Virgo New Moon September 2020

Exhale… It’s The Virgo New Moon 

September 16-18th 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Virgo New Moon. It’s a time for all of us to reflect on our willingness to provide service when required and genuine support. It’s also a great opportunity to get real about your sense of wellbeing.

Under a New Moon, we set intentions for what we want to achieve. Every New Moon is a good time to pause and reflect. Some like to mark the occasion with a personal ritual. Others do so by taking time out.

Astrologically speaking, a New Moon brings a focus to the affairs of the sign it is in.

This year, the Sun and Moon meet in Virgo whilst making a trine aspect to Saturn in Capricorn. This is good. After a hellish kind of year for most of us, the New Moon brings a moment of stability and groundedness, even if that influence only lasts a short while.

With so many of us trying to find a new routine, this is an excellent time to focus on the simple things we can do right now to improve the circumstances we find ourselves in.

The simultaneous connection to Saturn only underscores the importance of making long-term structural changes. We can overcome all the troubles we face now with a desire to improve and workable plan.

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Fake News????… WHAT???!!!!!


Wondering how ANYBODY could be suggesting the horrendous fires in the US right now are just related to forest management ??!!??

Put it down to the immense power of suggestion when placed in the hands of those who lack the morality to act any differently. Have compassion for the leaders who have tried to deny the seriousness of our global situation. Sadly, they know not what they do.

The personal is political, with the fate of our world literally hanging on how well we navigate this Global Reset. Under the Virgo New Moon, look for ways to improve.

2020 was always going to be a huge disruptor. Theres no escaping the truth that ignorance has lead us down this road – whilst knowledge will set us free.

If you’re interested, this article talks more about the impact Saturn is having for all of us right now.


You Are Improving Every Day!


In the midst of all this chaos it can be easy to slide into despondency and depression. When all we hear about is what’s going wrong we can get sidetracked with a focus on PROBLEMS that actually prevents us from recognizing where we have momentum and moving forward.

But guess what? You are biologically designed to learn, grow and improve. In fact, every day in miraculous but unseen ways the intelligence unit running your physical body is making important adjustments to try and maintain your overall wellbeing.

Sometimes things go wrong of course, but mostly, the body gets it right. That’s why human beings have been able to evolve from simple animal life forms to the wondrous species we are.

On another level, even though we currently see people with big, wispy hair and horrible personal standards wielding immense influence, we also see wonderfully brave and humble souls giving everyday to help the people around them.

Think of the terrible natural disasters hitting the US right now, and the first responders there every time.

Think of the medical teams at the front line of this pandemic. They are all a shining example of the spirit of Virgo, effortlessly putting service before personal gain in an attempt to help the world.

Humans are nonetheless actually evolving to form more complex, humane and creative societies. We can create a sustainable future with far better economic results for all.

Actually, IT’S EASY.

All we really need to do is get out of our own way and get on with the incredible advantage we have created for ourselves through science and technology.

A greater standard of living is absolutely possible. The only thing stopping us is the ego monster that lives in our own minds (and the monsters we then concurrently put into power)

Wondering what a New Moon is? It’s a regular event happening thirteen times a year, when the Moon and Sun align in the sky. The Moon therefore disappears from view, bringing an opportunity for reflection and renewal. Traditionally, New Moons have been considered times to release the old, and prepare seeds for the new.

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Love Your Body and The Gifts It Brings


Virgo also symbolically represents the mind/body connection – or the deeply intimate relationship between how our body functions and our state of mind

2020 is forcing us to learn more about our immune systems. This is a GREAT opportunity.

You don’t need pills, supplements or even super foods. All you really need is a diverse, plant-based diet with lots of fresh (organic if possible) food. That will give you the immunity boost you need

Eating healthy isn’t hard, nor is it expensive. But it does take choosing well.

Here’s the trick. If your food comes to you in a packet, if it’s designed to sit on a shelf for weeks or months then it’s processed, not healthy and not doing you any good.

In fact, it may very well be weakening your immune system and making you miserable most of the time.

But if you can manage to choose fresh, natural food options (this is why God gave us a lockdown!) then you are going to feel better, look better, think better and generally improve.

A great way to align with the energy of the Virgo New Moon is by asking yourself What can I do to be more healthy and helpful?

Is there something concrete you can do to make the world around you a better place?

More than just thinking about it, what have you done differently lately? Perhaps you’ve become a #2020ResetArtist without even realizing it?

Happy New Moon Star-People. We love travelling through the galaxy with you, and are so pleased to be with you HERE & NOW :))


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