Zodiac Strengths: Your Aquarius Personality

the strengths and characteristics of the Aquarius sun or star sign. Aquarius personality explained

The Aquarian Personality Explained

Explore the meaning and characteristics of your Aquarius personality. The strengths and talents of Aquarius Sun / Star sign.

If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, then strength comes from finding practical solutions to challenges which affect not only you but the community of which you are a part. Your journey is a collective one, and the role you play within groups or organizations will determine the overall level of satisfaction you attain. 

Because the Sun symbolizes core motives, you are likely to prefer analysis and desire for objectivity.  You can be detached and rational, but may seem cold. You are learning how to fuse practical logic with appropriate emotional response. This means that along the way, you must integrate your feelings as part of an overall approach to problem-solving as well as relationship-building

As an Air sign, Aquarius is concerned with ideas, information, and fact. This means you are here to disseminate information somehow. As a Fixed sign, you are also likely to be constant in approach. Once your mind is made up, you are likely to maintain that point of view until someone gives you good reason to change.

Your journey will teach you much about community, and you may have a strong social or humanitarian bent. Equity is likely to be important, as is the ability to relate to people from all walks of life. You are likely to be motivated by the need for intellectual freedom and the conviction that, in the end, all are equal.

Yet despite your certainty that no one person is more important than the next, you must learn to appreciate those things which make you different from everybody else.  In expressing your special qualities, you will find your true place within the whole.

Group involvement is important. By nature, those born with an Aquarian personality are people-oriented, tending to be networkers or team-builders. You may find it is easy for you to create friendships with people from all walks of life.  Your strength is the ability to focus on what is similar in others, instead of what is different. This gives you a heightened ability to connect.

With an Aquarius personality, you are likely to be concerned with “The Big Picture”. You can see what is optimal for both the collective vision in terms of an ideal and also what is best for the individual welfare of each member of a group. This makes you especially suited to human resources, organizational thinking and community projects. After all, a cohesive whole is more productive than one fractured into parts.

Similar to the way an ant colony succeeds by working together, you recognize that shared interests and fundamental values are necessary for an effective group dynamic. Therefore, you are likely to be a champion cooperation, fairness and justice. You will be motivated to take action when said principles are transgressed – be it within your community or your group of friends.

Because you regard everyone as basically equal, you hope to see the same opportunities available to all. In this way, you are likely to be less concerned with individual reward than you are with how resources can be used in group-oriented ways.


Aquarius Strengths and Weaknesses


Whilst you may seek cohesion, you do not seek sameness. Your strong sense of individuality means you will (perhaps subtly) resist all attempts to conform. Curiously, your journey seems to involve upholding your individual freedom whilst serving collective ideals.

Though you may not openly show it, you could feel an instinctual urge to be different. In fact, the very process of being categorised by astrological type is opposite to the Aquarian spirit. Anything that appears to “put you in a box” is likely to trigger a reactionary response. Above all else, you don’t want to be defined or limited by someone else’s definition of the world.

Your sign is one of self-knowledge. With an Aquarius personality, you are likely to have a pretty clear idea of what you do or don’t like – of who you are and who you are not. Maintaining this identity is important. More than anything else, you value your right to individual expression.

Herein lies the essence of your personality. You are finding your unique identity within context of the group of which you are a part. When you bring your individual talents to the fore, you also help the group to develop. You need to find the group that resonates with your true spirit, then help the team to grow.

You understand that the most practical way to achieve collective harmony is to allow each individual to be the best that they can be. You will find you are at your happiest when sharing your own unique perspectives with those who can appreciate them for what they are.

Your visionary idealism may mean you are drawn toward experiences that others consider strange. Never one to conform, your life path may involve you with ideas or activities that are somehow cutting-edge or at the vanguard of change. A sense of purpose comes from being willing to think outside the box, and explore intellectual terrain.

In fact, your sense of unique individuality can be so strong that you may need to make a concerted effort in order to stay involved. Some of you experience the feeling of being an outsider, or as separate somehow. Your individuality is so entrenched that you may feel as if you can’t relate to others, and therefore prefer the role of “lone wolf”. Through positioning yourself on the outside you think you get the chance to be yourself.

However, this road will keep you isolated and consequently out of touch with your emotional life.  Whilst you must maintain your uniqueness, you need to also find the similarities between you and everyone else. This means breaking through any internal barriers you may experience based on feelings of isolation or being different, perhaps discovering innovative ways to connect with others.

Looked at objectively, you need to give yourself the same consideration you afford others. You can easily see what other people have in common, rather than what keeps them apart. The same logic needs to be applied to yourself. Finding like-minded individuals who can appreciate your perspective is important and essential for long term happiness.

