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Leo 2018 Forecast

The spotlight is on you again Leo, with eclipses continuing to fall in your sign. Since early 2017, you have been working your way through a number of sudden epiphanies that may have revealed to you some perhaps bitter truths about who you really are. You are taking a truth test, with 2018 continuing to test your mettle – pushing you to discover what you are really all about. February and August bring trigger point eclipses. Get ready for unpredictable opportunity to manifest.

Sometimes feeling special requires a lot of work. From May through until November, Mars will be transiting opposite your sign. This part of the year has a strong focus for you on extending yourself to try new things. Perhaps it’s time for you to broaden your horizons more or get better educated somehow? With Uranus and Jupiter in fellow Fixed signs, sudden opportunities can bring better than expected results. Throughout 2018 planetary forces implore you to follow your heart. Ask yourself what risks you should take to be happier than you currently are – then take them. 

With Jupiter bringing you chances to improve your lot, the coming year is especially helpful for doing what you want. Jupiter expands your resource base,  but take measured steps – not reckless ones. Until November you have excellent opportunities to improve your material circumstances and simultaneously have more fun. A Mars/Uranus line up mid May could push you out of your comfort zone a bit, but with some careful manoeuvring you should be able to steady your own ship. A financial focus operating throughout the year should not be ignored. It’s important you sort your cash requirements out. Perhaps the most sensible approach for you this year is to make sure you have the necessary material means to do what you really want.

Your motto this year is to create your own happiness by investing in who or what you love.

Your 2018 Forecast

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