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Virgo 2018 Forecast

Even though you may not like to admit it, situations right now ARE all about you! After all, 2017 was your year to work diligently in the background. After waiting in the wings for a bit, you now have the chance to open up your world. Saturn’s entrance into Capricorn is custom built to help you consolidate and strategise. Hopefully you are grabbing the opportunities 2018 brings with both hands?

Ask yourself what specific action you can take to establish your future path. Once the vision is in place you will then have to make it real by committing plans to solid ground. Ignore the oppressive burden of doubt which will arise from time to time. Fortune favours the brave after all, and this year that can be you. December sees you put the cherry on top after 12 months of focussed hard work.

February and early March are the most dynamic times of your year. Try to get a lot done in the first three months of the year. A Virgo New Moon Sept 9/10 aligns with Jupiter and so increases your collective lot. On the plus side this can bring a real upswing of energy and influence. People notice you and opportunity knocks. On the down side, this can wreak havoc with diets, fitness plans and the desire to find better routines. Jupiter might influence you to be excessive, and then feel guilty about feeling good. Reign in your impulses as required but remember letting your hair down won’t hurt a bit.

Some of you in Virgo land are wrestling with a strange lack of focus or underlying ennui. If you are born September 6-9 then you might have some troubles this year knowing who you are and what you want. The suggestion here is to let yourself unravel a bit and in the ensuing uncertainty discover solid ground. Sometimes the winds of change blow through so that we might be carried to unexpected shores. If this is you give up your itinerary and accept a bit of chaos for a while. Great solutions come from being open to the moment. Let feelings guide your life.

Your theme this year is doing yourself proud by making sensible detours.

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