Zodiac Strengths: Your Capricorn Personality

the strengths and characteristics of the Capricorn sun or star sign. Capricorn personality explained

The Capricorn personality explained

Explore the meaning and characteristics of your Capricorn personality. The strengths and talents of Capricorn Sun/Star sign.

If you were born with the Sun in Capricorn, then strength comes from your ability to make the most of what you have. You are born with a powerful drive to accomplish whatever you set your mind to, and will feel impelled to do all that you can to make your dreams come true.

Because the Sun symbolizes core motives, you are likely to be a pragmatist. A Capricorn personality gives you the ability to make realistic appraisals of your circumstances, which helps you to choose your optimal path. Though time and and patience are required, you are likely to attain your goals simply because you will not rest until you do.

Along the way, you will learn a lot about responsibility. One of your assets is your degree of accountability.  You are likely to find that responsibility suits you well, and the more willing you are to accept its challenges the better off you will be.

As an Earth sign, Capricorn represents the material structures upon which civilizations are built. As a Cardinal sign, Capricorn is concerned with achievement and subsequent outcomes. Therefore with a Capricorn personality  you will experience lessons of perseverance and endurance, so that what you set in motion can stand the test of time.

Because you are driven by a need to act, you are likely to feel a level of internal agitation until ambitions are realised. Ideally, you set about early in life to create stable foundations for your future with a solid plan. In taking the time to do things thoroughly, you eventually demonstrate mastery over your chosen domain. In this way, a sense of purpose comes from committment. No matter the outcome, as long as you do your best you cannot fail to grow.

Your Capricorn personality demands you come to terms with the real world. More than any other sign, you understand that in order to prosper, practical necessities must be addressed. Your strength is your ability to be realistic.  Mistakes are the natural consequence of learning and development. They are therefore unavoidable.

You are able to focus your attention on tangibles outcomes because you have an innate appreciation for what is “real”.  You may have clear goals in mind from an early age, and will follow a conventional path in order to get you where you want to go. Or you will embrace the opportunity to overcome obstacles, knowing that in the end what you learn can never be taken away from you

Because of this enhanced capacity for pragmatism, your sign has earned a reputation for seriousness. Some have even accused Capricorn’s of being boring. But such a shallow interpretation is far from the truth. The Capricorn personality is probably bettered described as focussed but sardonic, dry yet incredibly nuanced. Your sense of humour is one of your best assets, drawn from wry observation and understanding the foibles of others.

You also know better than most how to have a good time. You can combine a common-sense approach to the facts at hand with an earthy appreciation for the pleasures of life. Rather than being dull, you are likely to be careful. Consequently,  knowing when and where to enjoy yourself is a skill you might develop early in life.

On the surface, you could appear conservative. Your Capricorn personality is averse to anything that might reflect badly on your reputation. Yet this reflects more a recognition that there are well-trodden pathways you must walk down if you are to fulfill your ambitions, rather than a tight-laced fear of what comes next.

In essence, your serious approach and the value you place on tradition stems from a sense of respect for the hard work needed to achieve something, rather than a desire to conform or maintain the status-quo. You are conservative when you want to be, and wild when it suits

In many ways, purpose comes from learning to become the best that you can be, and in order to do this you must occasionally take the serious approach, recognising limits and accepting responsibility as required.

What is more, because you want to make the most of what you have, you will conserve whatever is at hand. In this way, you are likely to detest waste and will have little respect for those who squander the resources that are available to them. Put simply, the Capricorn personality values achievement more than passing thrills.

If you are born with a Capricorn Sun or Star sign  you should seek to continually improve on the standards you have set for yourself. To succeed, patience and perseverance are required. You are gifted with the ability to realistically appraise the task at hand, then work out what is necessary for achievement. In having enough wisdom to choose the most pragmatic path, you find the satisfaction that comes from living a fulfilled life.


Capricorn Strengths and Weaknesses


Your Capricorn personality is responsibility-oriented. You are either working toward fulfilling your responsibilities, or you are not. If you are, then you will be driven by a sense of purpose, even when uncertain of the outcome. If not, then you may find your life is plagued with endless irritations and setbacks.

Therefore, responsibility is key for a Capricorn Sun or Star Sign. You could be drawn to opportunities that will allow you to demonstrate how capable you are. Or you may thrive in situations where others rely on you. Accountability might be your middle name, providing an excellent tool against which you can measure your true progress

When you know you are responsible for something or someone, you are motivated to do your best. This pushes you to discover internal resources you may not have known you had. You could gravitate toward opportunities that allow you to exercise managerial skills. You are at your best when making executive decisions. Accepting responsibility is essential. By demonstrating your ability to deliver on tangible results you gain the momentum needed to develop and grow.

To make the most of your potential, you must first recognize your ambitions, then set achievable goals. Targets give you a practical benchmark with which to evaluate  your progress. With the Capricorn personality, you may notice a deep sense of restlessness if you feel you are not accomplishing anything. So in order to translate ambition into results, you need outcomes to work toward.

