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There is nothing external that is not also in you. You are divine, and the intelligence which organises each cell in your body is also the intelligence that orchestrates worlds. If you can connect with this energy you can improve your life. If you ignore it you will miss the whole point of being alive.

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Your 2019 Forecast

Uranus in Aries brought us the rise of social media through the technological cult of self-expression. Uranus in Taurus for the next 6 years should see more innovation/imposition around finance and material concerns. China recently released a “smart suit” designed to monitor students at certain schools. Voice activated devices in your home feedback information about your private life that allow you to be secretly profiled and will never be able to reclaim. Ask yourself if this is what you want your future to look like? It’s a reality which is frighteningly close.

Damian, Stars Like You

2019 Forecast

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