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Cancer 2018 Forecast

2018 is a year of reckoning. Sometimes hard work is all that counts. This year is all about delivery with Saturn in Capricorn, and so transting opposite your sign. Celestial forces suggest that you prepare for the road ahead. You are likely to be tested in terms of what you are doing versus what you really should be getting done. It’s time to mend fences, hone skills and prove yourself to others. Do whatever is required to become a master of delivery and detail. The next 2.5 years are all about showing the world what you are capable of. Shy Crabs can emerge from relative obscurity and take their time in the sun. Before any such move can happen, you must get all your ducks in a row. 2018 should help this happen and will be optimal for sorting the details out.

Saturn emphasises due diligence, and brings your attention to whatever needs get done. Jupiter in Scorpio gives you the lift you need, creating opportunity to learn and grow. Until November you are likely to find that progress happens in small leaps and bounds. Move skilfully from one triumph to the next by filling in the necessary gaps. Mid-April a kind of quickening amy occur, as Saturn turns retrograde. The Aries New Moon April 16 will push some of you to demonstrate your true worth. Give yourself the first quarter of the year to make sure you have all your details sorted out. 2018 is time to really polish your skills. Let the world know how tenacious and resourceful you can truly be.

February, July and August feature eclipses in Fixed signs. Let these months guide you in terms of the navigating the road you are on. Changes in course are sometimes needed to get to where you want to go. Finally, relationships also need your attention. You may find yourself needing to let go of old grudges, outworn habits and difficult people that in the end only hold you back. You are working on yourself this year through the mirror of others feedback. So put yourself in supportive circles and benefit from serious contenders that can really help you out. 

Your theme this year is growth through perseverance. Turn obstacles into opportunities and you will achieve enduring results.

Your 2018 Forecast

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