Sun in The Twelfth House

12th solar house

The Twelfth House

The Twelfth Solar House:

The 12th house is the arena of soulfulness and transcendence.

With The Sun in the twelfth house you are a very sensitive and perceptive individual. You may be motivated by an awareness of the impermanence of life, and seek some form of material expression that can uphold your unique vision of the world. This may come through service to others, working with the imagination and creativity, or through your spiritual life. You may learn through experience to value yourself through setting appropriate boundaries, personal retreat, spending time in nature and spiritual development. You are challenged to accept mundane realities, and acknowledge your sensitivity by taking care of yourself. Your gift is to teach others the about higher dimensions of life, and the value of loving service.

At the most sublime level, the Twelfth House governs transcendence. This means it has little to do with everyday concerns. Its domains are higher states of consciousness, connection to energetic fields, and the experience of heaven (if such a state exists). The Twelfth House relates to the organisation of energy as it oscillates between matter and frequency. Biologically, it rules the coalescence and dissolution of organisms between essential forms. Emotionally, it governs the fusion of psycho/emotional fields across time and space. Spiritually, it describes the journey of the Soul making its way back to The Ultimate Source or Universe. These are elusive topics which exist at the limits of ordinary awareness. Looked at as a continuum, the Twelfth House relates to the beginning and the end points of materialization. Therefore, transcending the material is your ultimate goal.

Because you are learning about energy, you are gifted with a heightened sensitivity. You have a powerful emotional capacity that can make you especially receptive to your environment. This is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have an extraordinary intuition that can make you privy to subtle information. On the other, you may simply feel too much, and find living in the “real world” a challenge sometimes. You need to find a way to process what you are feeling, then find a vehicle to express this back into the world. At a broad level, there are three main routes through which this typically occurs. One is through service and compassion, the other through imagination and the arts, and the third through devotion to a spiritual path. Any  – or all – of these avenues to self-expression could be important for you if you are born to walk this path.


solar houseBorn with the Sun in the 12th house, then you are gifted with a powerful sensitivity which allows you to perceive beyond the here and now. You are likely to have a strong sense of compassion, which makes you both deeply giving and truly sincere. With empathy you can sooth others, and help them on their journey through life. You are also likely to be gifted with a refined attunement to creative energies. You sense subtle shifts in emotion which allow your imagination to soar. Whether you express this in a concrete way, or purely through taking time out to enjoy certain artforms, you are likely to have an appreciation for the arts that could be described as transcendental. When you allow yourself to make the most of your fertile imagination, you bring renewed joy and energy into your own life. Your journey is about transcending the limits of material existence. You can bring a spark of magic and mystery to an otherwise mundane world.


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