then helping others do the same. As you create greater stability in your life, you also learn to go with the flow. Your gift is the ability to find practical solutions to complex tasks, to be of service and add value wherever you can. As you release the need to control as well as any tendency to worry, you learn to synthesise mind and body in ways that lead to better physical, mental and psychological health. As Howard Sasportas has eloquently said “With the Sun in the Sixth, accepting boundaries and routines empowers a person to perfect and refine the art of living….. Before enlightenment carry water, after enlightenment carry water”.


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