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The Meaning of Mars in Your Astrology Chart


Your Mars sign describes two major aspects of your psyche.  On the one hand, it represents your capacity to assert yourself and compete. On the other, it describes your capacity to strategically pursue a goal.

From a psychological perspective, the placement of Mars in your birth chart governs how you express anger and define your boundaries with others.

By combining the qualities of your Mars sign and house you can build a detailed profile of the kinds of the things that bring you energise you and push your forward in life

Your Mars placement also shows how you are likely to express yourself on a sexual level.


Put simply, your Mars Sign and House (the term “house refers to the area of your chart in which a planet is located) shows what triggers you to take action, how effective you are in doing so and what you will be driven to pursue

When you understand the placement of Mars in your astrology chart you will discover what ignites your passion. Happiness comes from displaying courage and expressing a degree of initiative

Astrology is concerned with how the hidden patterns which structure our cosmos are also reflected in the structure of the mind.  The reason that planets are symbolically given psychological qualities is because they mirror these patterns to us, therefore making them concrete and predictable 


The Characteristics of Mars

If Mars is strong in your chart you may be noted for your boldness, pioneering spirit and degree of competitiveness.

You may have a talent anything that requires fast and decisive action. You may be especially energetic and will need to keep busy all the time. You could also be somewhat argumentative and may need to work on controlling your anger

Mars is often strong in the horoscopes of people known for their sporting abilities, entrepreneurs, those who work in high stress environments, with metals or sharp cutting tools.

Depending upon its position in your chart, your Mars placement can also suggest a propensity toward self-centredness, a tendency to bully, or engage in ruthless behaviours to get what you want.

Mars’ Psycho- Emotional Themes

– The power to separate

– Initiation and action

– Competition

– Self-definition

– Anger and self-assertion

– Sexuality and power

– Courage and control

Your Mars Story reveals how you assert yourself and express your desires.

The Mars Principle: Leads to the transformation of your sense of self and ways you define who you are


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