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Your 2021 Forecast

Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the New Moon and major planetary to influences to give you your monthly horoscope.



2020 has been stupendous and horrendous. Thank God it’s officially done!

We have also seen some massive astrological events happening, which will set the stage for the year ahead

As you may or may not know, we witnessed the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn Dec 21st 2020.  This, dear astro friends, is a BIG DEAL!


Jupiter and Saturn conjoin (astrological term for line up side by side in the sky) every twenty years. This eternal cycle is so significant that it has been tracked since the days of ancient Babylon.  Astrologers have for aeons noted major correlations between the conjunctions of Jupiter/Saturn and major world events.

In fact, these two were once called The Great Chronocrators because their once in twenty year alignment would mark a turning point for society at large. Every twenty years, we move into a new Jupiter/Saturn phase and every twenty years the themes which will govern us collectively are set.

This year they met in Aquarius and coincide with what I believe to be the next instalment of The Aquarian Age. What does it all mean? Well for a start, the Internet is about to come of age.

I’ve already written here about the entrance of Saturn into Aquarius and what this means for all of us collectively. This happens every 29 years, but this time we are going to see a very big story unfold.

This might sound kind of obvious but the next twenty years will see a quantum leap (all puns intended) in terms of technological and scientific advancement. We are on the threshold of advancing to a degree I think no one can even imagine.

Jupiter enters Aquarius every 12 years. This year, it so happens to coincide with Saturn’s arrival as well. That’s exciting!  Jupiter represents the urge to expand, the search for meaning, the need for truth, and the spiritual or religious instinct in humanity. With both planets arriving in the sign of science and technology the stage is set for discoveries beyond what we can know.

One possibility (and I suspect a strong likelihood) is that sometime in the next 20 years science will “discover” or quantify an organizing intelligence which governs creation. This would mean a concrete manifestation of The God Principle. Let’s break that down…

The idea of a fatherly figure sitting on a throne somewhere in the sky is a bit silly really. It’s actually a primitive way of imagining the true magnificence of creation. God is not a person, God is an emanation of Light.

There is something that guides both the planets in their orbits and the development of consciousness in all species in our Universe. In the years ahead, don’t be surprised if science proves what mystics have always told us – The Universe is alive, intelligent and intrinsically benevolent

You can read more about the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction here.

Rather than write a forecast for 2021 this time I decided to record a webinar.

In it, we explore the important astrological influences that dominated 2020 and the strategies that will allow you to thrive in the years ahead.


* The ongoing influence of The Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

* The role that Chiron has to play in tracking a cure

* The influence of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius

* The Great Conjunction of December 2020

* Tools to use for every sign of the Zodiac to help you navigate the times ahead

So go ahead and take a look if you’re curious to learn more about the planetary influences for 2021


Happy New Year and Be Your Best!


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