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September 2021


September is an ideal time for you to pause and reflect on all matters to do with siblings, neighbours and relatives – and how you communicate what you need.

It’s your once-a-year moment to explore if you are doing what you can to develop relationships here, as opposed to potentially withdrawing into your shell and consequently letting things slide. 

Are you pulling your social weight when it comes to these important – and sometimes distant – connections? Are you speaking your truth when the time is right, or letting it simmer like a time-bomb that will inevitably go off?

A New Moon arrives around September 7th. These are all about taking a moment to set fresh intentions for the month ahead. For you this means looking at your communication style, your willingness to connect with the world around you and general means of creating an impression at large.

You know better than most that words can hurt and words can heal, so which side of the divide will you be on? Mars and Venus are soon travelling through their opposite signs, so think in terms of contradictions. Perhaps you could find pleasure in perseverance and strength through compromise?

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