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Leo Rising and Sun in Leo

Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but I really must ask you – Have you forgotten how to have fun? That question is not as trite as it seems. The intention is to focus you on what matters most – your ability to embrace playfulness as an essential criteria for success. Doing well in Leo-Land means means doing what you love. So to start off on the right foot, ask yourself if you are really enjoying what you do? If yes, then keep going. If not, then you need to address that – by doing more of what you are good at more often.

Right now planetary forces imply you take the time needed to give yourself more laughs. 2019 prompts you to ask what it means to have more love/fun/drama in your world, and then do whatever it it takes to bring this about. Leos born at the the end of July will need to challenge preconceived ideas somewhat. The rest of you simply need to listen to your hearts.

With Saturn bringing you chances to improve your lot, the coming year is especially helpful for doing what you want. Jupiter expands your creativity, and helps you focus on great results. Together these two provide you with a winning combination. Who would say no to more good times and something significant to focus upon? Until December you have excellent opportunities to improve your material circumstances and simultaneously have fun. A visionary vibe at the start of the year can broaden your horizons with travel beckoning for some. With so many planets this year doing what they do best, you may find the opportunity to “have your cake and eat it too”. If you can mange to do it all graciously, then why not??

Your theme this year is to create your own happiness by finding personal flow. If you love it and find it effortless, then it’s probably the right thing to do

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