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September 2021 astrology forecast


Your September 2021 Forecast


Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the New Moon and major planetary to influences to give you your monthly horoscope.

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Here we are and it’s September already…. Some are saying goodbye to the summer sun, and some of us are looking forward to a bit more warmth.

2021 has not been “the back to normal “ that we hoped it was going to be. Conflict, pandemic control and uncertainty continue to underscore our lives. What else is there to do but surrender – knowing this is the only way to reach some kind of inner peace?

Climate change is happening at a frightening pace. Nature in her infinite wisdom seems to have found a way to keep us accountable, serving heatwaves and torrents one week, new strains of COVID the next. 

Through facing up to uncomfortable truths, we must evolve. Isn’t it marvellous how we are being forced to do what we otherwise simply would not?

This month has a kind of dualistic tone. The challenge will be to synthesise what at first glance may seem contradictory or even opposite. Why you ask? Because both Mars and Venus are travelling simultaneously through their opposite signs. Otherwise known as a “mutual reception”, this is a symbolic statement which says – “Learn to see things from a totally different point of view”.

In the spirit of synthesis and evolution, here’s your September astrology forecast. May it help you make the most from a mixed bag of global influences.

September 7th brings the Virgo New Moon. New Moons deliver an opportunity to set intentions, or clear the ground for something new. Make your plans and commit to improving some aspect of your life around then. 

Here’s a little tune from Charles Spearin that can help get you through 🙂

The New Moon aligns with Uranus, which really could be quite good. If you get a sudden flash of insight or an opportunity to break free miraculously appears then step toward it. It’s a really good moment to conceive and execute on a brilliant plan

We have to wait until around the 20th for the annual Harvest Moon. This happens when the Full Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo. Yay! Take what you need for the months ahead. We will all need nourishment.

Pisces and Virgo teach us to Go With The Flow while you recognise the good things you have got. Vastly superior forms of understanding come via intuition. Work on listening to what your gut feelings are telling you.

Saturn is going extra slowly this month and will station to go direct mid October. Shortly after Jupiter will move forward also. A greater sense of potential should emerge then.

The last few weeks of August have felt kind of overwhelming with a lot of us feeling stuck, despondent and depressed. Major conflicts have also been setting off, as well as terrible floods and fires. 

Just know we have the ability to turn it around, and all we really need to go forward and prosper is the WILL. 

Good things happen eventually and we can get through this together as One World. 

And in case you need reminding then a meditation routine is THE BEST WAY to find health, wealth and happiness in your life

Don’t think for a minute this is self-indulgent. One of the best ways you can really help the planet is by working on yourself. Clear negativity then ask THE UNIVERSE to show you what you NEED to know. Stop, look, listen and breathe. 

I’ll write more about interception soon. It’s the latest neuroscience tool we can all use that has in fact been taught by spiritual masters throughout the ages. 

May your Stars align x


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