the most important astrological influences for 2023

Astrology in 2023 Part Two

In part 2 of the series we take a look at some of the most important astrological influences for 2023 and how you can make the most of them.

Enjoy the overview but remember the only way to know how the cosmos is really affecting you is to work with your birth chart or consult a professional astrologer. 

You can read Part One of this article here, and if you can’t wait to find out more about you then scroll to the bottom of the page to find out how Saturn in Pisces might influence your life.

Here’s a recap.

Part One of our 2023 overview looked at the influence of Pluto in Aquarius and the transit of Jupiter through a new cycle of the Zodiac. We also explored ways to manage your mental and physical wellbeing through tuning into the monthly rhythms of the lunar cycle.

Here we look more closely at Saturn’s influence and what Pluto in Aquarius might mean, plus a personal focus on your Saturn cycle based on your Rising Sign 


Keep a Close Eye on The Cash or What’s Wrong With The Financial System?


In part one we discussed the collective influence of Pluto as it enters a new sign. 

The last time this happened was in 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn. Every time Pluto enters a new sign we see a paradigm shift that brings momentous events. We also see the culmination of what was set in motion at the start of the previous astrological  phase.

Right now, there’s a lot of talk online about the radical potential of Pluto in Aquarius to bring about a fabulous new world, which may end up being true..… 

But the thing to focus on here is that Aquarius (and Capricorn) are both Saturn-ruled signs. This means their dominant themes have everything to do with global structures, organizations, governments, big business, control, fear and the tendency toward repression – as much as Aquarius might have to do with breaking free from the past. 

Since 2008 we have witnessed the emergence by stealth of a global infrastructure built to control. Mass surveillance at frightening levels is entirely normal somehow due to the emergence of social media and smart phone technologies. For some reason, people feel proud to unwittingly let corporations access their most private details and thoughts.

We have also seen new currency models shake up how we all get paid (Bitcoin et al.) plus the ability to change the way we work thanks to greater connectivity. The great shift in labour and education bought on by the pandemic has revolutionised our worlds.

So whilst Pluto transitions out of Capricorn this year (a process which is not done complete until the start of 2024) it will also activate Aquarius, which continues to emphasise these Saturnian themes.  

Capricorn specifically represents big business/banking, national infrastructures, governments and traditional ideas of hierarchy and organization. In 2008, when Pluto first entered Capricorn, the global financial crisis was set in motion. 15 years later it’s not over yet.  

What could have been the chance to restructure and better regulate systems of greed was swept under the carpet. Reserve banks printed cash to bail out failing traders and businesses whilst everyday borrowers were left to go to the wall. 

In the last 12 months we have seen the crash of tech stocks and crypto-currencies. This shows us that rush for ever-increasing wealth won’t stand on shaky grounds.

This article by Larry Elliot in The Guardian discusses the last 15 years of global economics from a different (and yet similar) point of view. 

All of this has major implications for the world economy in 2023. With the winds of financial ruin again blowing across major economies it is important not to bury your head in the sand. There are aspects of liberal capitalism that do not work and are completely unsustainable. For this reason alone they must fail. 

The smart approach this year is to take a pause. 

Pay as much of your debt down as possible and avoid unnecessary speculation. There could well be a major financial correction that totally changes your sense of security. At times like these, the smart money plans ahead. 

We are still witnessing the fallout of the 2020/21 lockdowns and whilst everyone wants to “get on with it”, the new normal has not yet kicked in.

Because we have Pluto entering a new sign this year it pays to exercise some caution. Keep a close eye on your bank account and try to stay ahead of the curve. If you do decide to borrow then do your homework well in advance and make sure you have a safety net. 

Big news is likely to feature in technology stocks, investment in medical/wellness science and environmental breakthroughs. Support those businesses that are creating a better future and remember in the Age of Aquarius, science and knowledge will set us free. 


Don’t Believe the Hype – Saturn in Pisces


The other major astrological event this year is the transit of Saturn into Pisces. From March 2023 Saturn leaves Aquarius (which shaped our collective experience for the past 2.5 years) and will make its way through Pisces (until 2026).

As described above, Saturn rules structures, reality and boundaries. It symbolises the material and at times negative aspects of life – places where fear and limits meet the ability to overcome obstacles through perseverance and endurance. In many ways, Saturn can be thought of as the Great Teacher – it is only through challenge that we grow. 

Pisces has a very different tone. Being a Jupiter ruled sign (and with a close connection to Neptune) it is all about about transcendence – representing the spiritual and moral dimensions of life. 

Pisces therefore governs the mystical and imaginative aspects of life as well as the principle of compassion – a guiding force without which humanity would be unlikely to survive. Pisces brings our attention to the Divine and higher meaning of Life, whilst Saturn asks us to consider the practical “nuts and bolts”.

