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Virgo – The Jupiter Neptune Conjunction

Welcome to your Virgo astrology forecast. We look at the major planetary influences impacting you to create your best monthly horoscope – with practical tips that you can use.


April – June 2022


The big news for you this year is that Jupiter is opposite your sign. This April, when Jupiter and Neptune meet you get a boost of cosmic good fortune that creates optimal conditions for expansion and growth. Be open to what crosses your path this month. You could find circumstances that are pivotal in terms of your future path.

There’s no need to get hung up on what that might mean. You are already the master of finding practical solutions when you get out of your own head. Just let things flow if you don’t have the answer and you’ll arrive at the outcome you need. 

In chaos, there is creativity. That is the secret to your success. Jupiter can help you meet the right people or situations at the right time. You just have to trust the process and let things fall into place.


Explore Your Virgo Strengths


Here you can explore the meaning and characteristics of your Virgo personality. Identify the strengths and talents of your Virgo Sun or Star sign so you know exactly how to harness your talents to be the best that you can be

If you were born with the Sun in Virgo, then strength comes through finding practical outlets for your talents and abilities. 

Because the Sun symbolizes core motives, you are likely to be driven by a need to feel useful. Therefore, you will probably be especially comfortable when providing support or service.

Your Virgo nature will mean you have a tendency to analyze. Consequently, you have the ability to problem-solve. Your desire is to find the solution to any given problem through analysing every detail. When you focus on facts, you have an uncanny ability to prioritize and plan. When you create routine and structure you flourish.

Virgo is an Earth sign, and Mutable in quality. This means that whilst on the one hand you can be very pragmatic, on the other you can also be extremely cerebral. All the Mutable Zodiac signs express a level of duality. Your journey then will involve learning to synthesise apparent opposites as you find the right balance between doing and planning. 

Keep reading to learn more about the secrets of your Virgo personality right here, then for an more in-depth look at your Virgo strengths and challenges find all the details you need to know about your Virgo Sun Sign here in our amazing Astrology Profile section 

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