How To Find Your Sun’s House

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Your Sun Sign and House

Here’s how to find your Sun Sign and House

To know precisely the house in which your Sun is found, you will need to know the time and place that you were born. However if you are unsure you can still make a good approximation (see below).

You can have your chart cast online, or with a professional astrologer.

These days there are many excellent sites that will calculate your birth chart for you quickly, and often for free. But if you would like a copy of your own chart plus an extended Stars Like You analysis of your Sun Sign and House then click here.

If you have a chart, look for the symbol of the Sun in your chart (a circle with a dot in the middle) and look at the area of the chart that the Sun is found within.

Near the centre of the wheel are often a series of numbers (1-12). These apportion each segment of the chart. The number of the segment that your Sun is in will be the number of your Solar House.

If you do not know exactly your time of birth, but have a rough idea, then a fairly close approximation of your Solar House can be found by knowing the time of day that you were born.

Use the following guide to find your Sun Sign and House.

If you are unsure, then the best approach is to be flexible, and read the information for the house that you think precedes as well as follows the one your Sun is likely to be in. That way you can compare the different influences of the houses as they relate to you, and the people that you know.

The best way to learn astrology is to apply it to yourself and the people around you. Use this rough guide, and common sense, to gain a clearer idea of yourself and the people in your world. Find your sun sign and house, then you will have a better idea of what it is that makes you shine!

Sun Sign and House By Time of Day

Once you know your Sun Sign and House click on the image below for more details

Solar House

Approximate time

First House

4am – 6am (2 hours before sunrise)

Second House

2am – 4am

Third House

Midnight – 2am

Fourth House

10pm – Midnight

Fifth House

8pm – 10pm

Sixth House

6pm – 8pm (2 hours after sunset)

Seventh House

4pm – 6pm (2 hours before sunset)

Eighth House

2pm – 4pm

Ninth House

Noon – 2pm

Tenth House

10am – Noon


8am – 10am

Twelfth House

6am – 8am (2 hours after sunrise)


The Twelve House of Astrology

First Solar house

1st House

2nd Solar House

2nd House

3rd Solar House

3rd House

4th Solar House

4th House





5th Solar house

5th House

6th Solar House

6th House

7th Solar House

7th House

8th Solar house

8th House





9th Solar House

9th House

10th Solar House

10th House

11th Solar House

11th House

12th Solar House

12th House




Your Sun Sign and purpose. Discover your sun sign and house. Learn about emotions and career opportunities at #astrology #sunsign #emotions #personaldevelopment #mindset #astrologyhouses #solarhouses

The Sun is the most important part of your astrology chart.

Understanding its’ influence can help you find direction and a sense of purpose.

Your Sun Sign shows what motivates and drives you. Then its’ house position reveals where your skills are best applied.

In essence, The Sun describes what motivates you through life, driving the engine of your personality.

It also describes the qualities you are learning to develop in yourself, rather than simply what you are.

Much more than basic personality traits, it is better to think of your Sun Sign as describing the journey you are on as you grow, and the talents you should develop.

The sign that The Sun was in when you were born is of major significance. As The Sun is the centre of the solar system, so it is also the central or lead actor in the drama that is you!



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