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Look! It’s The Leo New Moon 

August 18-19th 2020

Welcome to the Leo New Moon. It’s a time to reflect on your levels of creativity as well as your capacity for leadership

Under a New Moon, we set intentions for what we want to achieve. Every New Moon is a good time to pause and reflect. Some like to mark the occasion with a personal ritual. Others do so by taking time out.

Astrologically speaking, a New Moon brings a focus to the affairs of the sign it is in.

This year, the Sun and Moon meet in Leo whilst making an exact aspect to Saturn in Capricorn. With so many of us experiencing major upheaval right now, this is the perfect moment to focus on how creatively we are meeting these demands and the impact we can have in terms of leadership.

The simultaneous connection to Saturn only underscores the importance of making long-term structural changes to our society at this time. This article talks more about the impact Saturn is having for all of us right now.

The personal is political, with the fate of our world literally hanging on how well we navigate The Global Reset. 2020 was always going to be a huge disruptor. We are far enough along now to assess how well we are doing


You Are A Creative Genius!


On the one hand, Leo represents the spark of creativity. Perhaps it’s worth appreciating how creative you have already had to be in dealing with the challenges 2020 has presented thus far?

What have you done differently this year, and have you taken time to really celebrate that fact? Even if you are coping with social isolation and enforced lockdowns, what have you done to manage the crisis in your life?

Kudos to you if you have been able to do it with a smile. Anyone still finding a reason to sparkle is a hero right now

Wondering what a New Moon is? It’s a regular event happening thirteen times a year, when the Moon and Sun align in the sky. The Moon therefore disappears from view, bringing an opportunity for reflection and renewal. Traditionally, New Moons have been considered times to release the old, and prepare seeds for the new.

Leo also represents fashion, glamour and the entertainment industry. This recent UK interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell (yes, she is a Gemini Sun) highlights how the world is changing around identity, especially in terms of opportunity for people of colour.

Speaking about the cultural shifts sweeping the planet right now Campbell states “In order for this to really work and grasp this that is our time, we have to be together. There’s no other way. There’s no time for separating. I’m not into that.” 1

Go Gurrrrrl!


Be The Leader You Are


Leo also symbolically represents the ability to lead – or form a central axis around which something can be organized.

For some of us, leadership comes easily. For others, it seems like something more “confident” people do. But the actual truth is we can all be leaders if we just change our concept of what leadership means.

A leader is someone who has the capacity to have impact. Full stop. So when you encourage a child to be better, try harder or have fun, you lead.

When you reach out to that friend feeling anxious, you are leading them to a better place. When you bake a great sourdough, you impact those who eat it.

Alternately, when you hear people making abusive or racist remarks and remove yourself from that toxic atmosphere, you lead. If you have the ability to challenge their ignorance then even better. If not, you can still have impact. It’s not always easy – or safe – to confront the negativity brewing in others.

So think about the ways you have impact in the world around you. For most of us, these will be simple yet essential everyday things.

2020 is forcing us to reset and lead by example. Don’t go back to to the way you used to do things if all you did was mindlessly consume. Recognize that you did it then because you didn’t understand your impact. Then be kind to yourself. Now you know better what is happening to the planet, you probably won’t.

A great way to tune into the energy of the Leo New Moon is by asking yourself What can I do to create joy and have more positive impact?

Is there something concrete you can do to make the world around you a better place? More than just thinking about it, what have you done differently in the last six months? Perhaps you’ve been a #2020ResetArtist without even realizing it?

Happy New Moon Star-People. We love travelling through the galaxy with you, and are so pleased you have found this website :))


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