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october astrology forecast horoscopeYour October 2020 Forecast

Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the New Moon and major planetary to influences to give you your horoscope. For an in-depth personal forecast you can choose a private consultation to help you make the most of each month’s planetary influences


It’s October now and the challenges mount.

2020 continues to test the mettle of even the mightiest of us. Everyday folk like us try to stay upbeat in the constant flux, whilst frightening people in positions of power tell lies (especially about their taxes.)

All the focus this year is on massive transformation, including systems of power and government. Over the next few weeks we race toward another crisis point with elections coming up in the US and coronavirus once more taking charge in Europe and the Americas.

If the way I’m reading the skies is correct, we won’t see a viable vaccine until late March 2021.

So we have at least another half a year to really improve the way we do things, before complacency once more sets in.

In the spirit of Libra, here’s a metaphor.

We don’t tilt the scales in favour of justice by replacing one set of fear-based ideologies with another. We move toward a more balanced perspective and better outcomes through opportunity and education.

The “fake news” and conspiracy agendas sweeping our planet are taking advantage of the fact that a lot of us are scared, ill-informed and confused. But with self care, reliable leadership and good governance we can get the wheels of progress moving forward again.

So instead of reacting to the injustice of it all, try looking around you for great solutions. Who has a fresh idea, new way of doing things or better plan?? Times like these are ripe for innovation and the solution to so many of our global problems is already out there

Turn off the social media feeds. They are skewed against you. In many ways they are designed to keep you on edge, insecure and therefore hooked.

Instead, go into your community and look for examples of people doing it better. It doesn’t have to revolutionary. It can be as simple as someone going about the day with a smile.

Then ask yourself what you can learn from them. This will set you free.

On that note let’s take a look at October’s astro influences

October 1st/2nd brings the Libra/Aries Full Moon. Because these two signs reflect themes around independence and relationship, it’s a great moment to think about the quality of yours. Are you hooked into a codependent scenario or are you giving yourself and others the best chance to really express your individual preferences? 

October 16/17th delivers the Libra New Moon. New Moons create the opportunity to set fresh intentions. Make plans or set your agenda then. The NM links up with Saturn, Pluto and Mars, making this a bit of a flash point that will take us through until mid November.

Saturn is going forward now and is being challenged by Mars. The delays and setbacks of the past few weeks are slipping away but will take time to resolve

Mars will also square Pluto in the second week of October  – upping the ante on the whole 2020 year of massive change scenario. Get ready for big revelations and some truly tough moments.

If we refuse to evolve as a species peacefully then things will get kind of critical.

Mercury is also about to go retrograde and will do so right up until the US election. Expect maximum attempts to confuse the voters. The Postal Service will be under attack. Don’t believe the lies.

Mercury actually goes direct in November at the same critical degree of Cardinal signs which has been activated since January this year. It’s going to be a very big week as the fate of the free world swings in the balance.

This could be another difficult month, but won’t be without its joy and opportunity. You can really help the planet by working on yourself.

Anyone heard of Charles Massy? Check him out and the regenerative agriculture movement if you want to feel inspired. The future will be paved by folks like him. Let’s get on board with starting to make changes like this happen

Let go of negativity and ask THE UNIVERSE to show you what’s next. Stop, look, listen and breathe. Problems are there for those who attract them.

Most of all be gentle, open-hearted and kind.


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