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Your Cancer Monthly Horoscope


Welcome to your Cancer monthly astrology forecast. We look at the major planetary influences impacting you to create your best monthly horoscope – with practical tips that you can use.


December 2021


It’s time for focus in Cancer – World. 

After last month’s intensities, now you need to focus on matters more mundane. Last month was a big one, triggering key aspects of your life. This month find space and settle down to apply the lessons learned. 

Practical details can be easy to sort out, and there is something comforting about establishing a clear sense of routine. Most important now is to put some reform into place. Consider carefully the day-to-day routines in your life. What areas need tweaking or even weeding for you to achieve optimal results?


The Cancer Monthly Horoscope Forecast 


Because this month is all about a subtle overhaul (amidst the festive obligations) it is also important to think about the rigours of good health. This is a very good time for you to reflect upon your vitality and ask yourself “In what ways do my actions affect my capacity to be healthy, wealthy and wise”? If you really need a reboot then December will help you work out how. 

Despite the months festivities the best way for you to do this is by taking a pragmatic approach. Consider small, achievable steps that can lead to you taking much better care of yourself. You need to feel good about yourself to do good for others. So make self care the gift you give this Christmas, and the rest will sort itself out.

Learn More About Your Cancer Strengths

Here you can explore the meaning and characteristics of your Cancer personality. Identify the strengths and talents of your Cancer Sun or Star sign so you know exactly how to harness your talents to be the best that you can be


If you were born with the Sun in Cancer, then your strength lies in your ability to provide support or sustenance to others. 

You personality is shaped by an emotional depth which allows you to sustain and nurture others. Family instincts are usually powerful and you probably feel a strong urge to make sure your family is ok. Your journey is likely to focus on finding ways to care for those you feel a responsibility for, at the same time as working out what you need to take care of yourself.

Your journey is likely to be shaped by the ways you become involved in others’ lives.  You are likely to be very sensitive, and will have a marked capacity for sensing how others feel. Because the Sun symbolizes core motives, you have a need to nourish, support and protect. You are learning to apply these strengths in ways that show you where your need to be needed is best applied.

Keep reading to learn more about the secrets of your Cancer personality right here, then for an more in-depth look at your Cancer strengths and challenges find all the details you need to know about your Cancer Sun Sign here in our amazing Astrology Profile section

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