KEYWORDS: Growth & Work

Cancer Rising and Sun in Cancer

Sometimes, hard work is all that counts. This year is one of them. Celestial forces suggest preparing for the road ahead. It’s time to mend fences, hone skills and show others how its done when it comes to delivery and detail. After a prolonged period of proving yourself, you are due to emerge and take your time in the sun. Before this can happen, you must have all your ducks in a row. 2019 will be optimal for sorting these out.

Saturn continues to emphasize due diligence and brings your attention to whatever needs get done. Jupiter inclines you to find the information you need, creating opportunity to learn and grow. Until December you are likely to find that progress happens in small leaps and bounds, as you find the chance to proceed comes from filling in certain gaps. Toward the end of the year, a kind of quickening happens when Mars, Saturn and Pluto align in Cardinal signs, so make sure you have all your details sorted then. This is time to really polish your skills and show others how capable you can be. January and July feature eclipses that will strongly impact your sign. Let these months guide you in terms of the navigating the road you are on. Changes in course are sometimes needed to get to where you want to go. Finally, relationships require your focus now, so make sure you are paying close attention to who you are “side-stepping” with.

Your theme this year is improving sleep. Uber-productive down time is needed to capitalise on all the opportunities that come

Your 2019 Forecast

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