Consequently you will do best when you set yourself projects, and have a clear idea of the direction in terms of where you want to head. Even if you veer off track for a while, or do not immediately achieve the results you expect, at least you can maintain perspective with your eventual outcome in mind.

Time and again, an honest appraisal of your progress will guide you toward the path you need to be on. Your strength lies in your degree of accountability and capacity to strategically reach long term outcomes.

A curious paradox seems to operate however with the Capricorn personality, especially before the age of thirty five. Obstacles and challenges seem to confront you – everywhere you look. Whilst everyone else appears to be moving forward you seem to stand still, diligently doing your best but not quite getting your just rewards.

Such challenges are actually a precursor to higher levels of attainment. You must be patient if you are to succeed. Life will provide lessons which teach you about endurance. When circumstances seem to hold you back or keep you down, ask yourself if you have yet achieved mastery over whatever it is you are focussed on? If there is more to learn then embrace it. Success will eventually be yours

Life will help you achieve your chosen goals by forcing you to become an adept at every step of the way. Then, when you do reach your intended outcome, no one can deny your right to be there or challenge your level of experience. You can clearly demonstrate that you have earned everything you have achieved.

Situations which require careful planning and organization will appear. Attention-to-detail, together with a long-term view, is required for almost any project to succeed. Circumstances that require you to take a strategic approach also bring out your strengths. You simply cannot rush, or do anything half-heartedly. Obstacles will block and challenge you if you try to take the easy path.

Your best approach therefore is to identity goals then work methodically toward them. Whilst it may appear your road to fulfilment seems longer, steeper or harder when compared to others, ultimately when you reach your goals you will have also gained the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have completed a job well done.


The Capricorn Personality


The road to achievement is rarely walked without support. Stable relationships are essential for your long-term success. It is important for you not to lose sight of the people in your life. After all, it is they who make fulfilling these goals worthwhile.

Your Capricorn personality means you tend to focus on achievements and outcomes. You set high standards for yourself and others that may not always be reasonable. It is important that you recognize the needs and capabilities of others, giving them their due respect in turn.

Owing to your practical and outcome-oriented nature, you recognize that those who have achieved their goals in life have generally done so through perseverance and hard work. You appreciate these qualities, and tend to respect superiors, elders and “the chain of command”.

Not everyone however is on such a structured path. There are other qualities such as creativity, spontaneity, vision and empathy that are also worthy of respect. In fact, there is a myriad of ways to be human, and not all of them match your idea of success.  As the pre-eminent realist you know this, but sometimes may overlook the special qualities in others if they don’t meet match your expectations. This can mean you miss out on worthwhile connections with people who are different from you. 

Put simply, you must recognize that in order to fulfill your goals you need emotional as well as physical support. You understand that supporting the achievements of others will also help you get to where you want to be. So you need to focus on what you want to create, and who you are going to do that with. This requires you to nurture those relationships that bring the support and guidance necessary to get to where you want to go, even if their approach is the polar opposite to yours.

Having said all that, your path is about much more than just responsibility and hard work. The other relationship you must maintain is a healthy relationship with yourself. As an Earth sign, you are very aware of your physical senses. You are born with a heightened appreciation for the body and its pleasures. You are probably expert at finding ways to relax and have fun.

Whilst publicly you may be reserved, in private you probably know how to “let your hair down”. Another strength is your ability to enjoy yourself. When accountability is not required, you are free to let go. When the opportunity for fun presents, you also get the chance to recalibrate. All the effort and hard work put into achievement is balanced by an abundance of good times.

With a Capricorn personality, you have the opportunity to make the most of life’s pleasures – once your responsibilities have been met. Your greatest strengths come from your capacity to deal with life realistically, and in turn teach others how to do the same.

  Capricorn: Journey to the Centre of Mastery

the strengths and characteristics of the Capricorn sun or star sign.


Born with the Sun in Capricorn, you bring the gift of practical wisdom achieved through mastering your material resources. Although life will place its fair share of obstacles in your path, you can triumph in the end through patience and consistency.

To Master:

1. Acquire complete knowledge or skill in (an accomplishment, technique, or art)

2 .Gain control of; overcome

Capricorn’s mode is Cardinal (motivated to act) – Capricorn’s element is Earth (concerned with the practical and tangible dimensions of life)

Sun in Capricorn people are motivated by the need to:

  • Take responsibility
  • Master material resources
  • Realize ambitions
  • Make the most of whatever is available
  • Chart a realistic path toward eventual success
  • Demonstrate patience and committment
  • Enjoy the good things in life


Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, which means it is motivated to act. Its’ element is Earth which involves a focus on what is tangible or ‘real’. Therefore, the Capricorn personality is dynamic and pragmatic.

Go here for a detailed description of the characteristics and traits of Capricorn Star Sign


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