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Welcome to your monthly astrology forecast. We look at the major planetary influences to give you your horoscope. For an in-depth personal forecast schedule a private consultation to help you make the most of each month’s energies


September 2021

Happy Birthday Virgos! And many happy returns to you.

Birthdays are all about taking a moment to set a fresh intention for the year ahead. This means reviewing where you have come from, where you are NOW and where you would like to be in the years to come.

Commit to a self-improvement strategy or jump head-first into a well thought-out plan. Most importantly, make a wish or ignite a dream as September ends (when Mercury goes retrograde) to get the best from this month’s astrological energies.

To help you celebrate your birthday season here’s a list of checkpoints you can follow to mark the beginning of your astrological new year

Wait until September 7-8th to make plans or organize moves. Greater clarity and stability is likely then, when the Sun and Moon meet in Virgo for your annual New Moon. These two days kick off your Solar New Year, linking up with Uranus to provide brilliant insights that you can turn into a workable plan. 

Try your best to come up with a flexible agenda by the end of September. From the 26th Mercury will be retrograde yet again. Through October you can make sense of the madness if you take things slowly – initiating change one step at a time

Mark the date. September 20th-21st brings the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon – This is the right time to bask in the light your true Self.  Even though you are ever-so-modest, deep down you also know you are GLORIOUS. So enjoy it and soak up some moonlight.

How are you handling Neptune? For several years Neptune has been moving through Pisces, which can be unsettling for your sign. Many of you have felt like you are lost at sea, with none of your usual routines sustaining you right now.  You may need some extra support as you try to understand who you are.  Reach out to someone that bit wiser than yourself for a useful perspective on how to work out what is and isn’t necessary now.

Remember this is your time to shine.  The pandemic is horrible on the one hand, and an opportunity for change on the other. Rather than waiting for things to calm down, we are all much better off learning how to improve and strengthen our immune systems. This is totally in your wheelhouse and something you were in fact born to do.

Learn more about gut health, good nutrition and stress management. It’s THE SMARTEST way to ensure you look after yourself and do something great for the planet as well

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