Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Your Sun Sign describes the centre of your personality, what motivates and drives you, and who you are learning to become

Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature. Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon describes who you already are

Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful.

The Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer

The Sun in astrology symbolizes the core essence of who you are – your individuality and sense of self.

It describes what is likely to motivate you, and why. The Sun Sign describes the prime focal point within the personality structure, and is of major importance. Understanding and developing these aspects of self will help develop and expand your sense of authenticity. Understanding the house in which your Sun is found will give even greater detail.

If you do not feel much like your Sun Sign, then consider – Are giving yourself permission to be who you truly need to be?

Cancer: Cardinal Water

Ruler: The Moon

Keywords:Nurturing, Enclosing, Protecting, Intuiting

Functional Expression – sensitive, emotional intelligence, nurturing, psychic, family oriented, empathetic, reliable.

Dysfunctional Expression – hysterical, hyper-sensitive, overly emotional, extreme selfishness, fearful, overprotective, smothering, unable to relinquish emotional attachments.


Born with the Sun in Cancer, you are likely to be motivated by the urge is to establish emotional connectedness with others, and then take action to nourish, support and protect. Cancer is a Water sign, and so, is concerned with emotions, intuition, imagination and the psyche.It is also a Cardinal sign, implying the need to act. Within the Watery realm of emotions, Cancerians will be actively engaged. The emotional ties that bind to those closest are what Cancerians are primarily concerned with. For this reason, Cancer is strongly associated with family and domestic life.

Home is the natural domain of the Cancerian individual, for it is here that they are in their strength. Home life is especially important, and Cancerians often need to feel safe and secure within a loving home environment in order to feel at ease. Therefore, the home needs to be as calm and serene as possible, for the home environment acts almost like the shell of the crab, protecting what is soft and vulnerable on the inside from the harshness of the outside world. For this reason, Cancerians will spend a lot of time getting the home ‘just right’.A calm home life is necessary for emotional equilibrium. From this foundation, Cancerians can then project themselves out into the world. When a Cancerian is happy within the home, they can then become a source of great nourishment and delight. They make great hosts and entertainers, and enjoy nothing more than taking care of the ones they love through good food, rapport and empathetic conversation. Many excellent cooks are born under this sign, and anything connected to hospitality suits well the temperament of those born here. Providing nourishment for others is a concrete way of taking action around emotional needs, and it allows them to fulfil a sense of individual purpose or identity.


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sun in cancer


In this way, the home is both the source of strength and yet the shell they must outgrow. The need to experience a warm, safe and nurturing home life is paramount, so that it is imperative for Cancerians to create the right kind of living circumstances to feel calm, serene and connected to other people. Yet leaving the safety of home is also necessary if Cancerians are to make their mark on the world. As a Cardinal sign, they are usually not satisfied unless they are making an impact in the world. To do this they must first establish a stable base, and then get out of their comfort zone by leaving it. Cancerians can, at times, avoid the challenges of the outside world by staying indoors and so emotionally stuck.


Home and Family Life

Cancer, as the sign most connected to family life, lends a maternal or paternal quality to those born under its’ influence. Cancerians usually feel deeply connected, for better or for worse, to family of origin, or those they consider close to heart. The strong connection to home and family means Cancerians often feel personally responsible for the well-being of those near and dear. This can operate as both a blessing and a curse. On the upside, Cancer can be especially warm, loving and devoted. They will nourish others and enjoy taking care of them. In this way, a greater sense of self is gained by taking action to provide support. On the downside, they may feel themselves overly responsible for others’ wellbeing, and project too much of their own sensitivity onto others, or what they feel they “should” do.


Cancerians have a tendency to involve themselves in the emotional lives of others. In doing so they can lose sight of their own needs. As they become less in touch with their own individuality, they become increasingly moody and erratic. At times, like their namesakes, they can be clannish and crabby. They tend to react at the slightest trigger, and feel themselves in the middle of situations that often, in reality, have very little to do with them. This can be both draining and dysfunctional, as it creates feelings of obligation and guilt that are difficult to resolve. Learning to separate the Self from feelings of emotional responsibility is a key life lesson for many Cancerian individuals. They need to recognize that their need to be needed may not be the same need that others have, and must learn to hold back – staying focussed on their own lives. As this sign is all about emotional need, it is natural for Cancer to respond to life by trying to give to others. Yet assuming responsibility for what is not theirs to take on means that Cancerians have a way of making unwelcome intrusions into others lives, creating turmoil where they really want peace. Learning to recognize when ‘good advice’ and emotional involvement is not wanted is important but will take time.


