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Your 2018 Yearly Forecast

The year begins on a serious note. Saturn reigns supreme in Capricorn. It’s time to make the most of what you have. Examine your resources to assess whether or not you are putting them to their best use.

Mid March through to May is perhaps the most dynamic time of year, with Mars charging up the atmosphere. Bold – even strategic moves – are best made around this time. The Aries New Moon April 16 brings a crescendo of sorts. Expect to feel life pick up pace, even get crazy a bit. The New Moon activates Uranus in the same sign, generating unexpected new beginnings for some. June through August Mars goes retrograde, giving a chance to slow down.

Uranus enters Taurus from late May, bringing much needed change to those with Taurus or Scorpio strong in their charts. Innovation in building, agriculture, applied arts and fashion may start to appear. Mid May and early August also bring some Mars and Uranus into tense alignments. These are moments to stop, breathe and assess the risk before pushing forward. 

Jupiter graces Scorpio until November. Expansion happens behind closed doors with fortunes being won and lost while power changes hands. From early November Jupiter will enter Sagittarius its home sign, bringing the year to a close with a bang for some. Good things happen when Jupiter is strong in the sky. Lucky things happen to lucky people who can see the donut and not the hole.

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