Not everyone will share your vision for the future, but this doesn’t matter. There will always be someone who will. Connecting is a major part of your journey, allowing you to share your ideas and feelings – even when such ideas challenge the status quo.  Human beings are social animals after all, and your personality requires you to share knowledge with those who can benefit most.


The Aquarius Personality


With an Aquarius Sun or Star Sign, you know the value of remaining dispassionate and detached. More than most, you appreciate objectivity for the perspective it brings. Your personality gives you a vantage on the everyday ups and downs of life that in turn allows for a unique point of view.

You are able  put aside personal interests in the understanding that what is best for one may not be good for all. You have a talent for seeing the optimal outcome in many situations. In fact, your capacity for intellectual distance is one of your greatest assets

You also understand the importance of equality and probably support principles that are egalitarian by nature. Robust discussion, political insight, social values and group dynamics are likely to interest you. Because you think inclusively, you readily understand the importance of justice for all.

That being said, while on the one hand logic gives you insight, on the other, it holds you back. Your rational understanding that we are all part of a wider group can simultaneously prevent you from recognizing your own personal gifts.

Being collectively-oriented is only half the story. Your greatest happiness will come from understanding that nothing worthwhile is accomplished if you do not recognize your special gifts. At the end of the day, the true value of being objective is having the ability to recognise your own unique contribution to any group of which you are a part

You can learn much about valuing your contribution from your opposite sign Leo. Those born with the Sun in Leo (or Leo Star sign) are learning to achieve very similar outcomes to you. Aquarius and Leo represent the astrological polarity of Individual versus Collective Expression. Both signs are on a journey to find purpose through uplifting others. In fact, when you integrate more Leo-like qualities into your Aquarius personality, great progress can occur.

The first step in doing this involves recognizing your special talents. The Aquarian impulse is egalitarian by nature. Therefore, you tend to be averse to any behaviour that elevates yourself as an individual. This belief infers that you having “special status” implies others are not, which goes against your collectivist principles.

Yet when you recognize you have unique qualities you realize that these gifts can be shared without demanding extra privilege. You then find the freedom that comes from expressing yourself with the people who appreciate you for who you are.

Any urge to judge behaviour deemed as ‘dramatic’, ‘self-centered’ or ‘emotional’ drops away. You no longer feel disdain for people who crave attention and recognition. You simply choose whether you want to be involved with these people or not.

You find purpose as you discover that your greatest happiness comes from sharing your unique qualities with the group. To do this, you must first acknowledge them. This is a major step toward personal fulfilment, and will help you evolve into the fullest expression of yourself. Being the best version of yourself is, at the end of the day, perhaps the most helpful thing that anyone can do.

Next, you need to learn how to integrate emotional responses, recognizing the value this information brings. By nature, you are likely to be more comfortable with data and fact. In your pursuit of objectivity, you perhaps try to detach from feeling, approaching life (where possible) from a place of pure logic. Whilst you are of course a very emotional person you may disregard decisions based in instinct, feelings or hunches.

Yet to make a balanced assessment of any circumstance, you must include an emotional component too. You are learning to find ways to make sense of how you feel; to value the information that feeling provides in terms of an holistic view. 

Sensitivity and intuition are modes of perception that go beyond the limited confines of space or time. In fact, intuition is a higher form of knowledge, based on a subjective response to environmental stimuli. For example, you can have a feeling about a friend in need and then take action on that feeling at precisely the right moment without necessarily having a logical answer as to why.

You are learning that intuition can be unerringly accurate, if causally inexplicable. Perceptive modes are just as valid as reason and logic, and probably supersede them.  To access your intuitive function, you need to be able to process your emotions. Therefore you must recognize feelings and give them the credence they deserve.

In the end, a sense of purpose and authenticity with come through linking intuitive insight with practical action. In this way, you  have the satisfaction of making well informed decisions. Born with the Aquarius personality, intellectual flexibility is a skill you must nurture, as you develop the emotional intelligence that is required.

  Aquarius: Journey to the Centre of Knowledge

the strengths and characteristics of the aquarius sun or star sign.


Born with the Sun in Aquarius, you are gifted with logic and an ability to see things as they really are. You are able to rise above emotional entanglements and view life from a detached and impersonal perspective. This gives you access to information that helps bring about progress and change.

To  Know: 

  1. Be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information
  2. Have knowledge or information concerning
  3. Be absolutely certain or sure about something:

Sun in Aquarius people are motivated by the need to:

  • Maintain a clear sense of individuality
  • Demonstrate practical logic
  • Retain objectivity
  • Build networks
  • Harmonize with the group
  • Discover a community to belong to
  • Imagine the future
  • Uphold equality

Aquarius’ Mode is Fixed which means it is motivated to retain and consolidate. Aquarius’ element is Air which involves a focus on ideas, information, social norms and relationship

Go here for a detailed description of the characteristics and traits of Aquarius Star Sign


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