Sun in The Second House

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The Meaning of The Second House:

Arena of comfort & material security

With the Sun in the Second House you are likely to seek emotional and material security through a practical approach to your world.

You should look for career opportunities that offer financial security, stability and growth. You may enjoy working with finances, or in established professional roles.

Your challenge is to learn to trust the flow of resources available to you, knowing when to let go and when to share what you have gained.

In time, you are able to teach others how to generate their own resources and create security in their own lives.

The Second House is primarily concerned with personal resources. This area of the chart describes what you value and will draw upon as you make your way through life. Whether these resources are physical, financial, emotional or psychological, you are learning to value what you own.

With the Sun in the Second House house, your need to establish and maintain material security is profound, as your emotional self-worth is intrinsically linked to the resources you have available to you.

This is not the same as being “materialistic”. Your desire to maintain security does not rise from the urge to impress or compete with others. Instead, there is likely to be an underlying sense that a solid basis for personal expression comes from creating self-sufficiency.


Financial independence is crucial for self-worth. You may find you need to learn to create your own security, rather than relying on others to provide it for you. Personal power, and an ensuing sense of self-respect, comes from learning to acquire the possessions you need to be comfortable.

The need to establish your security is a perfectly valid one. You need to take responsibility for your own needs, and the needs of those you care for, as a way to feel emotionally secure. This should align with your Sun Sign, and you should seek concrete ways of demonstrating your abilities to the world around you. Do you need a great coach to help you get there?  Then go here

Have you compared your Sun Sign and House with your Moon and Rising Sign/Ascendant?


What Happens If You Have the Sun In the Second House?


The Sun in 2nd house meaning and purpose #suninsecondhouse, #secondhouse, #sunsigns, #zodaicsigns 3If you were born with the Sun in the Second House, your mission is to take concerted steps toward creating your own security. You need to build your dreams from a platform of stability

You are likely to find that through establishing material foundations, and then sharing these with others, you gain in terms of inner value and self-worth.

You demonstrate the true benefit of having security by developing inner stability. Over time, as you share what you have gained, you find the joy of generosity.

You can give back to others by helping them create the resources they need for a similar level of comfort in their lives. Your practical skills help others enjoy the pleasures of life

Your life journey involves maintaining stability then helping others the same.



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Your sun sign and house #sunsigns, #zodiacsigns, #housesofastrology, #whathouseamiWhat does the Sun Sign mean? 

The Sun is the most important part of your astrology chart. Understanding its’ influence can help you find direction and a sense of purpose.

Your Sun Sign shows what motivates and drives you. Then its’ house position reveals where your skills are best applied.

Here we will talk about the influence of the twelve Zodiac signs, but if you want to know more about the astrological houses, then you can find out more about Your Solar House here.

In essence, The Sun describes what motivates you through life, driving the engine of your personality. It also describes the qualities you are learning to develop in yourself, rather than simply what you are.

Much more than basic personality traits, it is better to think of your Sun Sign as describing the journey you are on as you grow, and the talents you should develop.

The sign that The Sun was in when you were born is of major significance. As The Sun is the centre of the solar system, so it is also the central or lead actor in the drama that is you!


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