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Remembering What is Past

On another level, Cancer is connected to continuity and tradition. Cancerians tend to foster the ties that bind by reminding loved ones of the special things they share. they love to reminisce and retell stories from the past. Yet on the down-side, they can become enmeshed in the past, and quickly lose perspective. The may find it hard to let go of the past and so react from the present. This problem is especially activated around the well-being of family members, bringing up past hurst or disappointments instead of moving on. Cancerians can find themselves feeling responsible for how others choose to be, and becoming overly focussed on trying to ‘fix’ what is no longer relevant or not theirs to take on. Emotional upsets flow thick and fast as Cancerians try to take action around their own perceptions of how others should think and feel. They may then find themselves experiencing resentment both inwardly as well as from others when this attempt to assume responsibility is not welcomed or wanted.


This sign is connected to memory and the things of the past, so that Cancerians like to surround themselves with objects that have emotional resonance, or remind them of what they have done. Those born to this sign often prefer what is vintage, hand-made or antique to what is shiny and new. They tend to value objects and experiences that evoke emotional depth. They may collect trinkets and mementos, keeping these stored away for years. In this way, Cancerians may absorb themselves in figments and memories. At a deep inner level, they may refuse to move on. Feeling ‘safe’ within the security of comfortable emotions they can be tenacious, and will not budge. Holding onto the past functions like an outer shell. Cancerians can resist letting go to experience anything that will take them out of what is comfortable and known.


Although Cancer is concerned with action, these folks often tend to act through vacillation and reflection. They usually avoid direct moves until external circumstances feel favourable or ‘right’. In this way, they have much in common with their celestial namesake – The Crab. On the outside, they can appear tough, hardened or impenetrable, capable of a steely tenacity that can be formidable. But underneath, they are often as soft and as sensitive as can be, protecting their vulnerabilities from the harshness of the outer world by bringing it all back to the security of home and hearth. Yet as the hermit crab so perfectly shows, what is defined as home and security is also often outgrown.


Vivid Imagination

Cancerians are often gifted with vivid imaginations. This tendency to imagine should be acknowledged and developed. Like many things in life, it can become either a liability or a strength. For many Cancerians, there may be creative and artistic talents that need an outlet. This can range from creating in the kitchen to design around the home. It may be expressed building homes and properties, or creating a business from scratch. Cancerians have a way of tuning in to what others need, and then employing their active imaginations to bring it into form. Many excellent writers are born under this sign, displaying an intuitive ability to tune in to what the public wants and needs.


Other Cancerians have an uncanny sense of business timing, knowing when and where to act. Many tycoons are born to this sign, and Cancerians often have a specialized business flair. In all of these domains, the ability to imagine realistic yet original outcomes is a powerful trait, and one Cancerians can draw upon easily. Their active imaginations and intuitive responses mean they tend to ‘pick up’ on new ideas all the time. Then the natural impulse to take action coupled with capacity to sense what others need means they are in an excellent position to act at the right time and place. The Cancerian knowledge of how to appeal to public tastes and emotions is one of their best assets.

When Cancerians employ their sense perceptions with a degree of objectivity they can be especially insightful. They can respond to passing impressions with uncanny precision and accuracy. Cancer is a deeply sensitive sign, so that learning to listen to an internal and rhythmic sense of timing is most important. Feelings tend to ebb and flow like the tides. Accepting this is fundamental for their well-being. As Cancerians learn to distinguish intuitive perceptions over emotional projections, they find their niche in life. Through their imaginations, they can ‘see’ a perfect solution or way forward that will meet the immediate need in their own as well as other’s lives.


When the imagination is denied, or instead allowed to run riot, it can lead to all sorts of toxic situations. Cancerians can also use their emotional sensitivity and powerful imaginations to apparently ‘interact’ with the world outside them, imagine what they believe is going on, and then decide not to participate. What tends to happen is that they cling to the familiar and the known rather than risk new experiences or information. At times like these, that famed Cancer imagination works against them. The propensity to imagine the worst means they can come to very inaccurate conclusions, and feel hurt by situations that may not even have occurred. Reliving past emotional hurts and upsets can take precedence over what is actually happening now. Cancerians then become the emotional casualties of all sorts of imagined slights and social grievances that become excuses for not leaving the comfort of home. This then leads to an emotional disconnection from others, which is the opposite of what they truly seek.


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The Sun in Cancer


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Your Cancer Solar Journey

With the Sun in Cancer you are gifted with extraordinary emotional and intuitive insight. This can be turned to your advantage by taking action to support and foster those you hold dear, or to develop projects that you wish to get off the ground. Acknowledging your sensitivity and imagination means you can wield both as highly effective tools. Although you are likely to respect continuity and stability in your emotional life, you must also remember to let go of the past. Tendencies to attempt to assume responsibility for others emotional needs or states of mind should be kept in check, or you will notice outright resentment from those you care most deeply about. With your finely tuned intuition and concern for other’s needs, you are often the most caring and family-oriented of souls. Your sensitivity to others welfare can make you an both uncannily prescient confidante, and an especially beneficial partner or spouse.


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