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You have arrived. Welcome to a new way of understanding your self and what you need through astrology and wellness.


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Stars Like You provides everything you need to explore astrology, unlock the secrets of your birth chart, embark on a journey of discovery with our online astrology courses or find ways to improve your wellbeing

We show you how to recognize your strengthsbroaden your skill set, improve your wellness and understand the people in your life.


Here’s How:

  • Find out more about your birth chart and how astrology can help you to understand your true motivations and drives. 
  • Unlock the power of astrology by knowing the characteristics or personality traits of every Zodiac sign.


You will also find a world of travel, wellbeing and lifestyle topics, all with an astrological edge. 

And of course, keep up with what’s happening with our monthly horoscope forecast.


Once again, Welcome to Our Galaxy!

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Is There a 13th Astrology or Zodiac Sign?

Is There a 13th Astrology or Zodiac Sign?

This issue of 13 signs is one that concerns a lot of people, and I will do my best to try and demystify it for you, as well as everyone else!

The most important thing to understand is that the Western Zodiac system is based upon the turning of the seasons as the Earth orbits the Sun.

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Astrology and Country Music Part Two

Astrology and Country Music Part Two

A defining characteristic of the Country genre is its ability to confront pain, loss and loneliness in a matter-of-fact way, leaving little room for either sentiment or denial. From an astrological perspective, such sardonic acceptance is a characteristic of Saturn and its signs – Capricorn and Aquarius

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