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Your April 2021 Forecast

Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the New Moon and major planetary to influences to give you your monthly horoscope.


Now we are in April, the year really has begun.

The Sun has entered Aries and we have started the astrological New Year. Happy Nowruz to those of you who celebrated it. Lovely to have you here.

So, I hear you ask – “What is going to happen to me??? Tell me what the planets are going to do this month so I know what to expect”

Here’s the trick…

No one knows.

If we did, astrologers would have been ruling the world centuries ago – gifted with not only omniscience but also the ability to preempt your every move – intervening when you veered off course and aiding you along when and when if it suited our fickle whims.

In return, you would be a mere puppet in the charade of your own life –  powerless to do anything meaningful and inconsequential in the grand scheme of it all.

There would be no point in learning and no point in improving yourself. Everything about you would be written in book that YOU would not be allowed to read.

So thank the Gods that we do not!

What we do know about however are the patterns which govern life. And occasionally when those patterns speak (loudly at times) – like a hurricane warning after a dense tropical low – we know to take stock, take shelter and be prepared.

A few weeks back I posted that March 20 coincided with the start of the real new year. Those of you paying attention may recall we mentioned the importance of education and the likelihood of good things happening globally from the middle of the year.

To quickly recap – Jupiter is riding high through Aquarius now to emphasise all the benefits that the Age of Aquarius can bring. Think science, technology and most importantly education.

I cannot say this strongly enough. If there ever was a good time to up-skill or educate yourself more that time is NOW…..  JUST DO IT!!!  2021 is the moment that knowledge actually starts to set us free

This April sees Mars and Jupiter align around the weekend of the 16th/17th. The Moon will conjoin Mars (check them out together in the night skies then) whilst making a lovely aspect to Jupiter – harbinger of global relief. This is an especially productive moment to try something innovate and new.

Perhaps you’ve learned a thing or two about yourself and the world around you while in lockdown? It’s time to test it out. April is quite conducive to supporting emerging stars

April also brings perspective. It was just on 12 months ago now that WE ALL got kicked into lockdown, triggering the most significant global reset since WWII….. The battle is not over of course but it can be really educational to take a look back on what has happened to us from someone else’s point of view.

If you do nothing else this month, check out Fuori Era Primavera, Viaggio Nell Italia del Lockdown….. people in pain and joy being real about what life truly means in the face of an epidemic… Che Bellissima!

Tanti baci a tutti xxx


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