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The Cancer New Moon Eclipse

June 20-21st 2020

Wondering what is a New Moon? It’s a regular event happening thirteen times a year, when the Moon and Sun align in the sky. The Moon therefore disappears from view. It’s a moment for withdrawal and renewal. Traditionally, New Moons have been considered times to release the old, and prepare seeds for the new.

Under a New Moon, we can set an intention for what we want to achieve.

Every New Moon is a good time to pause and reflect. Some like to mark the occasion with a personal ritual. Others do so by taking time out.

Astrologically speaking, a New Moon brings a focus to the affairs of the sign it is in.


The Influence of The Crab

This year, the Sun and Moon will meet twice in Cancer for an astrological double bill. Not unheard of – but still uncommon – this means we all get the chance to focus on home and family values, the ties that bind us and making sure our real needs are met.

What adds spice to the celestial sauce this year however is the fact that the first New Moon is also a solar eclipse. Falling at the very first degree of Cancer (and the solstice point), this supercharged cosmic trigger brings hidden matters to light on a global stage, pushing us all to further evolve. 

It’s a time to reflect on our deepest needs, our sense of family and any tendencies we may have toward tribal thinking

Cancer symbolically relates to the the emotional bounds we form with others, especially those we make with our family, country or “tribe”.

Now more than ever evolution is required because collectively we are all dealing with the shadow side of border control, innate racist tendencies, privilege based on skin colour and institutions that have been built upon the suffering of others.

Everyone wants to keep themselves and their family safe, but if we internally make an enemy of people different from ourselves we perpetuate a cycle of fear and hate that has been humanity’s shameful past.

The thing is, when we develop an intense emotional bond to people we perceive as our “family”, “crew”, “race” or our “tribe” we run the risk of alienating others. By default we our including some and excluding others, which is the foundation of fear.

The need to feel that we belong can make us cling to ties that bind. Being part of a tribe or group is essential for our emotional welfare, but also tragic if it means we cannot relate to people different from ourselves

From a higher perspective we are all part of the same family, and silly divisions based on nation, colour or team preference are meaningless. Yet at the material level, these divisions are brutal and real.

Right now people of colour all around the world are demanding an end to the injustice and inequality perpetuated by systems that privilege white skin with advantage and protection

It’s crazy but horribly true.


We Are Family

This solar eclipse puts an intense focus on the old assumptions which limit and hold us back. Loving your nation, tribe or team is wonderful, but if it is based on ignorance and fear then it is a toxic state of mind that must be healed. 

This first Cancer New Moon is an opportunity to reset. Never has it been more important to find common ground with others, acknowledging that we all have a right to shelter, sustenance, safety and the chance to thrive

A great way to tune into the energy of the Cancer eclipse is by asking yourself what you can do to nurture, support or protect another? Is there something concrete you can do to make the world around you a better place? More than just sympathy, can you act in way that brings comfort to someone else?

On a less heavy note, the New Moon also emphasises matters close to home. Even though many of us have spent too much time indoors lately, the next few weeks are optimal for thinking about your home and if you are happy with where you live.

If yes, then share your sanctuary with others. If no, then make it feel better somehow so that you can start to flourish.


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