As you might imagine, these principles have very little in common. Whilst the past few years (Saturn transiting its own two signs)  have seen some very clear manifestations of Saturnian energy, the next 2.5 are a little harder to pin down. It’s harder to predict what is likely to unfold as Saturn and Pisces are not energetic friends.

In a nutshell though we could say that the next few years will bring more structure to our dreams. Utopian or escapist visions of a better world will be challenged by the practical realities of how to make this work. Spiritual practices that focus on discipline and commitment will take focus and magical thinking will need to prove itself somehow.

Religious ideologies and faiths collide. Last time Saturn was in Pisces was 1993/1994 when the first World Trade Center bombing occurred and the Waco tragedy unfolded. The Bosno/Serbian War started in Europe and the Rwandan civil war began.

It will be really important to test out theories and ideas. Just because someone wants us to believe something doesn’t make it true. 

A sensible way to harness this influence is to think about ways to make concrete your visionary and spiritual ideals. What can you actually do to help people in your community or on the other side of the world? 

Apart from making resolutions you don’t keep, is there a better way to put structure into your spiritual growth? Would it work for you to to do one small thing everyday instead of trying to change your life overnight?

And what would you need to do to feel more creative or harness the power of your imagination? This is an excellent time to work on your artistic and spiritual pursuits. Efforts made whilst Saturn transits Pisces can lay the foundations for a more peaceful life. 

Think about Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-based goals. These are the ones most likely to succeed


Saturn Through The Houses


On a personal level, here’s a quick overview of where to focus your practical attentions, based on your Rising Sign or Ascendant. 

This emphasises the house of your birth chart through which Saturn will transit from 2023 to 2026.

Aries Rising – With Saturn transiting the 12th house of your chart your are in an introspective and preparatory stage. You may find yourself drawn to do a lot of inner processing. Take time out to take care of yourself and learn more about the life of your Soul.

Taurus Rising – With Saturn transiting the 11th house of your chart you are well placed to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Many projects you have worked hard on in the past may be coming to fruition. A time to build your community networks.

Gemini Rising – With Saturn transiting the 10th house of your chart you are in an important career or professional phase. This may be a time of promotion or increased responsible and you must do your best to be accountable. Take yourself seriously and work hard for your success.

Cancer Rising – With Saturn transiting the 9th house of your chart you have reached a period of preparation as you work toward major accomplishments around 3-4 years from now. Learn, travel and explore. It’s a very good time to further your knowledge base or polish your considerable skills

Leo Rising – With Saturn transiting the 8th house of your chart you have come to a period of release and transformation. Events happening in your life may involve loss or endings as you let go of what you no longer need. A time to explore the depths of your true self

Virgo Rising – With Saturn transiting the 7th house of your chart the focus is on partners and relationships. This is a very good time to commit to a long term relationship or partnership. You need people you can count on, and over this time you are likely to discover exactly who they are

Libra Rising – With Saturn transiting the 6th house of your chart you have the opportunity to work on your health and daily routines. This is a time to prepare and clear up anything not working well. Embrace routine and some kind of structure. Lasting change happens through small regular increments.  

Scorpio Rising – With Saturn transiting the 5th house of your chart its’ time to ask yourself what you need to feel joy. Is your life full of passion and love or do you block the flow for fear of being of hurt? Make an effort to have more fun. This is time to work on joy and doing what you love.

Sagittarius Rising – With Saturn transiting the 4th house of your chart this is a very good time to establish your base. Put your attention on what you need to do to make your foundation secure.  Move, plan or renovate as required.  A family focus may also be a strong feature during this period

Capricorn Rising – With Saturn transiting the 3rd house of your chart you may find yourself working in small but important ways to tidy up the new beginnings set in motion around 5 years ago. This is a great time to up-skill and build your knowledge base. Don’t give up- there is still a long way to go!

Aquarius Rising – With Saturn transiting the 2nd house of your chart your focus is on financial matters. This is an important period to pay down debt and build security for the future. Do not ignore money problems that are plaguing you now. If you have solid foundations then this is a very good time to invest for future growth.  

Pisces Rising – With Saturn transiting the 1st house of your chart you are at the start of a brand new cycle. Finally you can work on building your dreams. Sort out your health, get back to a better routine and prepare to plant new seeds. This is an exciting time that will shape your life for many, many years to come. So get ready, get set then GO!

Your major astrology influences for 2023

Your major astrology influences for 2023

A New Jupiter Cycle Kicks Off – One of the bigger generational patterns to shift gear in 2023 is the journey of Jupiter through Aries and then Taurus. Because Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, when Jupiter transits here (once every 12 years) we can think of it as the step up to the next level in an evolving cycle.

Good or Bad Aspects in Astrology?

Good or Bad Aspects in Astrology?

One question I’m always asked as a professional astrologer is if a certain aspect in a chart is “good” or “bad”? Whilst understandably disconcerting, the idea that there are good or bad patterns in a birth chart is a hang-up from the murky old days of astrology when life was understood in more absolute terms, and demons lurked behind many doors.

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